Saturday, June 25, 2016

Nicole's New Dress

I stopped by Target a couple days ago looking for one of the new tall fashionistas.  No luck, but I did find a couple of Moxie Girlz on sale for $2.48.  I liked their dresses and knew that my dolls would like them, too.   

I initially thought these dresses would work for the new petite fashionistas.  In theory they can, but they're quite short on them.  The petite dolls are taller than these ladies.

I knew these dresses would work for my Only Heart dolls.  
Melanie bought this one for Nicole.  She's been buying her a lot of stuff lately.  I guess she's feeling a little guilty.  This is Nicole's "sorry you can't spend time with your dad right now" dress.  Poor thing.  Doesn't she look a little sad.  

Yes, Melanie is dragging Rod back into court.  However, they won't be going before a judge.  They've been assigned to an arbitrator.  We will get to see that in a story soon.

My Play Plans:  I know some of you miss seeing my other characters.  Right now my focus has been sewing for Dasia because I need to get my real deck fixed and it's costing twice what I thought it would.  The deck will be rebuilt in early July.  I will spend part of July making and selling shoes for Dasia, but  I will start incorporating some of our favorite characters back into some mini scenes.  I think Danielle's baby is due in August, which means I she will have to get that nursery done before that.  Somewhere in the midst of all that, I will squeeze in designing and sewing a wardrobe for Lammily.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Shoes and No Stand

I made my second pair of practice shoes for Dasia last night.  I know the more I practice, the better I will get, and the sooner I will be able to offer some for sale.  I made a simple pair of sandals with leather straps and wooden heels.  

After posting a few pictures on FB, someone asked if she could stand unassisted.   Hmmm.  Hadn't even considered she would be able to do so.  I went to check.

By golly, she can stand unassisted!  She is very stable and will stand there until removed.

This morning, I wanted to see if she could stand in her own house.  Yep.
"I don't need no silly stand."

She was so excited at all the things she could do on her own.  She first gave her husband a little back rub.  He was very appreciative.

A great song started playing on the radio, and Dasia got another idea.
"May I have this dance?"  (Dasia)
Harold, feeling obligated to say yes after his massage, steps closer and takes his wife's hand.

They dance in silence.  It's been a great day so far.  A nice breakfast with her hubby and now dancing in the middle of the afternoon.  She loves these moments that she and Harold get to share.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chillin' on Saturday Morning (Photostory)

It's Saturday morning and Dasia is cooking a nice hot breakfast for her and her hubby.  This is the one day they get to just chill and enjoy breakfast together.  Dasia is still in her comfy robe (that I made her yesterday). 

"Would you like pancakes or waffles?"  (Dasia)
"I'll have pancakes, please."  (Harold)
"Bacon or sausage?"  (Daisa)
"Let's switch it up.  I'll have the sausage today."  (Harold)

Dasia puts her coffee down and turns her attention to the stove.

"You know I took Corey to the barbershop yesterday."  (Dasia)
"Why did you have to do that?  He has a mom and a dad."  (Harold)
"I know, but I seem to be the only one who cares about him having a nice haircut."  (Dasia)
"Ohhh, so you just decided to take him to the barbershop?  No one asked you to do it??  (Haold)

"Exactly, but sometimes we grandmothers get carte blanche to do little things like that."  (Dasia)
"So you say."  (Harold)
"Besides, it's just hair.  It will grow back if they don't like it."  (Dasia)
Dasia again turns back to the stove and starts plating breakfast. 

She serves Harold his pancakes, sausage, and eggs.  She's eating light this morning and just having a Belgian waffle.

"Honey, will you say grace?"  (Dasia)

"Grace."  (Harold)
"You aren't funny."  (Dasia)
"Sorry, I just couldn't resist."  (Harold)
Harold blesses the meal and they enjoy their morning together.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Barbershop Day (Photostory)

This is really just another post about Dasia.  However, I've decided I will add some of my other characters into blog posts (with her) just so they can get a little camera time.  Remember Lynn and Jason?  Jason owns the barbershop and Lynn works at Ni'Chalet's with Racquel.  They have a daughter together and Jason shares a daughter with Shantavia (Trichelle doll)

Lynn has dropped by the shop on the way to the gym, to remind her husband about their plans later.  Sometimes calling him on the phone proves fruitless, because he's so easily distracted.

"Now you have to pick up the baby at 6 from your mom's house, swing by and pick up the babysitter, take them back to the house, then pick me up at the store.  That is the only way we will make the play by 7.  And don't forget to put on something presentable. "  (Lynn)
"I'm always presentable."  (Jason)
"You know what I mean.  Well, we have to go.  I have a full day planned even before I get to work."  (Lynn)

"Alright munchkin.  Daddy will see you at 6."  (Jason)

"Come on bumblebee.  Say bye to Daddy."  (Lynn)
Lynn bends down and gives Jason a peck on the lips.

"Later, hon.  Love you."  (Lynn)
"Love you, too."  (Jason)

Jason watches a recorded football game as he waits for his first customer of the day.

In walks Dasia with her grandson in tow.
"Hello, Jason.  Looks like we are in luck.  No line today."  (Dasia)
"Hello Dasia.  Yeah, it doesn't get busy on the weekday until about noon."  (Jason)
"Well one haircut for my grandson, please."  (Dasia)
Jason gets up and puts the kid chair in the barber chair.

"Alright Corey, climb on up."  (Jason)
"I think he enjoys the climbing more than he enjoys the haircut."  (Dasia)

Once in the chair, Jason throws the cape around Corey and surveys his tools.
"Don't forget.  If you are a good boy, we will go to McDonald's for lunch."  (Daisa)
"Yay"  (Corey)

So what is Dasia wearing today?  I call it her sunshine outfit.  Another one that is perfect for vacation.  It's a hip length yellow tunic with small checks.  It's paired with yellow jeans and a gold belt.  The shirt and the pants will be available in my Etsy store on Sunday.  Swimsuits will also be listed on Sunday.

Here is newest swimsuit.  There may be a sexy version of this one.  

Speaking of sexy is the sexier version of the black one.  It has cutouts on the sides.  

And finally, I've decided to try my hand at making shoes for Dasia.  This is my first try.  This pair is not all that glamorous, but I'm excited about what I may be able to create in the future.  If I'm successful at producing something I deem sellable, then I will be adding shoes to the store. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dasia Goes Wading

 Finally someone is using the new pool in the Uptown KidKraft house, and it's Dasia!  I'm in the process of designing a line of swimwear for her.  So far I've tinkered with three different designs.  I have at least ten more in my head, but I will do one more, then start on a few cover ups.
Her halter top animal print suit.  I'm thinking of making the straps much thinner.  She remembered to turn off the fireplace in this picture.  She forgot to do that in subsequent pictures.

A back view.

Her one shoulder purple suit.  

Her black basic deep vee suit.  I have a couple more black suits planned that are a little riskier.  I also have a cute cover up already in the works.  

P.S. Tonight/this morning I put a small dent in my blog reading catch up.  I have a serious case of insomnia.....again, and instead of crocheting, I decided to see what my fellow bloggers are doing.  I will continue to play catchup over the next week.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Amazing Organization Video and a Dress

Busy night, last night.  I started crocheting my first Barbie dress last night, while watching tv clips on YouTube.  Somewhere around 2am, I misplaced my crochet hook.  One minute it was in my hand and the next it was not.  I felt my higher power was telling me to go to bed.  I did find the hook about 30 mins later when I turned on the little fan I keep on the floor next to my bed.  *Clang, clang, clang*.  The hook had fallen into the fan.  I went to bed, anyway, and woke around 5am and started working on my dress again.  YouTube was still playing on my tv.  One of the videos I watched was a "5 in 1 Craft Room Tour" by Lisa Pullano.  It was my first time seeing one of her videos and I was thoroughly impressed.  I wanted to share it with you because she does an excellent job explaining where she bought everything in her room.  There were quite a few pieces I feel would work great for our doll/accessories storage.  She tried to keep it cost effective  by using pieces from Ikea, Target and Amazon.   This was the only video of hers I watched, but I have a feeling she has many others.  It's 19 mins long and well worth watching.   Her makeup supply is incredible!  I can't imagine anyone needing that much makeup, but it sure looks impressive.  Let me know what you think.

Here is the dress I finished this morning.  I'm getting much faster at doing this.

Here is a picture of the dress pattern I followed.....sort of.  It is not exactly like the dress in the book.  I'm learning how to fake it, and my confidence is building.  It is however, the closest I've come to reproducing a pattern in the book.  My ladies are very happy.  They are finally getting some of my creations.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Home At Last (Photostory)

When we last saw Danielle she was at the baby store, talking on the phone to husband, Rod.  He had just received a call from Melanie, who was livid about her encounter with Danielle, while grocery shopping.  Danielle was trying to play it cool, but she was not in any hurry to get back home to face her husband. 

Well....she finally made her way back home.

Rod hears the garage door go up, and he knows that his wife is finally home.

Danielle gets out of the car and just stands in the garage for a minute.  She's not at all sure what she is going to meet on the other side of that door.

"Julian, keep an eye on Jacob.  I'm going to help your mother with the bags."  (Rod)
"Okey dokey."  (Julian)

By the time Rod gets downstairs Danielle has made her way inside.
"Hey."  (Danielle)
"Hey.  Are you okay?  I was beginning to think you weren't ever coming back."  (Rod)
"I just needed some time to myself."  (Danielle)

"So what the hell happened between you and Melanie?"  (Rod)
"Well what did she say happened?"  (Danielle)
"She didn't really give me any details.  She was just ranting and raving, and threatening to take me to court, again."  (Rod)

"Take you to court?  For what?"  (Danielle)
"She's claiming that you nearly attacked her, and now she's not comfortable with you being around Nicole, because of your volatile behavior."  (Rod) 

"My volatile behavior?!  What on earth has she been smoking."  (Danielle)
"What happened?"  (Rod, with a little angst in his voice)
"We exchanged a few words.  I told her how I didn't appreciate her trying to cause discord within my family."  (Danielle)
Danielle continues to talk about what happened at the grocery store.  She decides to tell all just in case she does have to defend herself in court.

Rod is speechless.  He's not even sure what to say.
"I'm at a loss for words.  I'm not even sure why you felt the need to confront her in the first place.  You know how she is."  (Rod)
"I wasn't intending to argue with her.  It just happened."  (Danielle)

"You are seven months pregnant, these things can't just happen.  Any number of things could have gone wrong."  (Rod)
Danielle can feel the disappointment in his voice and that causes her to get emotional.  What she wanted to say to him was how this was partially his fault.  Her temporary lapse in judgement was the direct result of him not being forthright and telling her exactly what Melanie was up to, a few weeks prior,   She knows this statement will only make it worse.  Her pregnancy hormones are getting the better of her, and she can feel the tears coming.

Rod can sense it too, and he pulls her a little closer.
"Please don't cry.  It's going to be okay.  I'm hoping Melanie will come to her senses in a few days and just drop this nonsense."  (Rod)

"And if she doesn't?"  (Danielle)
"Then we will just deal with it.  We won't be the first couple dragged into court for no reason.  And you are a pillar in the community.  I don't think anyone would believe you are volatile and a threat to anyone.  Chin up."  (Rod)

"Baby, I am so sorry.  I didn't mean to make things worse."  (Danielle)

"Just please stay away from her for now."  (Rod)
"Okay, but can you please keep me in the loop on what's going on with her?"  (Danielle)
"Yes.  I can do that."  (Rod)
"Now can you grab the bags out the car, while I go check on my babies?"
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