Monday, September 30, 2013

Halle Gets Comfortable (Photostory)

Halle and Diego have arrived back at Halle's condo.  After leaving Sashimi, they went to a late movie.  Now it's pretty late, so they head directly to the bedroom.

"It's nice to go out, but it's good to be home.  I'm so glad you're staying over, honey."  (Halle) 

Halle's bedroom reflects her animalistic side.

"Well, I'm going to put on something a little more comfortable.  Make yourself at home."  (Halle)

"Don't forget we have to pick a date for our vacation."  (Diego)
"I haven't forgotten."  (Halle)

Diego watches as Halle leaves the room.  She looks just as good leaving a room as she does entering one.

Halle enters her walk-in closet/dressing room.

She puts her clutch back on the shelf.

Meanwhile, Diego tries to find some romantic music on the Ipod.

Halle heads to her lingerie chest.  With her busy schedule, she doesn't get to spend a lot of time with Diego,.  so she tries to make each time quite memorable. 

"Honey, can you grab the wine out the refrigerator?  The wine glasses are in the cabinet on the left." (Halle)
"Okay."  (Diego)

Halle quickly gets dressed and hurries to the bedroom while Diego is in the kitchen.

When he returns to the bedroom, he is met with a beautiful sight.
"Well, well, well."  (Diego)

"You like?  A little something I bought for you when I was in New York."  (Halle)

"Gorgeous!"  (Diego)

"Me or the outfit?"  (Halle)
"Both."  (Diego)

Diego puts the wine and the glasses on the night table, and takes Halle into his arms.

"I'm an incredibly lucky man."  (Diego)
"Yes you are, and I think you will be even luckier before the night is over."  (Halle)

Halle and Diego lock lips.

"Why did you stop?"  (Halle)
"Because I know what you are doing.  You're trying to distract me.  Where's your calendar?"  (Diego)

"You have all of this in front of you and you want to see my calendar?"  (Halle)
"If I play my cards right, I will be able to see all of that for 5 days straight while we are on vacation."  (Diego)
"Fine.  I'll get my calendar."  (Halle)

Halle's calendar is nearby on her dresser.

"Oh, I almost forgot, I wanted to show you my new pictures."  (Halle)

Halle goes over to get her portfolio.

"WOW!"  (Diego)
"It took forever for them to put on those temporary tattoos."  (Halle)
"That is amazing."  (Diego) 

"That's one of my favorite shots.  I love Dorothy Dandridge."  (Halle)
"You/re so sophisticated here."  (Diego)

The next picture causes Diego's heart to literally skip a beat.
"My, my, my.  You are going to cause me to have a heart attack."  (Diego)

"Does that mean you like the picture?"  (Halle)
Diego just stares at Halle.  The photo has rendered him speechless.  

After a minute, he snaps out of it.
"You are so beautiful inside and out.  Kiss me."  (Diego)

He doesn't have to ask twice.  Halle is all too happy to oblige.

That must be some kiss.  Diego's toes are curling.  So much for picking a vacation date.  

We'll find out soon why Halle seems to be putting off going on vacation with Diego.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Cameron Gets A Visitor (Photostory)

It's mid-morning and Kendra is checking on Cameron.  He's just waking up from one of his many catnaps.  Kendra was able to grab a quick shower during his nap.  She will get dressed during his next nap.  

"Well hello sweetness.  Let me guess, you're hungry."  (Kendra)

 As Kendra picks up Cameron, he gives her the biggest smile.
"Are you flirting with your mommy?"  (Kendra)

"Is that my boy I hear?"  (Nathaniel) 

"Hello my future star athlete."  (Nathaniel)

 "Would you like to feed him?"  (Kendra)
"I can't right now.  I have to do a consult with one of my coworkers at the hospital."  (Nathaniel)
"You're not supposed to be working.  You are supposed to be bonding with your son."  (Kendra)
"I know honey, but this just couldn't be helped."  (Nathaniel)

 "I almost forgot.  Nikki just called and I told her she could stop by to see Cameron."  (Nathaniel)

 "That's great.  Oh honey, can you bring me Cameron's bottle from the fridge in the bedroom?"  (Kendra)
"Isn't that his bottle right there?"  (Nathaniel)
"No this one is empty."  (Kendra)
Nate leaves to retrieve the bottle.  He returns and Kendra heats the bottle and places the bib on Cameron.

Cameron is almost finished with his bottle and Kendra can hear on the baby's monitor that Nikki has arrived.  A few minutes later, she enters Cameron's nursery.

"Hello, hello.  I come bearing gifts."  (Nikki)

"Hey girl.  Oh my goodness.  Where on earth did you get that giraffe?"  (Kendra)
"You like?  I remembered you saying there were going to be giraffes in the nursery.  I saw this in the store, and I just couldn't pass it up."  (Nikki)

"Ohhhh, he's so small, and so handsome."  (Nikki)
"He gets his looks from my side of the family."  (Kendra, laughing)
"Can I hold him?"  (Nikki)
"Sure.  He's finished eating."  (Kendra)

"I'm going to leave Mr. Giraffe right here."  (Nikki)
"That's fine."  (Kendra)

"I just can't get over how precious he is."   (Nikki)
"Sit in the chair and I'll hand him to you."  (Kendra)

"There you go, little man.  Say hello auntie Nikki.  Are you going to show her that beautiful smile of yours?"  (Kendra)

"I am in love.  Hello there cutie pie."  (Nikki)

Kendra turns her attention to the giraffe.

"This is just the cutest."  (Kendra)

"Did Nate see this?"  (Kendra)
"Yes.  He just rolled his eyes."  (Nikki)
"Yes, he thinks I'm addicted to giraffes."  (Kendra)

All of a sudden Cameron starts to whine and get fidgety. 
"Oh no.  What's wrong?"  (Nikki)
"He probably just needs to be burped.  I forgot to do that."  (Kendra)

"Here, just put this on your shoulder and burp him a little bit."  (Kendra)

"There you go.  He will probably fall asleep in a few minutes.  Just gently tap his back."  (Kendra)

"I just can't get over how adorable he is."  (Nikki)

"You know your brother would never believe that I was sitting her holding a baby."  (Nikki)
"Maybe I should take a picture and text it to him."  (Kendra)
"We don't want him having a heart attack."  (Nikki)

Kendra takes Cameron from Nikki shortly after he falls asleep.

"Sleep tight, little man."  (Kendra)

"He seems like such a good baby."  (Nikki)

"For the most part, he is.  He will be even better once he starts sleep a little longer."  (Kendra)

Nikki gathers her handbag and takes one more peek at Cameron.  Kendra places the new giraffe in the chair,  and checks to make sure the baby monitor is turned up.

"Do you have time for a cup of coffee?"  (Kendra)
"Yes.  My schedule is pretty flexible today."  (Nikki)
"Great.  I can use a bit of adult company."  (Kendra)


I took a quick shot of Nikki's shoes.  Love them!

Seems like Kendra is settling into motherhood quite well.  In case you are wondering why she wasn't breastfeeding, she wasn't able to produce any milk.  Her difficult pregnancy may have contributed to this.  I'm not really sure.  She wasn't happy about this, but she realized it wasn't the end of the world.

Nikki surprised me.  I wasn't expecting her to take to Cameron as well as she did.  She was oozing baby love while she was there.  That's so unlike her.
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