Monday, December 30, 2013

A Few Good Men

You can never have too many men, so I decided to add a few more.  They are all former NBA basketball players.  So the ladies won't have any problems with height.

First up is Shaquille (Shaq) O'Neal.  These figures are made by a company called Starting Lineup.

They did a really good job capturing a young Shaq.  I met the real Shaq in person a few months ago.  He's pretty down to earth and really funny.

These figures have decent movement, although they aren't completely articulated.  The arms and legs are bendable at the joints, and the wrists are articulated.

Next up is Grant Hill.

They did a decent job on his likeness, but I don't know why they started his hairline so far back.  I may have to fix that.

My third and final basketball player is Allen Iverson.

This doesn't look anything like Allen Iverson.  That's okay.  He's a little cutie pie, despite the open mouth. 

Here is a picture of the first basketball player I bought, Juwan Howard.  This will give you an idea of size comparison.

So an upcoming story will feature these four players doing an exhibition game, with Michael Jordan as their coach.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Twas The Night Before Christmas... (Photostory) the Taylor house.  Danielle and her mom were able to get some gifts wrapped and under the tree. 

 Melanie dutifully dropped Nicole off to spend Christmas with Rod.  Now everyone is in their pjs and getting ready to watch a Christmas movie.
Rod and Roberta are conversating in the living room.

Nicole and the boys are having an interesting conversation.

Danielle is making hot chocolate and popcorn.  (One of my favorite snack combos)

The hot chocolate will be put in the thermos to stay warm throughout the movie.

The popcorn bowl and the mugs are ready.   

"So what do you want Santa Claus to bring you?"  (Nicole)

"Can you tell Santa he needs some new cars?"  (Julian)
"I can't talk to Santa.  I'm just a kid."  (Nicole)

Danielle has transferred the popcorn to the bowl.

"Nicole, can you come get the popcorn and sit it on the ottoman?"  (Danielle)

"Coming."  (Nicole)

"Be careful  Do you have it?"  (Danielle)
"Yes.  It's not heavy."  (Nicole)

" have to move your feet."  (Nicole)
"Why?  Feet go really nicely with popcorn." (Rod)
"No it doesn't!"  (Nicole)

"What?  You've never heard of popcorn with feet?  It's similar to popcorn with butter."  (Rod)
"No, it's not."  (Nicole)

"How you doing in there, honey? The movie is going to start soon."  (Rod)
"Almost done."  (Danielle)

"Oh, you want to sit with granny."  (Roberta)

"Who wants hot chocolate and who wants juice?"  (Danielle)
"Can I have both?"  (Rod)
"No, you have to chose.  I only brought six cups."  (Danielle)

"Mom, I have your popcorn coming."  (Danielle)
"Is it nice and buttery?"  (Roberta)
"Just like you like it."  (Danielle)

Everyone is settled in and the movie is about to start.

It's a classic, Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

"Why are you hogging the popcorn?"  (Rod)
"Oops, sorry."  (Nicole)

A wonderful night with the family.  Rod and Danielle are hoping this movie will tire out the kids, so they sleep through the night.  There's still a lot of gift wrapping left to do.  In case you are wondering, that is real air popped popcorn.  It was my personal afternoon snack.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day Before Christmas (Photostory)

It's the day before Christmas.  Danielle's mom, Roberta, came in town for Christmas.  She's babysitting the boys while Rod and Danielle finish the Christmas shopping.  Her local friend, Ethyl, is there having a sandwich and tea.

Roberta is starting Christmas dinner.  She has served her friend a ham sandwich and fixed the boys grilled cheese sandwiches.

"So are you staying through the New Year?"  (Ethyl)

"Yes.  I'm scheduled to leave on the 3rd."  (Roberta)

"Granny, can you put my sandwich in my lunchbox?"  (Julian)

"Sweetie, I can't do it right now.  I'm working with raw turkey."  (Roberta)

Meanwhile, Rod and Danielle have returned from shopping.

"I can't wait to get off my feet.  Thanks for being such a trooper with the shopping."  (Danielle)
"Next year, I really don't want to be shopping on Christmas Eve.  Those people are crazy."  (Rod)

"Hellooo."  (Danielle)

"Hi guys.  How was the shopping?"  (Roberta)

"Hi Mommy and Daddy."  (Julian)

"Shopping was brutal."  (Rod)
"Oh honey, you are exaggerating.  Mom, what are you doing?  I told you I would take care of that turkey when I returned."  (Danielle)
"Well, I wasn't doing anything, so I decided to try to tackle it."  (Roberta)

"Did you buy me something?"  (Julian)

"No, these are gifts for all our friends.  Christmas is a time of giving."  (Danielle)

"Honey, would you mind taking these upstairs?"  (Danielle)

"Where do you want me to put them?"  (Rod)
"Just sit them in the closet.  I will be up in a minute to put everything away."  (Danielle)

"Thanks.  Do you want me to fix you something else to eat?"  (Danielle)
"Not right now.  I'm still full from the sub we had earlier."  (Rod)

As Rod turns to go upstairs, Julian makes an announcement.

"Daddy, I'm going to go with you and help."  (Julian)

"I think you should stay here with me.  I haven't seen you all day, and I need to hear how your day went."  (Danielle)
"Okay."   (Julian sounding disappointed)

"How are you doing Ms. Ethyl?"  (Danielle)
"As well as can be expected for someone my age."  (Ethyl)

"Mommy?"  (Jacob)
"Hello Jacob.  Mommy's not ignoring you.  Let me take my jacket off."  (Danielle)
Danielle grabs Jacob out his seat and takes a seat herself.

"It feels so good just to sit down.  Between the crazy people at the mall and the crazy drivers, I'm exhausted."  (Danielle)

"I knew you would be tired.  That's why I wanted to get the turkey cleaned and in the oven."  (Robera)
"And I appreciate you wanting to help, but handling a bird that size is not good for your arthritis."  (Danielle)

"Julian, what are you doing?  And why are you carrying that lunchbox around?"  (Danielle)

"Can you give me a ride like you used to do?"  (Julian)
"You are way too big for that now.  Come take a seat and eat this sandwich granny made for you.  Don't forget Santa Claus is coming tonight, so you still need to be on your best behavior."  (Danielle)

Thanks to Heather of The Traveling Twig for her Friday Favorite posts.  That's where I became aware of Blinky's Boutique on Etsy.  That's where I got a great deal on most of the shopping bags seen in this post.  The bags came with great gifts and some treats to eat.  Maybe we will get to see a few of the gifts soon.
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