Thursday, March 31, 2016

Danielle Goes Shopping Part 2 (Photostory)

Last we saw Danielle, she was doing a little grocery shopping.  She had run into one of her best friends, Adele.  When we left, Melanie had just arrived to the store to do her own shopping.

"It's so good to see you.  We will have to get together soon."  (Adele)

"Yes.  I'm going to invite you guys over soon to see the new house."  (Danielle)
"That would be great.  I was so surprised to see how many people had moved into new houses since we've been gone."  (Adele)
"New houses are popping up all the time."  (Danielle)

"Last on our list is baby food, then we can go home and chill."  (Lena)

"Mommy will have to remember the shopping cart cover next time.  You look so uncomfortable."  (Lena)

As Danielle leaves Adele to begin her shopping, she catches a glimpse of Melanie in the corner.
"That looks like Melanie.....  It is her.  Just the person I've been wanting to see."  (Danielle, to herself)
She heads that direction.

"That will be $9.53."  (Chad, the cashier)

When Danielle gets to Melanie, she places the cart in her path.  Melanie turns and is shocked to see Danielle.

She immediately looks down at Danielle's baby bump.
"I guess the rumors are true."  (Melanie)

"No rumors here, just pure baby."  (Danielle)

"And that is why I wanted to talk to you.  I heard that you weren't happy about my pregnancy..."  (Danielle)
Before Danielle could finish her statement, ("and you were concerned about how a new baby would affect Nicole."), Melanie interrupts her.

"I could care less about your pregnancy.  You can have ten kids for all I care.  I'm not that vested in your life."  (Melanie)

Danielle takes a step closer to Melanie.
"What I was trying to say, before you so rudely interrupted me, was maybe we should all sit down and discuss the issues and make sure Nicole's needs are being met.  Just like you, I want what is best for her."  (Danielle)

"There you go again, thinking you know what is best for my daughter.  Didn't we already have this conversation about MY daughter?"  (Melanie)

At the checkout line Adele is paying for her groceries.
"I really need a smaller handbag.  I can never find my wallet in here."  (Adele)
"Maybe you should get a bigger wallet."  (Chad)
"I like the way you think."  (Adele)

"What is your problem?!  I just want to ...."  (Danielle)
Again Danielle doesn't get to finish her sentence before Melanie interrupts. 

"You  You are my problem.  Perfect Danielle.  Perfect wife,  Perfect mother,  Perfect stepmother.  Blah, blah, blah.  Don't you get tired of people thinking you are so perfect?"  (Melanie)

As Adele starts to leave the store, she notices the heated conversation between Danielle and Melanie.  She can't hear what they are saying, but the body language is speaking volumes.  She decides to check it out.

"I never claimed to be perfect.  I just want to make the best out of this situation.  It's been almost 3 years and we still have this unnecessary tension between us."  (Danielle)
"It can be 30 yrs and I still won't like you."  (Melanie)
"Listen here.  I don't really care if you like me or not.  I'm so over you.  What I do care about is my husband's happiness, which is the ONLY reason I'm gracing you with my presence.  But if you want to go through the rest of your life being the bitter ex-wife, be my guest!"  (Danielle)

"Danielle, are you okay?"  (Adele)
Melanie takes this opportunity to leave.

"I'm fine.  Just had to take care of some family business."  (Danielle) 
Melanie forcibly moves Danielle's cart out the way as she tries to pass.

"You are so childish."  (Danielle)

"Just consider yourself lucky that you are pregnant, or I might  be pushing more than just your cart,"  (Melanie)
"I won't be pregnant forever, unless of course, Rod and I decide to have those ten kids you spoke of earlier."  (Danielle)
"That would just make his day.  That's all he's ever wanted was a barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen  wife.  You guys are perfect for each other."  (Melanie)
"That's me.  Perfect Danielle!"  (Danielle)
Melanie turns and walks away.
"Danielle, let's go."  (Adele)

"She just brings out the worst in me."  (Danielle)
"Come on, let's get you out of here."  (Adele)
"But I didn't get my shopping done."  (Danielle)
"Tell me what you need, and I'll go get it while you go wait in your car."  (Adele) 

After reading some of the comments, I felt it was necessary to go back and add some explanations.

1.  Danielle was always planning to go see Melanie.  Even though Danielle accepted the nice foot massage Rod had to offer, the whole time she was thinking about going to confront Melanie at her office.

2.  Even though Rod didn't explain what transpired between he and Melanie, Danielle called and got the full scoop from Antoinette.  Rod is not aware of this conversation.

3.  Why did Danielle want to confront Melanie?  Because she is so fed up with the whole thing!  I can tell you from personal experience that this constant back and forth is draining on all parties involved.  Danielle has been trying to take the high road, but every once and awhile you have you have to speak a language the other person can understand.  Melanie does not speak "high road".

4.  In this day and age, when parents and step parents are doing crazy wicked things to their children, she should be happy that her child has a decent stepparent, who loves her in a good way.

5.  Bullies only mess with what they consider "weak" people.  With Danielle standing up to Melanie, and being the confrontee, this may be the catalyst for change in their relationship.'

6.  Melanie is actively dating.  That has done nothing to avert her bitterness towards Rod and Danielle.  The real "Melanie" actually got married, and still tried to reign terror in my direction.

7.  Why is Melanie so bitter?  Even after divorcing Rod, she expected that he would be single and at her disposal, should she need him in the future.  She has also discovered, that he really was a good husband.  She has yet to find anyone as caring and loving.  His docile demeanor, she despised when she was married to him, is now something she misses.  Bottom line......she would take him back in a heartbeat, given the chance.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lammily Clothes on the Horizon

 I've been promising to design a line of clothes for the Lammily doll.  Well, I finally got started drafting the basic patterns.  Once I get the basics down, I will be able to be a lot more creative.  So far I'm working on pants and tops.  She is 19 years old, so I want to create a wardrobe that a college student would wear.  I do plan to make her some dresses and skirts along the way.  Nothing in the post is finished, but I just wanted you guys to know I'm working on it.  If you have requests of some things you would like to see for her in the future, leave me a comment.

Khaki pants


Jogging pants

Jogging pants, side view

I had to make Dasia a new piece so she wouldn't be upset about me working on Lammily clothes.  She got a new pair of eggplant pants.

The top is just an experiment.  It is a bodysuit I made for Lammily.  I wanted to see if it would fit Dasia.   

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Starting to Get Busy (Photostory)

Danielle heads to the local grocery store, Jordan's.  Twice a year, the local fire department does an inspection.  Have you ever noticed how cute firemen tend to be?  It's no different here in Morristown.  The fireman on duty today is Manwell.

Manwell is finishing up with Roy, the store manager.

"Everything is in tip-top shape.  I left a copy of the report on your desk."  (Manwell)
"Thanks, man.  We appreciate all your hard work."  (Roy)
"I'll see you in six months."  (Manwell)

Adele is there shopping.  She and the family have been out of town for the past three months dealing with family issues in Chicago.

Lena and Allen Jr are there, and Monica has just arrived.  She is just popping in to get a few veggies.

Danielle finally arrives.  She grabs a basket and tries to remember what is on her list.  It's not like her to forget her list at home, but as her belly grows, her memory seems to get worse.  

"Chad, it's getting busy in here.  I'm going to be on the floor and in the back.  If you get more than three people in the line, call me over the intercom, and I will come help."  (Roy)

"That looks like Adele.  I thought she was still out of town."  (Danielle)

"Adele!"  (Danielle)

"Danielle.  Look at you!  Last time I saw you, you were barely showing.  Now you are glowing all over."  (Adele)
"Is that your polite way of saying, 'dang girl, you sure are big.'"  (Danielle)
They both start laughing.
"Of course not.  You look wonderful."  (Adele)

Sydney peers through at Danielle as the ladies continue to talk.
"So when did you guys get back?"  (Danielle)
"Just this morning, and there is nothing to eat in the house, so I had to come straight here."  (Adele)

:"Mommy, I want out."  (Sydney)

Monica is picking out her veggies.  She's doing a cleanse for the next three days, and she wants to have all her supplies in hand before she begins.

Lena approaches the other side of the vegetable bin and the two ladies greet each other.

"Oh my.  Look at her.  Just as cute as ever.  Hey Sydney."  (Danielle)
"Have you guys found out what you are having yet?"  (Adele)
"The doctor wrote the sex of the baby on a piece of paper, but we haven't looked at it yet.  I was considering having one of those parties where you find out the sex with friends and family.  I also considered just waiting and being surprised."   (Danielle)
"If you wait much longer, the baby is going to be here."  (Adele)
Again that ladies start laughing.

At the store entrance, another familiar face enters Jordan to do a little shopping.  It's Melanie. Hmmm.  I wonder how this is going to play out?


Friday, March 25, 2016

Made To Move Photoshoot

"Hello.  Vanessa, here.  Today we are at the beautiful home of Roberta for a Made to Move photoshoot.  There was quite a bit of body swapping today, and we thought we would get a picture of all the Made to Move ladies."  (Vanessa)

"Looks like they are starting without me.  Well I will just name the ladies as they get the first picture taken."  (Vanessa)

"Starting on the left to back: Jacquelyn, Nikki, Antoinette   Far right to front:  Kendra with Cameron, Kara, Lynn, and Dominique."  (Vanessa)

While Vanessa takes her place, we will take a moment for Cameron.

Here he is right after birth.

I painted the boy from the newest twin set to make an older Cameron.  My paint job isn't the best, but it is fine for now. 

So there are 8 ladies with the new Made to Move bodies.  I have one body left.  I will hold on to it for now.

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