Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New House Coming!

The beauty of not buying dolls and a lot of extra doll stuff is that I have plenty of money to buy houses.  I was set to buy two houses today, but I'm on the fence about which one to get next.  When I saw the KidKraft Glamorous house today, I fell in love.  I love the colors.  I immediately thought about some of my single ladies, and my couples without kids.  I will have to remove the stairs or the elevator to give it a little more space.  Not sure which one yet.  So here are a list of people.  Any thoughts on who you think should get the new house?

1.  Darius and Nikki  (are they even still together)
2.  Diana Ross and Billy
3.  Tina and Harrison
4.  Halle Berry
5.  One of the Prettie Girls
6.  One of the SIS girls
7.  Jordan (business woman)

Feel free to suggest someone not on the list.

KidKraft Glamorous Dollhouse

The second house that was in my cart a couple different times today, was the KidKraft Country Estate.  The seller on ebay wanted to charge me tax.  Zulily charges shipping.  Amazon doesn't take Paypal.  Soooo....I will wait a few days.  That will give me time to mull this over again.  

KidKraft Country Estate

There was another house that also hit my cart a few times today.  I'm definitely getting this house in the near future.  It would be perfect for roommates, a single mother with a child  (Karla and Tori), or a couple. 

KidKraft Uptown House

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pillow Conundrum

Dasia is starting to shop for home decor items.  She's not ready to go full steam ahead with the decorating, but this is a way to get started.  She's brought home a few pillow sets to get an idea of her decorating direction.

"So honey, I'm hoping I can get your help."  (Dasia)

"This green set caught my attention first, and I immediately thought it would be perfect for the living room.  Any thoughts?"  (Dasia)
"Well it's hard for me to tell with all those patterns going on."  (Harold)
"Hold on.  I'll move everything out the way."  (Dasia)

"So now what do you think?"  (Dasia)
"Looks nice."  (Harold)

"I was thinking about this pattern for our bedroom.  They had comforters made from the same material."  (Dasia)
"Hard for me to say without seeing it all together."  (Harold)

"What are your plans for these green ones?"  (Harold)
"I don't think I'm going to keep them.  They just don't fit in.  I'll probably return those.  Can you hold up the black and white ones?"  (Dasia)

"So pretty.  I wish we had a music room."  (Dasia)
"We don't have a music room,"  (Harold)
"Yes, I know.  I think I will hold on to those for a while.  I'll find something to do with them.  Oh, I almost forgot.  I bought something for you while I was out."  (Dasia)
Dasia sets the pillows down, and stands up.

"See?"  (Dasia)
"See what?"  (Harold)

"The t-shirt I bought for you.  It says You're the ketchup to my fries.  I immediately thought of you when I saw it, and I just couldn't leave without it."  (Dasia)

"I'm confused.  If you bought it for me, shouldn't it be something I could use?"  (Harold)
"Don't you get it?  You're the ketchup to my fries.  It's all about you.  I can't be the ketchup to my own fries.  You're missing the point."  (Dasia)
"One of us is definitely missing the point.  Where would you like me to put these pillows."  (Harold)

Pillows and newest t-shirt will be listed in the Etsy store tomorrow, if I'm lucky.  Saturday if my day gets really busy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Park Drama (Photostory)

The picnic is in full swing.  Ian has cooled his heels, all in the name of not getting embarrassed by his mother. 

 JT and Rod have really hit it off.  They have bonded over military stories.  JT is retired Navy. Rod has even handed over the grill to JT.

Ian and Valencia have escaped to a blanket.  Valencia was almost showing her goodies, but her grey panties have saved the day.  

"So what do you think?"  (Roberta)
"He's nice.  It's a little strange seeing you two together, but I'm very happy for you, mom."  (Danielle)

"Look at them over there.  You would never know they just met."  (Roberta)
"Rod has an uncanny gift of getting along with everyone."  (Danielle)

JT closes the top on the grill to let the meats continue to cook.

Julian and Ciana have been having a good time on the playground.

Not too far away, Melanie is picking up Nicole and Jessica from their girl scout meeting at the school.
"So how was the meeting?  What did you guys do today?"  (Melanie)
"We talked alot about selling our cookies ."  (Nicole)
"Any word on when the darn things will be arriving? "   (Melanie)
"I think they said sometime next week.  I'm not sure."  (Nicole)

"Can Jessica come over and eat dinner with us?" (Nicole)
"Not today.  Jessica's mom is waiting for her at the park.  So that's where we're headed."  (Melanie)
"We can call her and tell her we'll drop her off later?"  (Nicole)
"Nicole, I said no.  You and Jessica have been together all day."  (Melanie)

JT is making Roberta feel extra special, as he gently strokes her face with the back of his hand.
"How are you doing over here?"  (JT)
"I'm doing great.  Just enjoying this beautiful day."  (Roberta)
"Are you hungry?"  (JT)
"I'm getting there."  (Roberta)

Ian looks over to see what's going on with his mom and JT.
Valencia doesn't say anything, but she's getting a little concerned about his apparent attachment to his mother.  She's wondering if she hasn't hooked up with a momma's boy.

"Sharmaine just texted me.  She's on the way."  (Danielle)
Jacob is trying to get Rod's attention, but he seems to be preoccupied.

"Honey, you aren't even listening to us."  (Danielle)
"Sorry, dear....

Melanie and Nicole just pulled up."  (Rod)

"Jessica, do you see your mom?"  (Melanie)
"Yes, she's over there on the bench.  I think she sees us."  (Jessica)

"The family really seems to like you.  I told you it would be okay."  (Roberta)
"Most of the family likes me. Not everyone is a fan."  (JT)
"Don't worry about my son.  He's never seen me with a man other than his dad.  It might take him a minute, but he'll come around."  (Roberta)

"I'm going to go over and say hello to Nicole."  (Rod)
"Alright.  See if her mom will let her stay for the cookout."  (Danielle)

Jessica and Nicole say their goodbyes.

Nicole has spotted her dad and Danielle.  She is waving in their direction.
"Thanks for dropping her off."  (Sylvia)
"Not a problem."  (Melanie)

"I guess we will be gearing up for the big cookie drive soon.  Have you signed up to work any of the cookie drive locations?" (Sylvia)
"Me?  Oh no.  I'm going to leave that up to Rod.  He loves doing those kinds of things.  I'll take a few cases to work and sell them to my coworkers. "  (Melanie)

"Who are you waving at?"  (Jessica)
"That's my dad over there."  (Nicole)

"Awww, there's Nicole.  I guess she's coming to the cookout."  (Roberta)
"Who's Nicole?" (JT)
"She's Rod's daughter from his first marriage.  That's his ex-wife, Melanie."  (Roberta)
"Interesting."  (JT)

Rod scoops up Jacob, and heads to the car.

"We'll see you guys next week."  (Sylvia)
"You'll have to team up with Rod next week.  Nicole will be back with him for a few weeks."  (Melanie)
"Okay.  Take care."  (Sylva)

"Oh brother.  Why is he wearing that hat?  I wouldn't have let him leave the house looking like that."  (Melanie)
"I like his hat."  (Nicole)
"Why am I not surprised.  Your daddy can do no wrong in your eyes."  (Melanie)

"Hi Daddy.  Hi Jakie Jakie."  (Nicole)
"Danielle let you leave the house looking like that?"  (Melanie)
"Looking like what?"  (Rod)
"At least she got the baby looking half way decent.  His outfit at least matches."  (Melanie)

"Daddy, where's Julian?"  (Nicole)
"He's on the playground."  (Rod)

"Any chance Nicole can stay for the cookout?"  (Rod)

"What?  No invite for her dear old mom who gave her life and who takes care of her daily?  Am I not worthy?"  (Melanie)
"JULIAN!!!"  (Nicole)

"Have you lost your mind?  Where are your manners?  We do not yell at the top of our lungs, like we don't have home training.  Sit down."  (Melanie)

"Hi Nicole!"  (Julian)

"Do you really want to come, or are you just jerking my chain?"  (Rod)
"What do you think?"  (Melanie)

"Can I stay?"  (Nicole)

"If you really want to."  (Melanie)
"I really want to."  (Nicole)

"Earth to Danielle.  Hello hello."  (Sharmaine)

"Heyyy.  I'm sorry.  Glad you came.  Mom will be happy to see you."  (Danielle)

"This is Kobe.  Kobe this is my cousin, Danielle."  (Sharmaine)
"Nice to meet you Kobe."  (Danielle)

"What on earth is he doing here?"  (Valencia)
"Who's that?"  (Ian)
"A guy that I used to know."  (Valencia)
"Used to know how?"  (Ian)
"We went out a couple times."  (Valencia)
"Great.  Can this day get any worse?"  (Ian)

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