Monday, August 31, 2015

Picnic Time (Photostory)

Rod, Danielle and the kids are already at the park prepping for the picnic.  Leslie and her kids are also there.  Rod is headed to the store to grab a few things.

"Is that it?"  (Rod)
"Umm, let me think."  (Danielle) 

"Oh, I almost forgot.  We need ice for the cooler."  (Danielle)

Here's a quick look at the picnic table.

"Jacob, moooove!"  (Ciana) 

"Ciana, please stop yelling."  (Leslie)
"But Jacob won't move and I want to go riding with Julian."  (Ciana)
"Still not a reason to yell."  (Leslie)

Julian decides to take matters into his own hands.
"Jacob, you have to move."  (Julian)
"Noooo!  Move!"  (Jacob)

"Julian, what are you doing?"  (Danielle) 

"Jacob is in the way, and Ciana and I want to ride our bikes."  (Julian)
"Hold on.  I'll come get him."  (Danielle)

"Alright babe, that's all we need.  Hurry back.  Mom will be here soon."  (Danielle)

One quick kiss and Rod was off to the store, and Danielle was off to deal with the kids.

"Jacob, Jacob, Jacob.  You have your car over here, why don't you get in it?"  (Danielle)

"Mommy, I think Jacob needs a nap."  (Julian)
"Oh you do, do you?  I think you may be right."  (Danielle)

Sylvia and her daughter, Chloe, have just arrived at the park. 

"Poor thing.  He wants to ride on the big bikes." (Leslie)

"Hello ladies.  How's it going?"  (Sylvia)
"Hey Sylvia.  It's been awhile.  How've you been?"  (Danielle) 

"Okay, let's go ride around the playground."  (Julian)

With all the commotion going on, no one has noticed that Roberta and JT have arrived.
"Just leave it right there for now.  I'm going to unpack it in a few minutes."  (Roberta) 

"Helloooo."  (Roberta)

Danielle turns around and sees her mom standing there with a man she assumes is JT.

"'re here."  (Danielle)


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Project Runway Canada: Bratz Edition

This is a quick post for the Project Runway fans.  I discovered Project Runway Canada on YouTube.  They have full episodes.  I started watching their first season, and the third challenge was all about the Bratz doll.  The designers had to consult with little girls about a Bratz inspired outfit.  The outfit was to be made for the models, and surprise, surprise, they also had to make the same outfit to fit the doll.  From what I've seen so far, the Canada version of Project Runway is more difficult than the American version.

I'm still hoping to post a doll story later today (or tomorrow).

Friday, August 28, 2015

Jacket and Custom Pieces

 I know you guys are waiting for the JT smackdown.  Just kidding.  There will be no smacking down when JT meets Roberta's family.  That story is coming, I promise.  I got slammed with 3 big orders, one of which had some custom requests.  I have one order left to do, and then I can get back to story telling.

After completing the second order, I took a mini-break to create a jacket and skirt from this faux leather material.  I realized after almost finishing the jacket, that the material was not of great quality.  So that means I can't offer anything I created with it, for sale.

Dasia loves her new jacket and skirt.  I will get pictures of the skirt later.  I will probably make her some pants, too.  I will have to look for some better material so I can make some saleable leather jackets.

Part of the custom order included a red Ohio State shirt.  I wanted to try the transfer process April described on her blog Fashion Doll Stylist, but I have an inkjet printer, not a laser printer.  So I used the old fashioned transfer paper technique.  Now that I have transfer paper, and transfer medium, I will be offering more customized tshirts and bags.

Another custom request, a lilac button down.  Finding the right color buttons for this shirt was impossible.  I finally made the decision to paint (and seal) them.  Custom orders always help me grow.

Today is an all day sewing day.  Tomorrow I will be attending an alzeimer's fundraiser and a Brave's game.  That leaves Sunday for doll play, blog reading, and grass cutting.  See you soon!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Window Shopping Day

Yesterday, while shopping for dog food, I checked out the new doll stuff.  I was immediately drawn to the new Bratz offerings.  I have never owned a Bratz doll, but I love the clothes for some of my smaller Barbies.  After seeing the new stuff, I was soooo tempted to buy something.  I took pictures, instead.  

This two outfit pack was calling my name.  You can't really see the details, on the denim skirt, but it is layered, and just adorable.  These packs at Walmart are $12.88.    Would you believe at my line dance class last night, there was a woman rockin' a similar green frog shirt.  Couldn't believe it.  That may have been a sign that I need to buy this pack.

The first sets I saw were the Study Abroad sets.  This is the Brazil set.  There are at least five different sets.  They each come with a rolling piece of luggage, two outfits (this set looks like it has three), and lots of great accessories.  Walmart retail is $24.88.  

This is the very cute Russian set.

This Britain set almost had me reaching in my purse for $25.  You know how much I love anything British.  Just look at the cute British top on the right hand side.  When this goes on sale, it is mine, mine, mine.

This is the China set.  Again these clothes would work perfectly for some of my smaller Asian kids.

The Sleepover Party sets are exclusive to Walmart (I think).  Same thing...a couple of great pajama outfits and lots of accessories.

The pizza t-shirt is too cute.

The single Bratz doll sets are nice, too.  They are entitled "selfies".   They retail for $14.88.   MGA is bringing it!  I was like a little kid walking through this aisle.  So much excitement.   When I visited my 7 yr old neighbor last week, she proudly brought out her three new Bratz dolls and announced she was getting more soon.  I was happy to see the Bratz doll is still appealing to the young girls.  

I always look at the 18" My Life dolls.  In the past one has been in and out of my basket, but none have made it home with me, yet.  If my granddaughter lived closer, I would have bought her at least one by now.  

The hairstylist with her apron and her scissors.

This one is new, and she looks very much like my granddaughter.  She's a dance instructor.

And this one is just so cute.  Love her hair and her glasses.

I survived window shopping!!!  I did make a decision to buy one or more of the Project Mc2 dolls.  I didn't realize they were made by MGA, the same company that makes Bratz dolls.  I want to support this company because when there is good competition out there, companies produce better product.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Today is the Day (Photostory)

Well the time has come for JT to meet the family.  Roberta and Danielle thought a family picnic would be the perfect venue.

Roberta is putting the finishing touches on her look for the day.

JT is watching TV while he waits for her to finish.

Roberta joins JT.
"Sorry to keep you waiting so long."  (Roberta)
"Looks like the wait was worth it.  You look nice."  (JT)

"Thanks.  All I have left to do is pack the desserts and we can go.  Are you all set? "  (Roberta)
"I was thinking I would just stay here and wait for you."  (JT smiling)
"You're kidding, right?  They are just my kids.  They don't bite.  Besides that, they know better than to act crazy in my presence."  (Roberta)
"I'm kidding.  I wouldn't miss this for the world."  (JT)

"Here, let me help you up."  (Roberta)
Instead of getting up, JT pulls Roberta down.

"JT!"  (Roberta)
"Whaaattt.  How about you give me a little more reassurance before we leave." (JT)

Roberta gets his drift and gives him the kiss he is seeking.

"Okay deary, it really is time to go.  You know how much a stickler I am for being on time."  (Roberta)
"It's a picnic.  There's no set arrival time."  (JT)
"There's always a set arrival time.  Let's go.  (Roberta)

"Mmmm, those look and smell really good.  Need a taste tester?"  (JT)
"Definitely not.  I know exactly how they taste.  You will have to wait, just like everyone else."  (Roberta)

JT excuses himself, while Roberta tries to figure out how to fit everything in the picnic basket.

"I'm really looking forward to meeting your grandkids.  I hate that my grandkids live so far away."  (JT)

"I completely understand.  Being closer to my family has meant the world to me.  I do miss my friends in Florida, but there's nothing like living close to family."  (Roberta)
"Maybe you and I can fly out to California soon, so you can meet my family?"  (JT)
"Sounds like a plan.  First things first.  Let's get to this picnic."  (Roberta)


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

She's Seeing Red

Dasia got a new pair of red jeans last night.  She wanted a new top, but I just didn't have time.  So she took to her FULL closet this morning to see what she already has that can go with them.   These red pants are in the Etsy store.  The lime green ones will be listed as soon as I take a few more pictures.

Yesterday I also finished the custom two piece black knit outfit.  Dasia had a great time trying it on.  She has requested something similar, but with a full turtleneck.

This is a bad picture, but I couldn't retake it since the outfit is packed and ready to ship.  Dasia just wanted to show it accessorized a little.

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