Friday, September 30, 2016

Back to Dasia

Now that the Taylor baby is here, and now that I've gotten started with (and sold a few) Lammily designs, I can get back to my favorite muse, Dasia.  I started designing a new fall wardrobe for her last week.  I'm hoping to get some new items in the store by the end of next week.  

Dasia is now working at her husband's school as a guidance counselor.  Of course, that means a new wardrobe.  As my mom used to say, "Any excuse is better than none."  

I finished this two-piece belted suede pantsuit with a cape style collar (what a mouthful!), yesterday.  This was a fun challenge because I was creating on the fly.  

The collar can set up for a totally different look.

A back view.  I told her this outfit is probably a little too involved to wear to school.  She agreed.

This is the outfit she wore earlier this week.  Nice and sensible.  Black and white pinstriped, wide legged pants with a black cardigan and a white button down.

The perfect guidance counselor look.

This dress was a custom request from one of my customers.  It was made a few weeks ago.

After the last church service story,  Dasia brought her grandchildren to her house and cooked them dinner.  This gave Carmelia and husband, Emmitt, a chance to have a quiet dinner together.

Dasia is checking the ham in the oven.

These are pictures of another customer requested order for food.  This is the customer's ham, which is a little fattier and much bigger than the one Dasia has in the oven.  

Here is a picture of four of the items ordered.  There was one more dish, for a total of five items, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  

We will be checking in on the Taylor family soon.  Mom and baby have made it home from the hospital.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

And Her Name Is.... (Photostory)

Danielle would like to thank everyone for their suggestions.  She really appreciated the help since Rod was no help at all with the naming.  At the end of the story, she explains her thought process on the name she chose.

When the baby was brought back to the room, it was clear that she was hungry.  Danielle quickly breastfed her then threw on a little dress to prepare for her pending visitors.

"So do you like that name?"  (Danielle)
"I do.  It really suits her.  How did you come up with that name?  It wasn't even on the list."  (Rod)
"It just came to me as I was looking into her eyes while she ate."  (Danielle)

"Come in!"  (Danielle)
"Hello, we're finally here."  (Roberta)
"Come on in.  The baby has been waiting to meet everyone."  (Rod)

"Hi, Mommy!  We brought the baby a present."  (Julian)
"Awww, that's so sweet of you."  (Danielle)
"That's why we're so late.  We stopped by the hospital gift shop.  So many things to choose from."  (Roberta)

"Hi, Jacob.  Did you come to meet your new sister?"
"No."  (Jacob)
"What do you mean no?  I thought you came to let her meet one of her new big brothers."  (Danielle)

"Jacob, I think you are going to like being a big brother.  You and Julian will make sure that she is safe and well taken care of."  (Roberta)
"Do you want to come closer?  She won't bite."  (Danielle)
"Ummm, no."  (Jacob)

"Jacob you have to be nice to her like I was nice to you when you were the baby."  (Julian)
"I'm sure he will come around.  Let's give him some time."  (Roberta)

"Roberta, would you like me to take him, so you can meet the baby?"  (Rod)
"No.  Mom just put him down on the floor to see if he will come meet her."  (Danielle)
"Okay, but don't force the issue, dear."  (Roberta)
"I know.  I know."  (Danielle)

"So how is the new papa doing?"  (Roberta)
"I'm good.  No matter how much you think you are prepared, seeing a life enter the world will always be amazing."  (Rod)
"God's greatest miracle for sure."  (Roberta)

"You know you are still my baby, too, right?  You are also my big boy.  You have the best of both worlds.  You have a big brother and a little sister."  (Danielle)
Jacob just stands there looking at the baby.  He's not moving closer, but at least he's not moving away either.

"Jacob, when you were a baby, Mommy had a big brother party for me."  (Julian)
"That's right!  I totally forgot about your big brother party.  Maybe we should have another small party to help Jacob with his new big brother role."  (Danielle)

"So how long before I can scoop her up and hold her?"  (Roberta)
"You are welcome to do that right now."  (Danielle)

"You got her?"  (Danielle)
"Oh don't be a nervous nelly.  I've held far more babies in my day than I can count."  (Roberta)
"Why don't you take her to the rocking chair and relax."  (Danielle)

You know who follows Roberta and the baby to the chair.  He is so enthralled with his new baby sister.
"So what do you think of your new sister, Julian?"  (Roberta)

"I like her.  She's small but kind of pretty.  She has big cheeks like me and Jacob."  (Julian)
"Oh, you saw that, too.  You are so observant."  (Roberta)

"Mommy?"  (Jacob)
"Yes, sweetie?"  (Danielle)
"Can you hold me like a baby?"  (Jacob)
His words weren't as clear as that, but Danielle understood what he was saying.

Rod, overhearing the conversation, gently reminds Danielle not to over do it.
"Honey, please be careful.  You did just give birth today."  (Rod)
"I am feeling a little tired.  Come take him for a minute, please."  (Danielle)

Danielle straightens the sheets before she lays down.

She scoots back on the bed and stops.
"Are you okay?"  (Rod)
"Yes.  Just a minor pain.  It has passed."  (Danielle)
"Maybe I should call the nurse."  (Rod)
"No, not yet.  She will make the boys leave, and I want a little more time with them."  (Danielle)

"Here, let me have him."  (Danielle)

"I will put him where you want him.  You shouldn't be lifting him and moving him around."  (Rod)
Jacob is staring in the direction of the baby.  This could be a good sign.

"Mommie's big little man.  I think Julian is right about having a big brother party.  Would you like that?"  (Danielle)
"A party?"  (Jacob)
"Yes, we are going to celebrate your new role as big brother."  (Danielle)

Rod watches as Roberta and Julian talk to the baby.  Overall he's happy, but seeing his new daughter makes him miss Nicole even more.  He wishes she was here to celebrate with them.

"By the way, we are tired of saying 'baby'.  Have you two given her a name yet?"  (Roberta)

"As a matter of fact, we have.  Her name is Zoé Noelle Taylor."  (Danielle)
"What a pretty name."  (Roberta)
"Mom, can you bring her over here?  I'd like one more try with Jacob before they have to leave."  (Danielle) 

"So can Zoé come to your party?  You can introduce everyone to your new little sister."  (Danielle)
"Will Ciyana be there?"  (Jacob)
"We will definitely invite your best friend, Ciana.  Do you think she is going to like your new little sister?"
"Maybe, but not like she like me."  (Jacob)
"Of course not."  (Danielle)

"Mommy, can I come up?"  (Julian)
"Yes.  Kick off your shoes, real quick and join your siblings."  (Danielle)

Roberta is telling Rod the meaning behind the elephant.
"Danielle may not remember this, but she had a stuffed elephant when she was a little girl.  The minute I saw it in the shop, it brought back those memories and I wanted her daughter to have an elephant, too."  (Roberta)

"Wow, that's a really special gesture."  (Rod)
"I have several pictures of her with her elephant.  When you guys return home, I'll show her the pictures to refresh her memory.  I'm kind of surprised she didn't remember, but not really.  The memory is quite challenged after giving birth."  (Roberta) 
"Well, I think you should remind her today when it's just the three of you."  (Rod)
"I think I will."  (Roberta)

Soon after that Rod gathers up the boys, kisses the ladies goodbye, and heads out.  Danielle is happy to have alone time with her mom and her daughter.  

When I saw that mini stuffed elephant at Hobby Lobby, in the miniature section, I almost flipped.  They had a cool giraffe, a cute monkey, and a cuddly dog.  I had to have that elephant right away.  I didn't want to risk him selling out.  The following week, I purchased the giraffe and the monkey, and lots of other mini items for 30% off.  I had a stuffed elephant when I was a little girl.  It is one of only two childhood items I still have.

Here is my personal stuffed elephant that I had as a child.  He is almost 40 years old.  My mom didn't even know that I still had him.

He is still in great shape, and still brings me so much joy when I look at him.

Now, I'm sure some of you are wondering, where the heck Danielle came up with that name.  She was all ready to name her Jasmine Grace, but all of a sudden she was reminded of two little girls she recently saw on tv.  One was a little French girl, named Zoé and the second was a young African American girl named Noelle, who started a charity to help kids understand what breast cancer was all about.  Her mom had won a battle against breast cancer, and she wanted to help other kids who may be dealing with a parent battling cancer.  

Again Danielle thanks everyone for their input.  There were some good ones.  In all honesty, the boys had J names because of their father.  She wasn't sure a J name was appropriate.  She really wasn't too keen on most of the R names, except the ones people in Morristown already have.  A first name with an N would have been nice, but there are so many N named ladies in Morristown, she didn't feel it was unique enough for her little princess.  

Danielle will rest in the hospital another day, and will be discharged on day three.  She's looking forward to getting Zoé home with the family.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Let's Play the Name Game (Photostory)

Danielle was moved to a room shortly after giving birth.  She desperately wanted to shower but was advised to wait until she was stronger.  Something about getting dizzy after losing so much blood.  She did have a sponge bath and it felt great!  She's feeding the baby, while Rod naps in the rocking chair.

"I see you got your daddy's appetite.  (pause)  I can't wait for you to meet your brothers.  They are going to be so happy to meet you.  Oh, and you have a big sister.  She's a sweetheart.  I think you'll like her."  (Danielle) 

"Oh goodness.  I can't believe I fell asleep."  (Rod)
"I can.  We have had quite the ordeal."  (Danielle)

"Honey, why don't you go on home and get some rest."  (Danielle)
"No.  I'll wait until your mom gets here with the boys.  That way I can take them with me, and she can visit longer with you and the baby."  (Rod)

"Why haven't you eaten your breakfast?  You have to keep your strength up."  (Rod)
"I'm not hungry."  (Danielle)

"It looks pretty good."  (Rod)

"I'll hold the baby while you eat."  (Rod)
"But honey..." (Danielle)
"No buts.  I promised the nurse that I would make sure you eat."  (Rod)
"Fine!'  (Danielle)

"Mommy's trying to be stingy.  Tell her you need lots of daddy time."  (Rod)
"I'm going to remind you of that when she is screaming in the middle of night, wanting some attention."  (Danielle)

"What was that, Princess?   You said you are going to sleep through the night from day one?"  (Rod)
"Ha, ha.  Don't let that sweet little face fool you."  (Danielle)

"I remember when Nicole was this small.  It always feels like they will stay this size forever."  (Rod)
"It goes fast.  Before you know it, she will be walking around getting into everything."  (Danielle)

"Honey, unless we are going to name her Princess, we should probably think of choosing a name for her.  I have the list we started."  (Danielle)

She reaches on the table to get her composition book.  The baby starts fussing.

"Ssshh.  It's okay.  Daddy's here."  (Rod)
"Is she okay?"  (Danielle)
The baby cries die down almost instantly. 

"Okay, we have eleven names on the list, so far."  (Danielle)

"I thought we were going to name her Roderica?"  (Rod)
"I put that on the list, but she really doesn't look like a Roderica."  (Danielle)

"I'm going to call out the rest of the names on the list.  Let's see if we can narrow it down.  Ready?"  (Danielle)
"We're ready."  (Rod)
"1. London,  2. Logan  3. Robin  4. Ava  5. Grace  6. Jasmine  7. Destiny  8.Deja  9. Desiree and 10. Leigh."  (Danielle)

"That is quite a list.  If it's not going to be Roderica, then I don't have an opinion about the others."  (Rod)
"Are you serious?  You aren't going to help me name her?"  (Danielle)

"You choose, and I will tell you what I think."  (Rod)
"I like London, Logan, Robin, Ava, Grace, Destiny, and Desiree."  (Danielle)
"That's practically the whole list."  (Rod)
"I know.  This is making me hungry.  We'll come back to this after I eat."  (Danielle)

"Mmmm, cold eggs."  (Danielle)

"Do you want me to get them to bring you something else?"  (Rod)

"No.  That's going to take too long, and I'm starving.  I just won't eat the eggs."  (Danielle)

"That's probably Mom."  (Danielle)

"Yep, it's her.  (pause)  Hi mom.  I have you on speaker, so don't say anything crazy."  (Danielle)
"Hi!  I'm just calling back to let you know we are on our way.  The boys are so excited.  Well, Julian is.  I don't think Jacob really knows what's happening."  (Roberta, Danielle's mom)

"Oh, I can't wait for you guys to meet her.  I've already talked to the nurse and she said the boys can come visit, but they can't stay long.  Rod volunteered to take them back so you can stay here with me and the baby."  (Danielle)
"That's wonderful!  I just love my son-in-law."  (Roberta)

"He is grinning from ear-to-ear."  (Danielle)
Just then there's a knock on the door.
"Hold on, Mom.  Someone's at the door."  (Danielle)

"Come in!'  (Danielle)

"I'm just checking to see if you need anything."  (Nurse)
"No.  I'm good."  (Danielle)

"Well let me check on the little one."  (Nurse)
"Oh that reminds me, there aren't any diapers in here, and I'm sure she needs to be changed."  (Danielle)
"I'll just take her and get her changed, and I'll bring back some diapers for you."  (Nurse)

"Don't look so worried, Mr. Taylor.  I will bring her back to you in one piece."  (Nurse)
"I'm sorry.  Was I looking worried?"  (Rod)
"Just a little."  (Nurse)

"Can you bring me a blanket when you come back?  I'm a little chilly."  (Danielle)
"Sure.  We will be back in a jiffy."  (Nurse)

"Okay, Mom.  I'm back.  What were we talking about?"  (Danielle)

Rod decides to take this free moment and go to the bathroom.

Well, no name selected yet.  Of course, we are always interested to hear suggestions.  They can be names on or off the list.
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