Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"I Love DisneyWorld!" (Photostory)

 I apologize for all the pictures, but I got started and couldn't stop.  Feel free to take a couple days to read it.  I won't be posting again until Friday, or Saturday.  This series will be turned in a motion picture.  I mean video pretty soon.  Enjoy!
"Welcome to Cafe Mickey's.  Will it just be you, today?"  (Cashier)
"Actually, my party....."  (Randy) 

"Honey, over here." (Paige)

"I put your order in.  Let me go get those drinks."  (Waitress)

"Thanks."  (Danielle)

"Can I see it now?"  (Nicole)
"Not yet.  I'm still looking at it."  (Julian)

"Honey, I ordered you the deluxe waffle."  (Paige)

"Great.  Looks like we got the Donald Duck table.  What you drinking princess?"  (Randy)

"It's orange juice slushy."  (Jo)
[The Donald Duck statue does not look happy.  He is giving her a serious look.]

"Justin, you need help sweetie?"  (Summer)
"No.  I got it."   (Justin)

"That's code for, 'I'm going to spill this at any moment, Mommy.'" (Summer)
"He just wants to show you he's a big boy."  (Paige)

Chef Jeremiah is checking over the tickets.
"How much longer on that omelet?"  (Jeremiah)

"The omelet is ready.  I'm taking it to the window now."  (Charlotte)

"I just dressed the waffles.  They are ready, as well."  (Manager Amanda) 

The waitress has returned with the drinks.

"Your order will be ready soon.  Enjoy."  (Waitress)

"Those look good."  (Danielle)

"Hello Mickey Mouse."  (Julian in a playful voice)

"Oh, this tea pot and cup are the cutest!"  (Danielle)
"Honey, you are as giddy as the kids."  (Rod)

Most of the order for the other party is ready.  The waitress waits for the final plate before delivering to the table. 

Everyone seems quite happy with their selections.  

"Daddy, your waffle is bigger than mine."  (Jo)

"I know.  But you got strawberries on yours.  I didn't get strawberries."  (Randy)
"Mmmm.  Bacon."  (Justin)

"Look.  I got bacon."  (Justin)
"Are you sharing your bacon with Auntie Paige?"  (Summer)

Jeremiah has plated two regular Mickey pancakes and one cinnamon Mickey pancake.
"Charlotte, how long for the egg dish and the polenta dish?"  (Jeremiah)

"Eggs and bacon are ready and..."  (Charlotte) 

Charlotte lifts the lid to check on the tomato based breakfast sauce that accompanies the Mickey Mouse polenta.

"....I'm now plating the polenta dish."  (Charlotte) 

"Hey Jeremiah."  (Donela)
"Hey D. You don't look so thrilled to be here."  (Jeremiah)
"I'm not, but I can always use the extra hours."  (Donela)

The pancakes for the Taylor kids are in the window.

"Mommy."  (Julian)
"Yes?"  (Danielle)

"Mommy, can I take my Mickey Mouse cup home with me?"  (Julian)

"We will buy you and Nicole your own special Mickey and Minnie cup."  (Danielle)
"I think we should take one of these guys home, too."  (Rod)
"Yay!"  (Julian)

The waitress brings over the pancakes.

"Mmmm it smells so good."  (Julian)
"I'll be right back with the other two dishes."  (Waitress)
Danielle proceeds to cut Jacob's pancake.

"Thanks, Jeremiah."  (Waitress) 

Donela is now ready to get to work.

"I'm going to check on table 1."  (Donela)
"Ok, thanks."  (Waitress)

"There you go.  Does everything look okay?"  (Waitress)

"Looks great and smells terrific."  (Danielle)

"Are you finished with the syrup, yet? (Julian)
"Now, I'm finished."  (Nicole)

"You want me to pour it for you?"  (Nicole)
"No.  I want to do it." (Julian)

"Okay, you can do it, but only if you put it in the right places."  (Julian)
"She won't know the right places, unless you tell her."  (Danielle)

"Here they come.  They're a little early today."  (Donela)

"Hey lady.  You guys are out early."  (Donela)
"It's going to be a busy day, so we got an early start."  (Pamela)

"Well, if it isn't my two favorite people."  (Donela)

"They are not paying me any attention."  (Donela) 

"Okay you two, walk over and say hello.  Stay together."  (Pamela)

"Mommy!  What's that?" (Julian)

"Oh my!  They are tooooo cute!  Do you see Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Jacob?"  (Danielle)
"Jacob, is probably wondering, what is that?"  (Rod)
"Awww, they are waving?  Wave, Jacob."  (Danielle)

"Hello Mickey Mouse.  Hello Minnie Mouse."  (Julian)
"Wave, Jacob."  (Danielle)

Of course by now, the guests at table one have noticed little Mickey and Minnie.

Justin is taking this opportunity to make a mess of Randy's deluxe waffle.

Mickey and Minnie head over to table one to say hello. 

Momma is so proud of her two little munchkins.

"Honey, that was the absolute cutest thing I've seen in a long time."  (Danielle)
"You mean, besides me."  (Rod)
"Oh, honey."  (Danielle)

Julian watches as Mickey and Minnie head back towards the front door.

"This is the best place in the whole wide world!"  (Julian)
"I have to agree with you, son.  DisneyWorld is pretty awesome."  (Danielle)

"Okay, ladies.  We'll be back around 1pm.  Tootles!  (Pamela)

Mickey and Minnie are headed to do a few more appearances before the parade.

Julian is hyped up a little while longer.  Rod finally gets him to settle down and get back to his breakfast so they can move on and see more of DisneyWorld. 

1.  I'm tired. LOL!
2.  The food is a mix of Rement items and handmade by me, items.
3.  I made the two regular Mickey pancakes.  The one I referred to as cinnamon is by Rement.  I made the deluxe waffle that Randy is eating and the turkey bacon, Justin is eating.
4.  The orange juice slushy is real cantelope.
5.  Randy was an old character, but he's been recast.  When I looked at Jo the other day, I immediately thought he would be a great father for her.
6.  Mickey and Minne were deboxed just for this occasion.  They were released in 2002.
7.  Next we are headed to Magic Kingdom where the kids will get to go on a few rides.


  1. Insane!!!!! Where did you get all the Disney parafanalia all in doll scale?? Very detailed post. Well done.

    1. Duke of Swann - Thanks! Rement has an incredible amount of Disney 1/6 scale stuff. On top of that, I've collected little Disney stuff for many years. I never imagined I would do a story, but it came in handy.

  2. You have outdone yourself - this was great. Loved the Mickey Mouse pancakes, and everything else. And your little Minnie and Mickey stole the show. Julian is going to be so excited (and exhausted) by the end of this.

    1. Carrickters - Thanks! I didn't realize I had taken so many pictures. Julian and I will both be exhausted by the time this trip is over.

  3. Hi! Minnie and Mickey are so cute!!!! Great job, every detail is amazing! I love your blog. Keep in touch.

    1. Farbield - Thanks so much for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the story. Congrats on starting your own blog.

  4. How Cute! Love the details on each pic. Amazing as usual :-)

    1. Chynadoll - Thanks! I only hope Julian, Nicole, and Jacob appreciate all the work I've done for their DisneyWorld vacation.

  5. Your work with foreground/ background in the focus makes the images have much more depth and interest. Looking forward to the video!

    1. limbe dolls - Thanks. This year I really want to learn a little more about the camera, so I can improve on my pictures.

  6. I understand you got so tired, what a hard work you did!! The place is perfect, with all the details in the dining room and the kitchen, the food (those mickey-cakes!!!!), the cutlery, everythings is so cute!! And what to say about Mickey and Minnie!! The deboxing was worrth of it, they were for sure the main attraction of the place!

    1. Rossetti - Thanks! I really had a good time shooting the pictures. I didn't expect to have so many pictures, but I wanted to show so many details. I fell in love with little Mickey and Minnie. Weren't they adorable?

  7. Girl that was a lot of work just for breakfast. I enjoyed it though. One of those scenes where it looked like a real place. I was stressed that Julian hadn't touched his waffle and he's going to be hungry later. LOL!

    1. Kenya - You're telling me! A lot of work is an understatement. I hope they enjoyed that meal. They won't be eating again until they get to grandma's house. Just kidding. Mom made sure Julian ate a good deal of his waffle. At first he didn't want to cut it. I guess he wanted to take that home, too, as a souvenir.

  8. Great story the food is amazing and Julian is awesome. I wish my babies were still that size! Cant wait for the video

    1. Mustiwait - Thanks. Kids are so precious. Especially up to age 7ish.

  9. Danielle seems like she's enjoying herself now! That Minnie and Mickey Mouse are just so adorable!

    1. Verona - It's nice to see Danielle relax and have a good time. She really deserves it!

  10. Hello from Spain: wow wow ... congratulations on these pictures so real and all so very cute accessories. I love the mini cups Duck and Mickey. Did you bought or created them??? I love you Randy. The food is fabulous. I adore children dressed as Disney characters. You have all the best ... I can not stop looking at your photos. You have outdone yourself A grandiose entrance. Fabulous! Keep in touch

    1. Marta - Thanks! I bought the Mickey and Donald cups from ebay. They are from Rement. I'm glad my cafe brought a little joy to you.

  11. It's fantastic as usual ! Great job !!! I understand why you feel tired, you have done such greats things with this photostory. I love the atmosphere, the food you made, the cups are so cute also. I love to see what it's happening in the kitchen, all the staff preparing foods. And Julian so cute standing in the chair ! I feel like I was myself a doll in the Mickey café... The best photostory I saw in my life. hip, hip, hip, hoorray !!!

    1. Claude - Awww, you are so sweet. I'm so happy all of my hard work has paid off in your eyes.

  12. Loved the story, and all the food looks good too! Thanks Vanessa...a real treat!

    1. Loretta - Thanks sweetie! Glad you stopped by our cafe.

  13. This is so awesome. The attention to detail is phenomenal and I'm sitting here squealing over all the Disney miniatures. I just really want to be sitting in this cafe and drinking out of that tea kettle. :)

    1. Alura - Thanks! You are welcome at Cafe Mickey any time.

  14. Geez! I understand why you're tired! LOL Your attention to detail is amazing--the food, the customers, the table toys, even what's going on in the kitchen. Great job! The Mickey and Minnie kids are so adorable! Maybe you should take some time off now and get some rest...

    1. Cindi - Thanks! I felt like I was the only worker in this cafe. I was greeting the guests, waiting on the tables, cooking the food, handling the employee issues...all in 6in heels. LOL! Today I will rest a bit. I have to dismantle Cafe Mickey in order to move on to Magic Kingdom.

  15. Whew! Girl, you really did this!! Lol! As always, sooo much details. Love it! Looking forward to the rides. I know they will be awesome.

    1. Georgia Girl - Thanks. I am going to ban you from saying "I know they will be awesome". Oh the pressure. LOL!

  16. Vanessa ! tes photos sont fabuleuses. You have done a very good job. I love so much all the details and Winnie the Poo, Mickey , Donald ...

    1. Shasarisnis - Merci beaucoup! There's lots more to come.

  17. The little Mickey and Minnie look like the miniature dolls they used to give out in happy meals! They are so cute! Now you're making me hungry.

    1. sisilovessinging - I remember the miniature dolls from McDs. I'm glad to finally be able to use these dolls instead of just looking at them in their box.

  18. Vanessa will she have a baby for him

    1. Anna - We will still have to wait and see what happens when it comes to a baby.

  19. The cuteness going on in this post was too much! It was like a cuteness explosion! At first I though the little pancakes were going to do me in but then came mini Mickie and Minny and I lost it.

    Wonderful job!

    1. Muff - LOL! I had a great time doing this story. It was a lot of work, but I was all smiles in the end. Something about DisneyWorld, even in miniature form, that brings a smile to my face. Glad you enjoyed it!


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