Monday, March 31, 2014

Morrison's Dolly Cafe

As I mentioned, I am getting back to making food and furniture for my Etsy shop.  I'm starting with new food and a new food concept, called Create-A-Plate.  With Create-A-Plate, a buyer will be able to build their own dinner, and breakfast.  For dinner, they will choose their meat and two sides.  For breakfast they will have choices like scrambled or fried eggs, bacon or sausage, etc.  I will also be offering appetizers like fried shrimp, quesadillas, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, wings, etc.   Bread options will also be available.  Below are a few examples.

Fried shrimp with cocktail sauce.

Another view

Chicken and waffle.  Will probably come with a side of syrup.

Create-A-Plate samples

Meat: Chicken parmesan
Sides:  Peas and corn-on-the-cob.

Meat: Fried chicken
Sides: Green beans and mac-n-cheese

Meat:  Meatloaf
Sides:  Mashed potatoes and gravy and carrots.

Meat:  Ribs
Sides:  Baked potato with sour cream and cabbage.

Other meat options:  Baked chicken, bar-b-que chicken, fish
Other sides:  Mixed vegetables, white rice, brown rice, potato salad

I'm still working on the menu. 

I'm excited to finally get this project going.  It's an idea I had a couple years ago.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Diego's Surprise Part 2 (Photostory)

Caution:  Adult themes and doll nudity below.

When we last saw Diego and Halle, Diego had just started her massage. 

"Mmmm, that feels so good."  (Halle)
Diego finishes Halle's upper and lower back, then moves down to her feet.

 When Diego touches her right foot, Halle pulls back.
"You're not ticklish, are you?"  (Diego)
"No.  I just wasn't expecting it."  (Halle)
"You have a lot of tension in your feet.  Just relax.  I will take care of that."  (Diego)

 Without warning, Diego starts kissing her toes, one by one.  Again Halle isn't expecting this, and she jumps a little, then buries her head in her pillow to stifle the sounds she can't seem to stop making.

 Diego lingers a little longer, then moves to the other foot.  After torturing her a while longer, he moves his massage to Halle's hamstrings and thighs.  Diego then instructs Halle to turn over, so he can continue his massage.

 Halle starts pulling at Diego's shorts as she turns overs.
"What are you doing?"  (Diego)
"Don't you think it's time you lose these shorts?"  (Halle)
"I still have to massage your front side, and in order for that to happen, I need to keep these on."  (Diego)

 "Well can I at least have a little kiss before you begin?"  (Halle)
"But of course.  Your wish is my command."  (Diego)

Without further ado, Diego climbs on top of Halle and they embrace.
 Just as Diego suspected, there's no turning back, now.  He starts kissing Halle's ear lobe and then her neck.  

He then moves down and starts kissing her breasts. 

 Well, so much for the rest of the massage.  Doesn't take long for Diego to lose those shorts.

About an hour later, Diego carries Halle over to the jacuzzi.
"I'm going to go get you some chamomile tea that I ordered.  It will help you relax even more."  (Diego)
"If I relax any more, I will be comatose."  (Halle)
"Well if that happens, I will have done my job."  (Diego)
Halle starts laughing as Diego lowers her into the jacuzzi and turns on the jets.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meet The Prince and The Princess

 Hey guys.  I know I haven't posted in a few days, so I thought I'd take a moment to update you on the puppies.  Believe it or not, I decided to keep two.  I was holding three for one of my good friends, but in the end she couldn't take them.  I had already fallen in love with them.  I found a really nice home for Brownie, who is now named Brandy.  I am her official babysitter, so I will get to see her on occasion.  It would have been easy to find the other two homes, but I just couldn't do it.  I've had five stepkids and four pets all at the same time, so I figured, what's four small dogs.
I named  the little girl, Princess Penelope. She is sitting on the top of the steps. The little boy is named Prince Petey.  Remember the little dog in the show, The Rascals?  He was named Petey and that's who he reminded me of.  Buttercup, their mother is on the left hand side..  As you can see, the puppies have grown quite a bit.  They aren't as big as their mother.  Everyone got baths yesterday, and Penelope and Buttercup are now in need of haircuts.  As soon as my arm can hold the clippers, we will take care of that.

"Hello.  My mommy calls me a Princess because I am the sweetest of the bunch.  I am pretty quiet and love to sit on mommy's lap.  I would sit there all day if she let me, but sometimes she has to work.  Sometimes I do things I am not supposed to, but my brother Petey usually starts it.  I just follow his lead.  My mommy treats me really special.  She bought these stairs just for me because I was the only one who couldn't get up on the bed by myself.  She would always have to lift me up several times during the night.  Now I can just walk up, and I don't have to wake her.  My favorite thing to do is nuzzle in mommy's neck in the morning.  It's my special way to wake her up and say good morning."  (Penelope)

"Hi my name is Petey, but mommy says I am trouble with a capital T.  I can't help it.  I was born this way.  I am very strong willed and I want things to be my way ALL THE TIME.  Mommy yells at me the most.  I don't mind.  I'm getting used to it.  It goes in one ear and out the other.  What's that saying, boys will be boys?  That's me.  I can be sweet, too.  I like cuddling with mommy.  I sleep with her every night, too.  I prefer to be under the covers.  I feel safer there."  (Petey)

"Did someone make a smart remark about me sleeping with mommy.  I hope not.  Don't forget my nickname is Trouble.  So where were we?  Oh yeah, my favorite thing to do is get up on mommy's bed (I was the only puppy able to get up by myself, even when I was only two months old), run to the end, and jump off onto my doggy mommy's head.  LOL!  My doggy mommy gets mad and we start fighting.  I LOVE IT!  Then I run and get on the bed and do it all over again.  The other thing I LOVE doing is annoying uncle Bruce.  He's so stuck up.  I just have to try to knock him off his pedestal.  Sometimes he chases me, but I'm much faster than he is.  As a matter of fact, I overheard mommy saying she wants to put me in some doggy races.  I will smoke those jokers!"  (Petey)

"Can you believe how big my kids have gotten?  They are almost bigger than I am.  And they are always trying to play fight me.  I have to show them who's boss.  They may be young, but I still have some good take down moves.  On another note, I'm happy mommy decided to keep them.  It's nice having them around to play with.  My favorite time is running around outside with them.  That Petey is pretty fast.  I get all teary eyed thinking were we would all be if mommy hadn't taken me off the streets when she did.  I was sleeping outside and getting fed pretty irregularly.  Now, I get to sleep right next to mommy, and not only do me and my kids get food a few times a day, but we get treats, too.  Thank you, mommy!  We love you."  (Buttercup)

"I just don't understand how my life changed in an instant.  I was here all by myself.  Enjoying life.  Not having to share a thing.  Then there was Buttercup.  Now there are two more.  What in the doggy biscuits is going on?  Actually it's not all terrible.  I actually like Buttercup.  Sometimes she and I snuggle, but mommy is always like, "Bruce, move."  Really?  Shouldn't I reap some benefits from sharing my food and my toys?  Speaking of toys, those little numb skulls have torn up all my toys!  I always kept my toys in good condition.  Now my bunny has no stuffing, no eyes, and his ears are ripped.  I liked it when it was just me and mommy, but I'd probably be lonely if they all left now.  Mommy does make sure I have a lot of mommy and me time.  I get to ride in the car with mommy all by myself.  Those are my absolute favorite times."  (Bruce)

So that's my new family.  They keep me on my toes, but they keep a smile on my face, too.  

As of yesterday, I am doing better.  My arm is still only functioning at about 35%, but it was a lot worse.  I will be posting the second part of the bridal shop story tomorrow,, and the Halle/Diego post before the weekend is out.  I am also in the process of making new things for my Etsy store  It's my plan to add new food and new furniture in the coming weeks.  With the new additions to the family, comes added expenses.  So it's back to the grindstone.  I will be catching up on blog reading in the next couple of days.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day in the Life Part 3: Robin Makes it to Work

Robin has reached Courtney's school, King Elementary.  She is third in the drop off line. 

 Principal Reed is out greeting the parents.

"Bye, Mommy."  (Miyo)

"Bye honey.  I'll see you later."  (Miya)

"Bye Mr. Reed."  (Miya)

Next up is Danielle and Julian.

"Hello Mrs. Taylor and Julian."  (Mr. Reed)
"Good morning, Mr. Reed."  (Danielle)

"Okay Julian.  Give mommy a hug."  (Danielle)

"Be a good boy and have fun today."  (Danielle)

"Oh come on.  Some of us have jobs to get to."  (Robin)

"Don't forget your lunch box."  (Danielle)
"Bye Mommy."  (Julian)

"Hi Miss Grey."   (Julian)
"Good Morning, Julian.  Come give me my morning hug."  (Miss Grey, a hall monitor)

"Good morning, Mrs. Campbell"  (Mr. Reed)
"Good morning."  (Robin)

"Bye Knickerdoodle.  Kiss, kiss."  (Robin)
Courtney gives her mom a good-bye kiss then runs to class.

Robin makes a beeline to the shop.  She has a full day and no time to waste.

Jackie is already there having some breakfast and trying to review the day's schedule.

"Good morning, Mom."  (Robin)
"Hi dear.  Do you know what's wrong with the computer."  (Jackie)

"I uploaded new software yesterday.  What's it doing?"  (Robin)
"Well, I can't get the appointment calendar to come up."  (Jackie)
"Well, let me put my stuff down and then I'll take a look.  In the meantime, try rebooting it."  (Robin)

Robin returns a few minutes later.
"So what's it doing now?"  (Robin)
"It's almost up. (pause)  Oh there it is.  Had me worried there for a second."  (Jackie)
"Good.  The last thing I need today is computer problems.   Our first appointment is in 30 mins.  I need to go pull the dresses she wants to try on again before making a decision." (Robin)
"She's also bringing her bridesmaids.  They want to try a couple dresses on today."  (Jackie)
"Mom!"  (Robin)
"What?" (Jackie)
"I can't do bridesmaid dresses, today, too.  You were supposed to schedule that for a different day.  Did you forget that I was interviewing for the tailor position?"  (Robin)
"Well, sort of."  (Jackie)

Well, we will leave these two to sort out the schedule.  So I wonder who's getting married?  Hmmm.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Diego's Surprise (Photostory)

CAUTION:  Adult themes ahead.  

Diego returns to a sleeping Halle.  He watches her for a few minutes before gently touching her arm so as not to startle her.
"Sweetie?  Time to wake up."  (Diego)

Halle opens her eyes slowly.  For a minute she forgets where she is.
"Diego?  What's wrong?"  (Halle)
"Nothing's wrong.  You fell asleep.  Come with me.  I have a surprise."  (Diego)
"Okay, but I need to go to the room first."  (Halle)
Halle and Diego stop by the room, where she changes out of her bathing suit.

Diego leads her to a massage room.
"Now that's what I'm talking about."  (Halle)
She's a little surprised that he didn't get a massage room for couples, but as long as she gets her massage, she's happy.
"I know how much you were looking forward to a good massage."  (Diego)

"Wow, they even have a soaking tub."  (Halle)

"It's a soaker and a jacuzzi."  (Diego)

"And right over there is the shower."  (Diego)
"Now that's convenient."  (Halle)
Diego spins Halle around and takes her in his arms.

"And you know the best part?"  (Diego)
"You mean there's more?"  (Halle)
"Yes.  I will be your masseuse for the evening.  We have the room for the next three hours.  I will be tending to your every need."  (Diego)
He pulls her a little closer.

"And I do mean ev-er-y need."  (Diego)
Halle lets out a little squeal that she hopes wasn't audible, but she knows better.

Diego kisses her gently on the lips.  She wants a deeper kiss, but he pulls back.  He needs to stay in control.  He wants to use the full three hours, and one misstep and this could be over in a matter of minutes.  He steps back and directs Halle to the table.  She chooses to freshen up a bit first.  She's feeling a little moist.

Halle comes out of the bathroom and slides under the cover on the massage table.

"Are you comfortable?"  (Diego)
"Mmmm hmmm."  (Halle)

Diego slides the top sheet down and rest it on Halle's bottom.  He lingers there a little too long.
"Is everything okay?"  (Halle)
"Everything is just fine.  I'm admiring your assets."  (Diego)

Diego rubs his hands together to warm them up.  He puts a little massage oil on his hands to get started.

He touches Halles back and she lets out a moan.   

To Be Continued....
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