Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cruise Ships and a Sofa

Halle and Diego's plane has landed in Miami.  They are now headed to the port where the cruise ship is parked.  I thought I would show the two cruise ships I will be using.

First up is the Barbie Cruise ship.  This was a thrift store find about 10 years ago.  I left the price on it.  It was $4.24.

This is the inside.  It was missing a few pieces.

The right side can be changed into three different area.  Here it is set up as a buffet.  I will fill it with great dishes.

It can also convert to a sleeping area.  Halle and Diego will not be sleeping here.

And thirdly it can be a dance floor.

On the left side there are changing pictures that can alter the scenery. 

The original set comes with a very, very small pool and a lounge chair and table.  I'm going to add a much larger pool.  I'm trying out the swing set because the newest Barbie Cruise Ship comes with a swing set.

Here it is with a lounger and table.  All the entertaining and eating will take place in this area of the cruise ship.

Next, up is the Barbie Friendship Cruise ship.  I bought this from ebay about 6 months ago.  I plan to use this as Halle and Diego's private cabin.

I will fix up their bedroom to be a little more romantic.

They will also be able to lounge on their private deck.

Last up is a custom sofa I just finished.  It's been awhile since I've made a sofa.  It felt good to do it again.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thrift Show and Tell

My mom's latest thrift store doll find was delivered to me yesterday. 

It's really a miniature cabinet, but I could add it to the top of another small cabinet and use it for 1/6 scale.  I thought for one I could use it in the post office.  Something about the little boxes up top reminded me of a post office.

There are lots of dishes in the drawer.

Here is the first set of dishes.  I will be able to use some of these as decoration for the 1/6 scale dios.

This is a cute soup tureen with a decorative ladle.

There's also a tea pot with cups and saucers and a tray.  This can work for 1/6 scale just as is.

Last but not least, a round platter with 4 canisters.

This entire set was only $3.53!  Way to go mom!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christine's Dilemma (Photostory)

Christine's friend Yue Sai has left and Christine is back on the phone.

"I don't think my mom is going to let me go.  She's going to say it's a date.  (pause)  Okay.  Okay.  I will ask her when she gets home from work.  I'll let you know tomorrow. (pause)   Meet me in the lobby before first period.  (pause)  Okay, see you tomorrow."  (Christine)
She hangs up the phone and starts plotting.  Her friend, Jeremiah, wants her to go to the movies with him.   Christine needs to figure out how to get her mom to say yes.  Just then, the cell phone rings, again.

Christine opens the phone and sees it's her father.

"Hi, Daddy.  (pause)  Just lying here on my bed.  (pause)  This weekend?  Cool!  I need all the lessons I can get."  (Christine)
A few more minutes on the phone with her dad, and another call comes through.  It's her friend, Carla.
"Dad, I got to go.  I'll see you this weekend."  (Christine)

"Hey Carla. What's up?"  (Christine)
She gets so engrossed in her conversation, that she doesn't hear her mom enter her room.

"Christine?"  (Cassandra)
"Ooops.  I got to go.  Talk to you later."  (Christine)

"Hi, Mommy.  How was your day?"  (Christine)
"Horrible.  Did you finish all of your homework?"  (Cassandra)
"Yes.  Me and Yue Sai knocked it out pretty quickly."  (Christine)

"Well that's good to hear.  When are your finals?"  (Cassandra)
"Not until next Thursday and Friday."  (Christine)

"By the way, Daddy called.  He's going to take me driving this weekend."  (Christine)
"Well I'm glad to hear that.  My car can use a break."  (Cassandra)
"Oh, Mom, I'm not that bad of a driver." (Christine)

"Oh yeah, and Jeremiah called to see if I could go to the movies on Friday.  I told him I would check with you."  (Christine)
"Well you don't need to check with me because you already know the answer.  You are 15 and dating starts at 16."  (Cassandra)

"But Mommy, it's not a date.  It's just going to the movies."  (Christine)
"Sounds like a date to me."  (Cassandra)
"It's not a date unless there is food."  (Christine)
Cassandra chuckles and stands up.

"Look dear, I've had a really tough day, and I don't have the energy to deal with this right now.  We have rules for a reason."  (Cassandra)
"Will you at least think about it?"  (Christine)
"I'll think about it, but there's very little chance of me changing my mind."  (Cassandra)

Cassandra turns to leave.  Christine plops donw on her bed deflated.

Her fear is that Jeremiah will lose interest in her and move on to a girl that can hang out with him after school.  She considers asking her dad to talk to her mom, but when it comes to boys he's even more strict than her mom.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Time to Go Home (Photostory)

Day in the life of Angelica Part VI

 When we last saw Angelica, she was headed to her last class for the day.  She finished that class, then headed to the daycare to pick up Nina.

 At the daycare center, Cassandra has her hands full.  She wasn't able to get a back up for Samantha, so she and Daphne have been handling all the kids.  Daphne is in the infant room with a few babies and a few toddlers.  Here Cassandra is comforting Tatiana, who just fell and got a boo boo.

 The boys are playing with some puzzles.

 Alicia and Kimaya are playing with the doll house, while Nina happily rocks on the rocking horse.

 Uh oh, someone seems to be falling asleep.

 "What's wrong Sydney?  Are you bringing that bottle to Tatiana? You think that will help her feel better?" (Cassandra)

 Out in the lobby, Adele is checking Sydney out before she enters the playroom.

 "Hello, hello."  (Adele)

 "Hello Adele."  (Cassandra)

 As soon as Sydney hears her mother's voice, she turns around, drops the bottle, and starts running towards her.

 "Hi mommy."  (Sydney)
"Hi sweetie.  Did you have a good day?"  (Adele)
Sydney nods.
"Well let's go get your coat so we can go home."  (Adele)
Adele says goodbye to Cassandra, grabs Sydney's coat and heads to the lobby.

 "We have to bundle up, it's chilly out there."  (Adele)

 Angelica appears in the doorway.
"Hello"  (Angelica)
"Hello.  How are you?"  (Adele)
"Great/"  (Angelica)

 Angelica checks Nina out as Adele finishes dressing Sydney.

 "Alright, let's go home and cook dinner."  (Adele)

 Angelica enters the play room just as Cassandra is picking up the sleeping child.
"Hey Cassandra."  (Angelica)
"Hi Angelica.  Your angel is over there on the rocking horse."  (Cassandra)

 Oh no.  Looks like the boys have started fighting.
"Boys!  Cut it out."  (Cassandra)
"Excuse me Angelica.  I need to go get them."  (Cassandra)

 Angelica makes her way over to Nina.
"Hi dumpling.  Are you enjoying your horsey ride?"  (Angelica)
Nina goes about another minute before she tries to get down and go to her mommy.

 "Alright Cassandra.  Thanks.  We'll see you next time."  (Angelica)
"Okay dear.  See you soon."  (Cassandra)

 "Now back to you two.  We have rules and one of them is no fighting.  This is a warning.  If it happens again, you will both be sent to time out."  (Cassandra)

 Angelica arrives back home after taking the short 10 min drive from the daycare.  She is exhausted.

She takes a look into the living room.  She contemplates going and plopping on the sofa.

 She decides against it, and chooses to head to her bedroom instead.

 She sets down her bag,

 kicks off her shoes and plops down on the bed.
"Okay missy.  Let's get your jacket off."  (Angelica)

"Weeee.  You like that?  Are you going to take a little nap with mommy?  Then we'll get up and have a nice dinner.  Then you can play in the tub with all your toys.  How does that sound?"  (Angelica)
Doesn't take long for Angelica and Nina to dose off.
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