Thursday, May 31, 2012

Raven Retreats to the Hotel Lobby

Raven leaves the ballroom without a word to Ian.  She heads to the lobby where she begins texting a couple of her best girlfriends, just to vent.  Bridget is waiting in the lobby for her husband, the chef, who is getting off early for a change.  Mike and Sydney are hanging out.  She's a little cranky due to her tiring day and her refusal to go to sleep.  Ron is working the front desk, due to a staff shortage.

The check in counter happens to be a fireplace turned around backwards.  Originally I had the fireplace in the lobby, but it looked too much like a regular living room.  The little thing I use as the luggage rack and coat rack was found at the thrift store.  I have no idea what it was originally.

"Hello.  I'm Morgan and I have a reservation." 
"Are you here with the modeling agency?" (Ron)
"Yes.  How did you know?" (Morgan)

"Well if you don't mind me saying so, you are stunning." (Ron)
"I don't mind at all.  Thanks." (Morgan)

"What is taking your father so long.  He better not have me waiting here for hours." (Bridget)

"I can't believe him.  He apparently doesn't know who he's dealing with.  Doesn't he know how many men are dying to date me?  And I'm supposed to sit back while he plays around with some other chick.  She ain't even cute!  I am not the one!  Jerk!" (This conversation is only happening in Raven's head)

"Oh Adele.  You have a lot of making up to do.  I'm here in town and you are playing hostess all day.  Your priorities are a little out of order." (Another conversation happening only in Mike's head)

"Okay. So I have you here for 3 days, 2 nights.  One king bed on the fourth floor."  (Ron)

"Will you need one key or two?" (Ron)

"One will be fine.  Is there a nice restaurant nearby?" (Morgan)
"We have a nice restaurant here in the hotel, and there are a number of other restaurants and shops near the water." (Ron)

"Awww.  Isn't that adorable. See that's what I need.  A more mature man. I keep messing with these little boys." 

"I'll have someone bring your bags up shortly.  Any thing else I can do for you?" (Ron)
"No.  That should do it." (Morgan)

"Where do you think you're going carrot top?" (Bridget)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Julian and Jacob's Room and The Dorms

Question:  Does this look like part 2 of the wedding reception?  That's what it's supposed to be.  I got motivated to shoot part 2 earlier than planned.  Had to retrieve some drinking glasses from the studio and got totally distracted.  Happens all the time.  Instead of getting the glasses and returning to the video shoot, I created a room for Julian and Jacob, and recreated the dorm rooms in the A-frame house.

Julian and Jacob had a room when I first started doing stories.  It was much bigger than this.  This is all the room they need.  I kept their Winnie-The-Pooh theme.  Julian's not that thrilled, but Jacob loves his Pooh bear.

I found the bed frames on ebay a couple of years ago.  I added the cushion and made the Pooh bedding.

Months later, I ran across Pooh items at the thrift store.  They had tons of these little boxes still in their original packaging.  I thought it would make the perfect dresser for the boys.

It's really a note pad holder with a little drawer for paper clips and other office supplies.

There's Pooh Bear!

The boys have their fish tank.  Below are the gifts their Auntie Paulette gave them; Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys.

I kidnapped the boys from the reception so they could take a look at their recreated room.  This room is located right next to Rod and Danielle's bedroom.  Originally it was going to be their bathroom.  It will serve multiple purposes as needed.  In my crystal ball I see a beautiful laundry room.

About a month ago, I briefly turned the top level of the A-frame house into dorms for the college crew.  I never got a chance to take pictures because I changed it so quickly into Shantavia's new place.  Well, since everything else is being used for multiple purposes, why not the A-frame house?  So the top level will be the following:  Darius and Chang's office, Shantavia's living area, dorm rooms, real estate offices for Sunni and her sister-in-law, and offices for interior designers, Vanessa and Lydia.  I am still thinking about the bottom level.
"Are you ready?"  (Faith)
"Just about.  Let me finish putting my books away." (Kim)

"What did you guys end up doing last night?" (Kim)
"We just ended up going to see the new MIB movie." (Faith)

"How was babysitting?" (Faith)
"Fine.  I was able to get a lot of studying done.  I definitely needed that with this test coming up next week.  Can you check to see if Jasmine is ready?" (Kim)

"Did I hear my name?" (Jasmine)
"Oh, so you are ready.  Cute pants.  I may have to borrow those one day."  (Kim)
"Luckily for me you can't wear my pants."  (Jasmine)

What is it with these dolls and their shoes.  Jasmine told me to get a picture of her shoes.

"Okay. I'm ready.  My shoes are in the other room."  (Kim)
"We need to stop by the store so I can get the $20 my brother owes me." (Jasmine)
"One day we won't be broke college students and we won't have to run around town looking for money" (Faith)
"From your mouth to my empty wallet." (Kim)
The ladies laugh as they head out the door to go shopping with the little money they do have.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4 Couples, Calamari, and a Chair

Lynn and Jason did go out to dinner with her friend, Grace and Grace's man, Kevin.  Lynn and Grace met at Ni'Chalet's, and they just hit it off.   This is their first time out as friends.

Grace selected a small restaurant just on the edge of town.  They have finished dinner and the guys decided to order dessert.  Jason ordered a piece of strawberry shortcake, and Kevin ordered lemon cheesecake.  

Grace is wearing a LIV dress from one of the latest slumber party sets.  She is toting a Stardoll handbag from one of the accessory packs.

"Honey, did you want to taste my cake?" (Jason)
"Looks good, but I am stuffed." (Lynn)

"So Jason, do you ever go to any of the games?" (Kevin)
"I've been to a few, but I'd rather watch from the comfort of home." (Jason)
"I feel you." (Kevin) 

Meanwhile, at the other table, Max and Natasha are out on a first date. They are getting ready to sample my newest creation, calamari.

I have to give it to Natasha.  She is always dating some fine man.  I guess she doesn't like to be tied down.  

"So now that you've been here for a couple of months, what do you think of our town?"  (Natasha)
"So far, so good.  I like my job, and everyone seems to be real friendly." (Max)

There's our resident traveling bartender, talking to yet another new resident to Morristown, Laura.  She's in desperate need of a new body.  If she had better articulation, she would be having dinner with Max.  She couldn't get those crazy legs to act right in the booth.  So she's stuck here at the bar. 

"So how do you like the special drink I fixed you?" (bartender)
"It's good.  A little strong, though.  You wouldn't be trying to get me drunk, would you?" (Laura)

"Looks like she forgot my fork."  (Natasha)
"Here, use mine.  It's clean. (Max)
Calamari is supposed to hit the Etsy store soon.  I can't decide whether to sell it loose, or secured to the plate.  It's nice to be able to play with it, but it's a pain to keep up with the pieces.

"See that guy next to us?  He's the head trainer at LA Fitness."  (Kevin whispers)
"Are you going to say hello." (Grace whispers)
"I don't want to disturb his groove." (Kevin)

"You guys interested in hearing some jazz?  There's a nice jazz club in town."  (Kevin)
"Are you talking about The Den?" (Lynn)
"Yes, that's the name." (Kevin)

"That's a nice place.  We'd love to go, but my sister is watching the baby, and I don't want to stay out too late." (Lynn)
"We completely understand.  Just so happens my mom wanted to do a slumber party with her grandkids.  So we have a free night." (Grace)
"That's so cute." (Lynn)

The two couples leave the restaurant and Lynn and Jason make it home around 9:15pm.

"So how was everything?  Did she give you a hard time?" (Lynn) 

"She was great.  You know how much she loves her aunt Kim.  She was all drool and smiles all night." (Kim)
"Good.  Let me check on her and I will give you a ride back to campus." (Lynn)

Lynn looks in on Layla, who is fast asleep.

Jason comes into the room and joins Lynn.

"She's such an angel." (Lynn)
"She reminds me of you when she sleeps." (Jason)
"Really?" (Lynn)
"Once she is sleep, she is out like a light." (Jason)

"And I thought you were calling me an angel." (Lynn)
"I much prefer your devilish side." (Jason)
"Before you start getting comfortable, I have to take my sister home." (Lynn)
"No.  I have to take your sister home.  It's too dangerous for you two to be out there alone.  Besides, if I take her, I will be back in a jiffy.  If you take her, no telling when I would see you." (Jason)
"But honey...." (Lynn)

Before she can complete her sentence, Jason takes her in his arms and gently kisses her on the lips.  How can she argue with him after that.  

They eventually separate and Jason takes Kim back to the dorms.  As promised, he was back in record time.  Layla slept peacefully until about 5am.  A warm bottle, and she went back to sleep until 7:30am.  Jason had left for work at 7am with a smile and a nicely packed lunch.

Asian Flair Chair - This chair will be hitting the Etsy store this afternoon.  Ottoman available upon request.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lynn and Jason's Condo

Jason and Lynn live in the same condominium as Halle.  (I transformed Halle's condo into their two bedroom condo.) They have a two bedroom to accommodate their daughter, Layla, and Jason's daughter, Jada.    In their condo, the kitchen is to the left of the door when You walk in.  One day soon I will add door knobs to all the doors.  

"Hey honey.  What you watching?" (Lynn)

"Hey, you're home.  Just ESPN.  Catching up on all the scores." (Jason)

"Hey, pretty girl." (Jason)
"Honey, take her.  I have to go to the bathroom." (Lynn)

"Did you miss your daddy?  I missed you."  (Jason)

"Don't forget we are going out to dinner tonight." (Lynn)

"That's tonight?" (Jason)
"Yes. I reminded you at least three times this week."  (Lynn)
"Got you!  I remembered."  (Jason)

"Real funny." (Lynn)
"Are we taking Layla with us?" (Jason)
"No.  My sister is coming to babysit." (Lynn)

"Your daddy thinks he's so funny.  Yes he does.  Are you going to be a good girl for Auntie? (Lynn)

The bedrooms are right off the living room.  It's not a true two bedroom.  It's more a one bedroom with an adjoining den.  They turned the den into the girls' room.  They do have a door to their bedroom so they can have privacy when needed.  I stole bedroom furniture from other kids.  They will both get their own furniture somewhere done the line.

"Ok, Layla.  Mommy will be right back."

Here's a peek into the unfinished master. 

"Honey, will you go pick up my sister?  That will give me more time to get ready."  (Lynn)

"Now?" (Jason)
"In about an hour." (Lynn)
"Yeah, no problem." (Jason)

"That gives me enough time to take a nap." (Jason)
"Well, I'm going to take a nice long bath.  Answer the phone."  (Lynn)

The rug is a piece of scrapbook paper.  The little girl silhouettes on the wall are scrapbook pieces.  The sofa and chair is an older set I made about 3 years ago.  My, time is flying.

An overall look at the living room and bedrooms.

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