Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Family, New Bodies, and Sales

This is a random post.  I promise Kendra will be having that baby soon.  In the meantime, I did a little rebodying and gathered a few more dolls for sale.
These ladies got new bodies so they can become characters in Morristown.  
Lt to Rt:  Fashion Fever Asian Lea on a LIV body.  I think she will be a high school student, and possibly a friend of Tori's.  The lady in the middle is, Best Model On Location South Beach.  I'm not sure what her role will be.  On the right is Octopussy.  She is a mother to Kara's husband, Chris.  We will probably see her soon. 

Here is Grace Kelly with her two grown daughters.  They will be rebodied soon.

Below are the current dolls for sale.  Believe it or not, they are all the same price.  $19 each

2009 Harley Davidson on her original body. Her belly button is pierced.  $19

18" Magic Attic Alison in her original outfit.  She is missing her shoes and socks. $19

Jeff Gordan Nascar Barbie. She has a pretty face and I love her jacket.  $19

Breast Cancer Barbie.  The dress is gorgeous.  I used mine as a bridemaid's dress for Danielle's wedding.  Camille Langford was the AA Breast Cancer doll.  $19

Barbie Basic 2.0 Steffi.  Never played with.  Only taken out of the box to undress.  $19

To see the current status of each sale doll, check out my DollPage site.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nicole's Ikea Inspired Bedroom

Yesterday, I took a trip to Ikea.  I was anxious to see the new 1:8th (ish) scale furniture sets.   When I got there the set was the first thing on display as I entered the showroom.  It features a sofa, a shelf unit, a chair, a side table, a rug, a heart pillow, and a few cardboard cutouts.  I had to wait until I got to the kids area to see if they were still in stock.  When I finally reached the kid's section, an hour or so later, I could see from a distance, there weren't many sets left.  I had a mini panic attack feeling like someone would rush over and take them all before I got there.  Once I got there, I breathed a sigh of relief, and put two in my bag.  They are $12.99 and so worth it.  I knew before buying them, they weren't 1:6 scale, so I had planned to use it for one of my kids. 

This is a mock bedroom just to show parts of the set.  The bed is from the Gloria playset.  I didn't get a chance to paint it yet, but it works perfectly in the room, as is.  The sofa, the shelf, the green table, the red heart pillow, and the black and white rug are part of the set.   The rug doesn't really work here, but since it's part of the set, I'm showing it.

 Ironically enough,  I bought the bed fabric to do Nicole's room over a year ago.  The colors coordinate perfectly with the Ikea set.  This will be her bedroom at her mother's house.  She will get a different rug, and lots of decorations.

Nicole enjoying her cute little sofa and heart pillow.

Looky, looky, there's Melanie.  Been awhile since we've seen here.

I guess she and Nicole are catching up after the camping trip.

Another piece that came with the set was the yellow chair.  Here's the room configured a little differently.  

That shelf unit has amazing possibilities.  It can be used in the bathroom for towels, the kitchen for dishes, etc., etc.  

Like I said, I got two sets.  I didn't want to get home and wish I had bought two.    

I wanted to show the sofa without the cover.  This could be painted a different color.  I imagine the cover could be dyed a different color.  I will be experimenting with my second sofa.

So we are quite pleased with these new sets and Nicole is looking forward to helping to decorate her new space.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Kyori's New Place

A lot has happened since we last saw Kyori back in February.  She and her boyfriend, Jay Chou, got engaged right after she returned from doing the mini television series.  They recently bought a posh condo downtown.  They just closed on the property a month ago, and they are still in the process of fixing it up.  Her sisters insisted on stopping by to see the place. Kyori is stressing because she wanted everything to be perfect and it's not, yet.  This post just shows the progress of their condo.  We will see the story with her sisters sometime next week.

This is the island I was originally making for Adele.  The color really didn't suit her.  She loves the warmer tones.  I will have to make her something else.  The wall shelf is a display shelf turned upside down and attached to the wall.  It's a great place for dishes and stemware.  She plans to add more artwork, replace those books with cookbooks, have some taller barstools made, and add a backsplash that coordinates with the marble countertop.  I made the marble top with a kit I bought over 10 years ago.  LOL.  Eventually I will use all the craft stuff I've purchased over the years.

There's her handsome fiancee, Jay Chou.  I had to laugh after I dressed him.  I didn't plan to have their outfits coordinating, it just happened.  If you noticed in the last camping story, the same thing happened with Antoinette and Tony.  That was totally unplanned, too.  It's bad when your doll couples start dressing alike without your knowledge.

This is an overall shot of the dining area and kitchen.  You have to imagine the imaginary wall behind the white console table.  She will more than likely set the table with placemats and dishes. 

She takes a moment to chill with Jay before her guests arrives.

They are so happy to be in their own place.  After spending so much time on the road with their careers, it's nice to finally set down some roots. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Julian's Special Gift! (Photostory)

November 2012, I received a Flickr message from a contact named kitsunamint.  She told me how my videos had inspired her to get back into dolls and how the dolls had made her feel so much better.  Since that time, I've received a number of flickr messages from her on various topics.  A couple of months ago she mentioned she was making something for Julian. In all honesty, I never realized she would be sending it to me for my Julian, until she asked for my address.  Up until that point, I thought she was making it for her own Julian.  Her gift to me and Julian arrived a couple of days ago and I was blown away.  Her gift is the feature of this story as we continue the Taylor camping trip.

Rod successfully got the girls out of their comfortable tent.  He, the girls, and Julian are out on a nature hike.

Danielle has stayed behind with Jacob because they are expecting a few more guests.
"So what do you think about us having a new baby?"  (Danielle)
"A baby?"  (Jacob)
"Yes, a baby. A little brother or sister.  Would you like that?"  (Danielle)

"Hellooo?"  (Antoinette)

"Hey, you guys made it.  Come, have a seat."  (Danielle)

Danielle gives Antoinette and Freeman hugs before they take their seats.

"Where's Tony?"  (Danielle)
"He's coming.  He's bringing a package for you, that the postman left with us this morning."  (Antoinette)
"A package?  For me?"  (Danielle)
"It's actually addressed to Julian."  (Anotinette) 

Tony shows up carrying a huge box. 

"Goodness.  What can that be?  That box is huge."  (Danielle)
"It's pretty light."  (Tony)

"It is light.  Let me see if I can see who sent it."  (Danielle)
Before Danielle can read the label, Nikaya comes barreling in to hug Tony.

"Daddy!"  (Nikaya)
"Nikaya, don't sneak up on daddy like that.  You're likely to give me a heart attack."  (Tony)

"Boys, boys, not so rough."  (Antoinette)

Rod has returned with the kids.

Nicole heads over to give granddad Freeman a hug.

Nikaya follows suit.

"Julian, someone sent you a special gift."  (Danielle)
"A gift for me?"  (Julian)

Rod happily greets his dad, then he and the guys move to the other area of the campsite.

"Oooh, let's go back to the tent."  (Jessica)
The girls scurry back to the tent.  Zahara tags along.

Before opening the gift, Danielle moves the soccer net and balls closer and sits the toddlers down to play.

"Come over here and we'll open it together."  (Danielle)

"What's in there!"  (Julian)

"Get out!  It's a Batman outfit."  (Danielle)
"Mommy, mommy, it's Batman!  Can I put it on now?"  (Julian, excitedly)
"Yes.  Take off your shirt and shoes."  (Danielle)

Julian wastes no time getting undressed.

"Oh Julian, it's a perfect fit.  Let me put on the belt."  (Danielle, teary eyed)

"Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?"  (Danielle)
"It's adorable, but you do know you will never get him out of that outfit."  (Antoinette, laughing)
"Yeah, that could be a problem.  Hand me the cape."  (Danielle)

After Danielle puts the cape on, she is overcome with emotion and hugs Julian.  He is so ecstatically happy, and there's no greater joy for a mom than to see her child beaming with happiness.

"Let's get your shoes and your gloves on, so you can go show your dad."  (Danielle)

"There's my little man!  You're so handsome."  (Danielle)
"I'm not your little man, I'm your little Batman!"  (Julian)

Danielle and Antoinette both burst out laughing. 

"Okay, my handsome Batman, go show your dad your new costume."  (Danielle)

"Daddy, look at me.  I'm Batman!" 

The guys turn around and start chuckling.
"Son, I love it.  Now all you need is a Batmobile."  (Rod)

"Thank you Miss Leandra.  I love it.  It's the bestest thing in the whole wide world."  (Julian)

So that was Julian's special gift from kitsunamint.  I didn't even know her name until after I received the gift.  Her name is Leandra and she is 22 years old.  She handcrafted this especially for my Julian.  Danielle had the same reaction I did when I saw it.  I was overcome with joy and a little teary-eyed.  I had no idea what to expect, because like I said, I didn't know until the last minute that she was really sending it to me.  I was more than pleasantly surprised and impressed with her creativity and handiwork.   She wanted him to have this for trick-or-treating this year.  So I guess I will finally do a Halloween story.  Thanks Leandra!!!  Love you!!!
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