Friday, February 28, 2014

Prettie Girls On Sale!

Angelica Dreamz is having a Big Spring Clean 40 - 60% off sale.  I was surprised to see they are carrying the Prettie Girls line.  I've been waiting for these girls to go on sale.  Lena and Valencia are selling for $14.97 each through March 7th.  There is a flat rate shipping of $8 for all orders less than $75.  Orders over $75 get free shipping.  I bought both Lena and Valencia.  The Cynthia Bailey doll is not currently available, but there are plenty of other dolls on sale.  So you may want to take a look to see if there's something you just can't live without.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Third Grade Black History Lessons (Photostory)

 February is Black History Month, here in the States.  At the beginning of the month, Adele outlined the Black History lesson plans to her third grade class. 

"February is the official month to celebrate Black history.  Of course, we won't limit our learning about Black history just to this month, but we will focus more on it during the next four weeks."  (Adele)

"So the plan for this month is to explore Black history in three stages.   We will start with the Kings and Queens of Africa, then we will discuss slavery, and lastly we will discuss where we are currently today.  Our lessons will culminate with an in-depth look at our current President of the United Staes, the first African American president ever in these United States."  (Adele)

"I have a couple guest speakers planned this month.  We also have a field trip planned for the African American museum in Washington, D.C., and a few other fun things planned.  At the end of the month, you will be asked to write a report, so it would be in your best interest to pay attention and participate in all the activities."  (Adele)

"Yes, Dillon?"  (Adele)

"Can we take the subway when we go to the museum?"  (Dillon)

"I'm afraid not.  For safety reasons, we are going to take a school bus."  (Adele)
There is a collective groan from the kids.

Nikaya and Janet start talking about the pending trip.

"Nikaya, is this a conversation you can share with the rest of the class?"  (Adele)

"Sorry Mrs. Jordan."  (Nikaya)

"As I said a few minutes ago, we will have a couple of guest speakers this month.  Our first guest speaker is here today.  She currently lives in Senegal, Africa, and she is here today to talk about some of the prominent Kings and Queens of Africa."  (Adele)

As Adele is speaking, the guest speaker quietly enters the room and makes her way up front.  The kids don't even realize she is there, until she gets to the front.

"Welcome Ms. Aminata.  We are so honored to have you with us today.  We are anxious to learn more about you and the history of our African Kings and Queens."  (Adele)
"Thank you so much for having me."  (Ms. Aminata)

The kids listen intently to Ms. Aminata.  Her accent is like none they have heard before.

"Hello class.  It is an honor for me to come before you today.  I love talking with kids about African history."  (Ms. Aminata)

The class appears to be captivated by Ms. Aminata.  The time flies as Ms. Aminata passionately talks to the kids. The kids have plenty of questions, and seem to be surprised by much of the information being shared with them.  Even after Ms. Aminata leaves, the kids are still full of questions for Adele.

Ms. Aminata (not her given name) was a gift from Paulette Richards, the author of the blog, limbe dolls.  Paulette is currently in Senegal teaching American and African American literature, on a Fulbright fellowship.  We miss you Paulette.

A few of the girls wanted to show off their outfits.
Here's Jo wearing the school uniform I purchased a couple years ago.  She's wearing Only Heart girl shoes.

Janet is wearing an outfit I found at a doll show several years ago.  I'm not sure the origin.  She's also wearing Only Heart shoes.

Finally, Nikaya is wearing a new outfit and Only Heart shoes.

Here is the origin of the Nikaya outfit.  Someone is going to look really cute in that dress.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Halle and Diego Alone at Last (Photostory)

I was able to find another Diego head on ebay for a great price, so I decided to take the plunge and buy it again.  It was apparently meant to be because it was the last one at that great price.  So now we can resume the cruise vacation where we left off.

"It's a beautiful room.  And look they left us a bottle of wine."  (Halle)
"I'm glad you like it.  The travel agent suggested I go with this one."  (Diego)

Diego makes his way to the bed while Halle is still checking out the cabin.
"And look we have direct access to the deck."  (Halle)
"Come here, beautiful."  (Diego) 

Halle saunters over and positions herself between Diego's legs.

"I just want to thank you again for coming on vacation with me.  I promise to show you a good time.  There is so much to do and experience.  There's snorkeling and parasailing, ziplining, rock climbing... "  (Diego)
Halle interrupts Diego
"and the spa and shopping, and the wonderful buffets."  (Halle)  

Diego starts laughing and sits Halle on his lap.
"Okay, okay.  I guess we can do some of that relaxing stuff, too.  But promise me you will try a few of the activities, too."  (Diego)
"I promise to try a few activities, if you promise that this trip won't turn into the summer and winter Olympics rolled into one."  (Halle)
"I promise.  Can we seal it with a kiss?"  (Diego)

Halle reaches up and pulls Diego closer.  She gives him a slow and sensual kiss that lasts for quite some time.

In the midst of the kiss, Diego falls back onto the bed pulling Halle with him.

"I love you."  (Diego)
"I love you, too."  (Halle)
I sure hope they are still feeling the love after this cruise.

Halle and Diego end up falling asleep in each other's arms.  They wake a couple hours later, shower and dress for dinner.  We'll join them at dinner next time.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kendra Finally Gets Out (Photostory)

Camille, Diana, and Jackie are enjoying tea, coffee, and brownies at the Langford home.

"So how is business going?"  (Diana)
"Well you know it's been crazy the past few months.  So many people get married around Valentine's Day, so that translate to chaos in the shop."  (Jackie)

"Speaking of Valentine's Day,  is your honey planning to come to town any time soon?"  (Camille)
"We've decided to do the long distance thing for a while longer.  But we will see each other at least two weekends out the month."  (Diana)


"That must be Kendra."  (Camille)
Camille gets up to answer the door.

"Hi dear.  Don't you look cute?"  (Camille)

"Do you remember Diana?  She's an old friend of mine, and she just recently relocated to Morristown."  (Camille)
"Yes.  I remember Miss Diana.  So nice to see you again."  (Kendra)
"Same here.  Congrats on the new baby!  I can't wait to see him."  (Diana)
"Thanks.  Hello Ms. Jackie.  Aunt Camille, I have to go get the rest of the stuff out the car."  (Kendra)
"Do you need help?"  (Camille)
"No, I think I can handle it."  (Kendra)

Kendra heads back to the car.
"Well let's see how my sweet baby is doing."  (Camille)

"There's the handsome little man, looking just like your mother."  (Camille)

Camille starts talking baby talk to little Cameron.

"We want to see him, too."  (Diana)
"Sorry, I just get so carried away.  Let me get him out of this blanket."  (Camille)

"There we go.  That's better.  Is that a smile I see?"  (Camille)
"Isn't he just precious?"  (Diana)
"That's right, you don't have any grandchildren yet.  It's so much better being a grandma.  You can spoil them rotten and then send them on home."  (Jackie)
The ladies start laughing.  Moments later Kendra returns with Cameron's playpen.

Jackie helps her put it up.

Then Jackie and Diana decide to take their tea to the living room, while Kendra gives Camille the run down on her and Nate's plans for the evening.

"I left a piece of paper in his diaper bag with all the pertinent information.  Nate and I won't be out very long.  I can't be away from Cameron for very long."  (Kendra)
"Well try to relax and have a good time.  You know I will take great care of him."  (Camille)

"I know, but this will be our first time away from each other for this amount of time.  I'm going to miss my little munchkin."  (Kendra)
"That's normal for first time mothers.  It will get easier, I promise.  I'll have my phone nearby in case you want to call and check on him."  (Camille)

Kendra just sits there holding Cameron for what seems like an eternity.  Finally Camille speaks up.
"Kendra, I'm sure Nate is probably at the restaurant by now.  Just go and have a good time.  You deserve it.  Cameron will be fine."  (Camille)
Kendra hands the baby to Camille, says her good-byes to the ladies and head out the door.

1) I made Cameron's little sleeper and hat outfit from a sock.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

We Need To Talk!

And not about oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with almonds, but I made these yesterday and I needed a picture for this post.

This post is about my health.  I haven't talked about what's really going on for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I don't want people to say, "oh here she goes again talking about her illness."  Second of all, it's so important for me to be positive and have positive energy around me, that I have chosen to not discuss in detail all that is going on with anyone.  Not even my mother. I've chosen to immerse myself in positive activities and focus on getting better.

I have shared with you a few of the challenges I've had in the past month, which included a bout with the flu.  In all honesty, it's a lot more serious.  The new treatment has not taken hold yet, and my body is breaking down as a result.  In the past month, my right arm has only been functioning at about 30%.  My fingers still work, which allow me to type and sew.  The problems are in my upper right arm.  The pain started a couple months ago, and has gotten progressively worse.  I had X-rays taken of both my left leg and my right arm this week to see if there are any fractures.  Apparently, fractures can just develop out of the blue with this illness. I haven't been able to walk without major pain and a limp in over a month.  As a matter of fact, I can't really move these days unless I take pain medicine.  I haven't even been able to comb my hair in weeks.  It all sounds pretty bleak, but I know it will turn around as soon as the treatment starts working.  If this treatment doesn't work, we will move to something else.

The way I know how to deal with this is to keep it moving, pain or not, and continue doing the things that make me happy.  What makes me happy?  My dolls, sewing and baking.  I just bought a new KitchenAid stand mixer on-line at Walmart.  So yesterday I baked the cookies in the picture.  The day before I made popovers for the first time.  It now takes me a little longer to do the doll stories.  I can't even begin to tell you how painful it was putting Rod and Danielle in those intimate poses.

So why am I telling you this now?  Because a few days ago, someone asked me why I stopped reading their blog.  I explained to the person that I haven't stopped reading blogs, but I've had to cut back on the amount of time I spend doing it.  I explained in a previous post that I now read blogs 2 - 3 days a week.  During that time I play catch up.  I use which allows for very quick blog reading.  So trust that I am reading all of your blog posts.  I may not be commenting as often as I used to, but I am doing the best I can under the circumstances.  Unfortunately, the person who questioned me, wasn't happy with my response and let me know they were less than pleased that I wasn't commenting on their blog on a regular basis.  Really???   So I'm sharing my truth in case there are other people out there feeling like this person.

As blog writers, most of us do this for fun.  There are some people that make a living doing this, but the majority of us have full lives outside of our blogs.  Commenters come and they go.  I've never taken that personally, and neither should any of you.  If you are only doing a blog to see how many followers and comments you get, you are doing it for the wrong reason, in my opinion, unless of course you are making money doing it.  I would never have the balls to go ask someone why they aren't commenting on my blog.  Who does that?  

I will leave on a positive note.  I still have three of the puppies in my possession and they are a delightful bunch and they keep me smiling.  The brown one is due to go check out his pending new home today.  I've decided to keep the other two for now.  While I was making the cookies yesterday, a great marketing strategy popped in my head and I immediately went to my computer and ordered new business cards.  I plan to market my baking services to my fellow realtors.   We are always looking for treats for open houses and meetings.  Wish me luck!  Feel free to send prayers and positive thoughts my way for a speedy recovery.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine Dinner (Photostory)

 It's still Valentine's Day.  Danielle and the boys have been out all day with Leslie, taking care of business.  Part of Rod's Valentine's gift to Danielle is a special dinner, which he is prepping for.

Rod is fixing one of Danielle's favorite, seafood.  He's decided on a seafood boil with lobster, crab, and shrimp.  And you can't have a seafood boil without corn and potatoes.

Danielle and the boys have returned.
"Oh look, your dad bought a new welcome mat."  (Danielle)
"What's a welcome mat?"  (Julian)
"It's mainly to wipe you feet, so you don't track dirt in the house.  Why don't you give it a try?"  (Danielle)
"Okay, but can we hurry.  I have to go to the bathroom."  (Julian)

"Hi honey.  We're home."  (Danielle)

"Well hello family."  (Rod)
"Hi dad!"  (Julian, as he runs upstairs to the bathroom)

Rod, removes the food from the sink so he could wash his hands and go say hi to his wife.
"So how was your day?"  (Rod)
"Productive, but tiring."  (Danielle)

"Well let me help you with that."  (Rod)

Rod grabs her scarf and pulls her closer.
"I thought you were helping me get undressed."  (Danielle)
"Oh believe me, that will come much later."  (Rod)

"I hope you're hungry.  I have a wonderful dinner planned for you."  (Rod)
"I'm famished."  (Danielle in her sexy voice)
Danielle can feel that Rod is getting more excited by the minute.
"I'm going to step away now, or we will have to skip dinner and go straight to dessert."  (Rod)

Rod goes to check on the boys.
"Uh, oh.  Man down."  (Rod)

Jacob has fallen asleep.  Poor kid didn't even take the time to lay down. 

"Awww, my poor baby was exhausted.  He didn't get his nap today.  I'll take him upstairs and put him down."  (Danielle)

"Send Julian down here.  I want to show him something."  (Rod)

"Oh there you are.  Come here, son.  I want to show you something."  (Rod)

"What is it?"  (Julian)
"There are two lobsters there and one crab."  (Rod)
"Look, dad, it's moving!"  (Julian)
"Yes, they are still alive."  (Rod)

After show and tell, Rod goes to start working on the chicken he's fixing for the boys.  He shoots the breeze with Julian in the process.

Danielle returns after taking a quick shower and changing into something a little more comfortable.  It feels good to see her man in the kitchen fixing dinner and chatting with her son.

"Need any help?"  (Danielle)

"No, honey. Why don't you just have a seat and rest.  We men folk got this covered.  Would you like something to drink?"  (Rod)
"I wouldn't mind having a cup of hot tea."  (Danielle)
"Coming right up."  (Rod)

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