Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doll Show Finds

Last weekend, Nov 7th, we had the Gary Green Doll Show at the Cobb County Civic Center, in Marietta, GA. I was supposed to have a table, but I had friends and family come to town at the last minute, so I decided to spend time with them. I did, however, get up early to go to the show. I was there from 9am - close. There is something about being around doll people and doll stuff that makes me feel really good. You doll people know what I mean. I had no intentions on buying anything major. As a matter of fact, I took out $40 cash. That was supposed to be my limit. Well we know how well that went over. The deals at this show were incredible. It seemed like everything that I had on my doll wish list was there are some incredible price. So I walked out of there about $180 in the hole, but very, very happy!

This Dream store was $20. Everything was new.

This outfit I bought for $5. I plan to use it on Todd (Barbie's brother)

This is Tonner's KickIt doll. She has a lion-like headpiece. She was brand new in box for $20.

These are lingerie sets from Silkstones. They were $5 per set. All the pieces were included.

I bought these Halloween Kelly's for $4 each.

Easter Kellys were $4 ea.

Brand new Pizza Hut was $10.

Finally got my JAC Tonner doll. On sale for $40.

I actually got Brandy from Goodwill last week for $2. Outfit was from the show for $0.50.

Raven doll was brand new in box for $12.

Harley Davidson was on sale for $30!

This Elle doll was only $15. I bought it to use the outfit on a Tonner doll.

The Olsen twins $10.

I got a few more items. A kitchen set and some clothes, but I haven't taken pictures yet. I must go play now.

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