Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vanessa Gets A Piano Room

Narration by my alter ego:
So guys, this is the update post for the piano.  It's still not 100% complete.  It still needs the foot pedals and a couple more coats of gloss sealer.  When I told my husband that I was going to start teaching piano classes, he suggested we put the piano in a room in the back.  So I'm looking forward to decorating my little music room.  I threw a few pieces in to get a feel for the room.  I'll pan back so you can see the whole room.

I painted my bookshelf with some of my new favorite spray paint from Home Depot and Lowes, shown in this post.  The color is satin strawflower.  This is where I will keep the music books.  We also just adopted one of the cute little puppies Monica had.  Let me introduce you.

We of course named him Bruce.  He and Alicia have been inseparable.

"Mommy, is it time to walk Brucey?" (Alicia)
"Pretty soon.  He's still a puppy, so we have to walk him a lot."  (Vanessa)

I decided to take a few days off and try to potty train Bruce.  He seems like a pretty smart dog, so I don't think it will take long.  Now let's get to the piano.

So the last time you saw the piano,  it had just white keys.  It now has black keys, too, and a piece covering the back of the keys.  The black keys are made out of clay.  My husband tried wood for the black keys, too, but he abandoned that idea.  He said next time he will get the black keys more uniform.  As you can see, no piano bench, yet.  He said it's coming.

"Honey?  Can you bring me a chair, please?" (Vanessa)
"Brucey?  Brucey.?"  (Alicia)

"Here you go."  (Keith)
"Thanks.  Any idea when my piano bench is going to be finished?" (Vanessa)
"I just finished the cradle for the Burkes, and I have an order for a Victorian crib."  (Keith)
"In other words, it's going to be awhile.  Shouldn't my piano bench come first?  Never mind."  (Vanessa)
"Come back, Brucey."  (Alicia)

"Have a seat.  I want to play you a song."  (Vanessa)

Vanessa starts playing one of Keith's favorite songs, If Only For One Night, by Luther Vandross.

"Hold me, Daddy."  (Alicia)

Keith and Alicia listen intently as Vanessa finishes playing

"That was nice.  I miss hearing you play."  (Keith)
"Thanks.  I'll have to play more for you, soon.  Right now, I need to do a few things on the computer."  (Vanessa)
"Is that you asking me to watch Alicia?"  (Keith)
"Do you mind?  I only need about an hour."  (Vanessa)
"I'll take her and Bruce to the park."  (Keith)

"Awww, you sweet man.  Come to me."  (Vanessa)
Vanessa pulls Keith closer and gives him a big kiss.

"Where's the dog leash?"  (Keith)
"It should be hanging up near the back door."  (Vanessa)
"We will see you in an hour."  (Keith)

"Come on Bruce."  (Keith)

Alone at last.  First things, first.  I need to look up those pole classes.

As Vanessa stated, the black keys are not as uniform as I would like. I will more than likely redo the entire keyboard when I get time.  This keyboard is not permanently attached to the piano.  If you were expecting Debbie, sorry.  The piano room trumped the sewing studio.

Monday, April 29, 2013

And You Thought Julian Was Cute!

All I can say is OMG!  It's only 8am and I am overflowing with emotions.  You guys know how I feel about kids.  Well this morning I learned about Waldorf schools, where they focus on teaching kids to be creative, as well as intellectual.  Amazing concept!  I posted about that on my "Wow, Who Knew?"  blog.

As you know, my next doll blog post is supposed to be about Debbie and her sewing studio.  I opened up another email this morning from CraftyGemini.com, and she posted a video of her teaching her 3yr old son how to sew.  He's on his third lesson in this video.  He has his very own sewing machine that he requested this past Christmas.  His cuteness factor is beyond.  He also gives you a mini Spanish lesson.  All I could think of was Julian as I was watching him.  In the first 2:30 sec, his mom gives an intro, but then it is all his show.  A must see.  Hard to believe he is only three.

This really ties into the whole Waldorf teaching concept.  You know how I love when things just fall into place.  Enjoy!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Typical Kids (Photostory)

Things are winding down at Danielle's.  The kids have eaten their sandwiches and are now playing with each other.  Danielle is settling her bill with Nikaya.

Antoinette is saying goodbye to Joseph.  Ciana and Alicia are playing on Jacob's tricycle.

"Faster.  Faster."  (Alicia)

"Nikaya, you did a good job entertaining the kids.  How does $5 sound for all your hard work?"  (Danielle)
"That sounds great."  (Danielle)

Zahara and Julian are playing school.
"So I need you to write your name, right here.  Stay in the lines."  (Zahara)

All of a sudden, there's a thud!

Uh oh!  Alicia and Ciana have fallen over.  Leslie quickly rushes over to pick them up.

"Girls, are you okay?"  (Leslie)
Alicia appears to be fine, but Ciana is a little shaken up.  Surprisingly no one is crying.

Of course that changes as soon as Leslie takes Ciana in her arms.  Then her tears start flowing freely.
"Oh honey, it's okay."  (Leslie)

"Cinanna?"  (Alicia)
"She's okay, Alicia.  Are you okay?"  (Leslie)

"Did she hurt herself?"  (Danielle)
"I think her little feelings are hurt more than anything."  (Leslie)


"Now who can that be?"  (Danielle)

"Nikaya, get off his bike.  You are too big."  (Antoinette)

"Let me see that pretty smile of yours.  There it is."  (Leslie)

"Sunni, you made it."  (Danielle)
"Yes.  My clients never showed up.  They called an hour later to say they needed to reschedule."  (Sunni)
"The nerve."  (Danielle)
"Hey Sunni!"  (Ladies in the background)
"Come on in.  The ladies were just getting ready to leave, but I'm sure they will hang around a little longer."  (Danielle)

"Mommy.  Mommy."  (Alicia)

"I hurt Cinanna and she's crynin."  (Alicia)

"You did what?  Come here."  (Vanessa)

Sunni takes a seat in the living room and the ladies catch up on what's happening with her.  She proceeds to tell them about the big boom in real estate and how people are flocking to Morristown.

The kids are chit chatting with Ming.

"Well ladies, I'm afraid I have to call it a night."  (Antoinette)
"Yes, me too.  This has been fun.  I'm serious about us taking those classes."  (Vanessa)
"What classes?"  (Sunni)
"I'll fill you in later, Sunni.  But I will get all the information and let you guys know when it is."  (Vanessa)

"Alright Ciana.  It's time to go."  (Leslie)
"But I don't want to go."  (Ciana)
"We'll have to plan a little outing for all the kids soon."  (Danielle)
"I agree."  (Leslie)

"Okay little ladies.  We're leaving."  (Antoinette)

"Coming!  Bye Julian."  (Nikaya)

"Mommy, where's Daddy?"  (Chad)
"He's at home, which is where we are going in a few minutes."  (Lisa)

"There you go my little angel.  We have to get you covered up."  (Lisa)

"Thanks for coming over guys.  We need to do this more often."  (Danielle)
"I'll be calling all of you."  (Vanessa)
All the ladies say their goodbyes to one another.

"Are you ready?  Mommy's ready."  (Lisa)

"Bye, bye."  (Jacob)

It was a wonderful time getting with the ladies.  This is not the story I had planned, but Alicia and Ciana fell over on their bike accidentally, and I had to run with that story.  It was just so typical of what happens when kids get together.  If you missed the first part of this story, you can see it here.

Debbie's sewing studio is being worked on.  It's just in the planning stages.  She wanted to show how easy it is to turn Chandra's one piece outfit into a two piece outfit.

I am also making her a new sewing machine out of wood.  It's coming along.  I just need to add a few things to it.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mom Has Arrived!

Chris and his sisters, Marisa (r) and Payton (l) wanted to let you know their mom is in town.  She's been here a couple of months, but they were too busy to introduce her.

Well here she is, still boxed.  I thought the Octopussy doll could serve as their mother.  I used my BC coupon to get her for about $5 + shipping.  She is still available at the site, and they have just announced a nice sale.  Check it out at www.barbiecollector.com.

The entire family is waiting patiently to get together with her.  She's told them it will happen soon.  She has to pull herself together enough to entertain.

I might as well introduce my Grace Kelly doll.  She too has been here for a few months now.  I found her nude on the Dollpages for about $11.  I'm not sure what role she will play.  Probably someone's mother.

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