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Rod and Danielle

The Day Before Christmas - Rod and Danielle return from shopping.
Danielle and the Boys Halloween - Rod is under the weather, so Danielle and the boys do Halloween without him.
Typical Kids -  The ladies and their kids are still at Danielle's.
The Girls Stop By - Danielle gets a visit from the ladies.
Back From Vacation - Back from DisneyWorld

See The Parade Video.
So What's This Line For?  -  The Disney guests get to take pictures.
Parade Time  -  The infamous Disney parade.
The Taylor's Enjoy Ice Cream  -  Time for ice cream before heading to the parade.
Welcome to A Small World  -  The park is now open.
It Really is a Small World   -  Headed to the amusement park.
I Love DisneyWorld!  -  The Taylor's breakfast ends with a surprise.
How Many in your Party?  -  Breakfast at the cafe.
Headed to Disney for breakfast - Julian doesn't want to leave grandma behind.
Arriving at Grandma's House  - Danielle and the family arrive at her mom's house in Florida.
Grandma Awaits Their Arrival - We're checking in on Roberta, Danielle's mom.
They're Headed to Florida - Rod, Danielle and the kids head to Florida on the plane.
Can Nicole Go To Disneyworld  - Rod and Melanie discuss the upcoming Disney trip.
Meanwhile at the Other Taylor Home - Danielle awaits Rod's return from fishing.
Antoinette's Home From Work - Features the entire Taylor family.
Rod and Freeman's Fishing Trip - Rod and Freeman get together for the first time.

Danielle and Melanie Meet - Danielle and Melanie meet for the first time.
Pillow Talk - Danielle has a serious conversation with Rod.
Danielle is Upset - Danielle finds out that Melanie has upset Julian.

The Burkes

Thrift Store Finds and the Burkes -  Kendra shares some baby decor with Nate.
The Burkes Get Project 4, Too  -  Pregnant Kendra in her bedroom.

Halle and Diego 
Diego's Surprise Part 2 
Diego's Surprise - Diego does something special for Halle.
Alone at Last - First night on the cruise ship.
Back to Halle and Diego - A romantic evening.
Halle Gets Comfortable  -  Halle invites Diego over.
Halle tries Archery -  Halle and Diego spend some time in the woods.

Lena and Alan
Waiting for Lena - Our first glimpse of Lena's husband and son.

Shantavia and Bruce Together Again -  Alone together again.

Tony and Antoinette Taylor

A Taylor Thanksgiving  -  The families enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together.
Almost Dinner Time - Featuring the Taylor's getting ready to host Thanksgiving dinner.
Tony Gets Ready for Work - The Taylor family has a busy morning.
Nighttime at the Taylor Home - Antoinette tries unsuccessfully to get some rest.

Melanie Has Been Spotted - Featuring Melanie, Noland, Naisha, and Shantavia at a small restaurant/bar.

Darius and Nikki's 
Darius Hard at Work  - Experience Darius in his office.
Golf Outing  - Darius and Nikki wager on their golf game.
After the Dinner Party - Darius and Nikki get a little intimate.
Baby Shay is in Good Hands - Racquel's mom and dad babysit Shay for the night.
The Guests Have Arrived at Nikki and Darius' - Featuring Darius, Nikki, Jacquelyn, Big Nicole, Pierre, Racquel and Terrance.
Getting Ready for Guests - Featuring Darius and Nikki
Saturday at the Barbershop - Features Jason, Darius, and Ian.
Darius and Nikki Starting Their Day - Darius and Nikki discuss a serious topic.

David and Leslie

Whirlpool Time -  David and Leslie enjoy some spa time.
Home Again -  Leslie and the kids return home from Danielle's.

Mike and Adele 

Kitchen Renovation  - Adele discusses the kitchen with Mike.
Glimpse Inside Mike and Adele's - Featuring Adele, Mike, Linda, Mark and their kids.
Adele Stops By Her Classroom - Features Adele, Sydney, and a new teacher.
Mike and Adele are Headed to Town - Mike and Adele are finally moving to Morristown.
Camille and Jacquelyn Have Arrived - The ladies arrive at the bakery.
Where Are They Headed - Features Camille and Jacquelyn
Earlier That Day....  - Take a look at Chris and Kara's home and meet Sheila for the first time.

Keith and Vanessa
Back to Business - Keith works on Kendra's crib.
Vanessa Gets a Piano Room -  Vanessa plays a tune for her husband.

The Langfords
Taking Kendra to the Doctor - Grace gets the nod to take Kendra to the doctor.
Finding A Party Space - Camille looks for space for baby shower.
Back From Church  -  Camille and William are back from church.

Monica is Settling In  -  Check out Monica's apartment.

Sylvia Redmond and Family
The Morning After at the Redmonds  -  Jessica makes blueberry muffins with mom, Sylvia

Jay Chou and Kyori
One Final Goodbye - The Jay Chou band leaves for a concert.
A Grueling Band Rehearsal - Jay Chou and the band

Dr. Sheppard and Debbie
Make It a Two Piece -   Debbie alters a Mattel outfit.

Jordan's Grocery
Time for Groceries - Many families shopping at Jordan's Grocer.

Start of Ni'Chalet's Remodel -  Ni'Chalet's is expanding.
Waiting for Kara at Ni'Chalet's  - Features Rollerskating Kara and various shoppers at Ni'Chalet's
Racquel Checks Out a New Space - Features Terrence, Racquel, and Sunni.

The Mane Event 

The Mane Event has Reopened - Kara is back in business in the new location.

The Pediatrician's

At the Pediatrician's Office Part II - Continuing with out flu shots. See Kendra at the hospital cafeteria.
The Pediatrician's Office is Packed - Flu shot time for lots of young kids in Morristown.


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