Main Middle Class Families

The Anderson Family - Leslie, David, 2 kids, Ciana (kee-ana) 3 and toddler Joseph

The Morrisons - Vanessa and Keith daughter Alicia 2, and son Tyler 8.

The Taylors - Roderick, Danielle, Nicole 10, Julian 5, and Jacob 2.
Danielle and Roderick were married in June, 2012.  This is a blended family.

The Lee Family - Sunni and Chang 2 daughters toddler Amaya and
Ming 3.

The Williams - Lisa and Charles with son Chad 2 and infant daughter Chelsea

The Taylors - Antoinette and Anthony, daughters Nikaya 8 and Zahara 5, and son Kenaz 2
Anthony and Roderick are brothers
Antoinette and Darren are siblings

Secondary Middle Class Families

The Redmonds - Christopher and Sylvia, Jessica 10 and baby Sophia.
Sylvia and China are sisters

The Trotts - China and Darren, daughter Taylor 5.
China and Sylvia are sisters
Darren is the younger brother to Antoinette Taylor

Melanie, Roderick's ex-wife and their daughter Nicole 10.

The Harts - Stephanie and Ethan daughters Kimberly 10, Jessica 2, infant Aiden.

The Robinsons - Frank and Michelle, 2 daughters Mikayla 3 and baby Chloe.

Michael and Adele Jordan with daughter, Sydney.

Halle and Diego

Dr. Sheppard, Debbie, Kathryn 12, and Patrick 16

Dad, Ping.  Mother, Jaya, Daughter Hannah 10,and baby sister Kimie.

Sean and his wife, Sheila.  Three kids, Shannon - 8, Tommy - 2 1/2, Sara Elizabeth - 8 mos.

The McGraws , dad Tim, mom Kate, and son William 4.

Tracy - Tim McGraw's younger sister

Maurice, wife Saba, and twin daughters Samia and Sabrina 13.
They own the local dance studio, where Maurice also teaches.

The Coopers and their three daughters.
They own the local spa.

The Morettis -  Penelope - owner of local bakery
Husband, Donte and twins 2 1/2 Lola and Lanzo

The James' - Alan is a retired NBA basketball player.  Lena graduated from fashion design school.  She hopes to have her own line one day.  Alan, Jr. is their 8-month old baby boy.

Elite Families

Darius Reid and Nikki Moore

The Burkes - Kendra and Nathaniel, baby son, Cameron.
Kendra is Darius' younger sister

The Langfords. William and Camille. They have three daughters, Jacquelyn (29) and the twins, Grace and Dominique (26). Grace has a 4 yr old daughter, Kourtney, and Dominique has a 2 yr old daughter, Tinia.
Camille is Darius and Kendra's biological Aunt

Grace is the only Langford daughter in a serious relationship.
Grace with her long time boyfriend, Kevin and father to Kourtney 4.

The Silvas:  Dad Reinaldo, mom Lauren. Faith on left, Racquel, and JR.

Racquel and Terrance Haywood, with baby Nichelle
Racquel is best friends with Antoinette Taylor and
Halle Berry is her BFF.
Husband works with Darius

The Jacksons:  Dad Samuel, mom Jackie, youngest daughter Tanisha, daughter Chandra, and oldest daughter, Robin.

Robin is married to Ron, and they have one daughter, Courtney 5.

Extended Family

Antoinette Taylor's extended family. Younger sister, Stacy, her older sister, Sandra, and brother Darren.

Sandra and her son Ricky, 10.
Sandra owns the Baby Boutique.

Roderick Taylor is Anthony's older brother.
Roderick is divorced from Melanie and now married to
Danielle Harper

Freeman Taylor, the father, on left, sitting with his sons, Tony and Rod.

China and Sylvia are sisters.
China is married to Darren,  Sylvia is married to Christopher (not to be confused with Chris another character)

David Anderson's younger sister, Olivia.
David is married to Leslie. 

Ian is Danielle's younger brother.

Ian is currently dating 20yr old college student, Raven.  He's been eyeing a new lady, so we will see if this lasts.

Danielle and Ian's mom, Roberta.  She lives in Orlando, FL, but she gets to Morristown quite often.

Paulette, Daniel's sister-in-law from her previous marriage.

Paulette is currently dating Don.

Linda and her two daughters.  Ayonna 9, and Lacy 3. She is Adele's older sister.

Mark, Linda's estranged husband and father to her kids.  They are trying to work out their marriage.

Aspiring artists and Business Owners

Shantavia, Artist/Photographer and 5yr old daughter, Jada.
She has become the photographer of choice in town
Shantavia is best friends with Naisha.

Jada's dad, Jason, has a wife, Lynn, and a baby girl, Layla.  He and Shantavia co-parent fairly well.
Jason owns the barbershop in town and Lynn works part time at Ni'Chalet's.

Shantavia is currently dating Bruce.

Tina, the psychiatrist, is Shantavia's mom.

Tina is now engaged to Harrison, the owner of The Den and Leslie's dad.

Naisha, is Shantavia's BFF.  She is seen here with her daughter, Kimaya 3, and Kimaya's dad, Vernon.

Vernon is a welter weight boxer.

Dominique is Naisha's mom

Kara, singer and husbanad Chris, guitarist with 5 yr old daughter, Jolisa. 
They have performed together for 7 yrs.
Kara owns/manages a hair salon, The Mane Event.  Chris is part of the Jay Chou band and he writes and produces music for other artists.

Chris's family:  Marisa, older sis, Payton, younger sis, and his mother.

Karla, on right, is Kara's sister.  Tori is Karla's daughter, 17.

Noland is Karla's ex-husband and Tori's dad.

Jay Chou with live-in girlfriend Kyori.  Jay Chou is a singer and Kyori is an actress.

Lydia Thompson - Interior Designer

Halle Berry - Model

India, a hairdresser at The Mane Event.

Debbie, the fashion designer

Monica, owner of the Pet Boutique

Monica has a friend with benefits, Curtis, who lives out of town.

Terry, trainer and masseur

Rohan, DJ

Pastor Carmelia Johnson

Pastor is shown here with her two kids, Corey, 5 and Carla 8.

Daycare Staff:  lt to rt.  Samantha, Cassandra (owner), Daphne, and Faith (part-time)

Cassandra's husband and 15 yr old daughter.

Samantha is married to Kurt and they have two daughters

Medical Staff

Dr. Locicero, Dr. Miller, Dr. Washington, and Dr. Yang

Dr. Pai, the pediatrician, and her daughter, Mari

Dr. and Mrs. Anderson with son Dillon
He's the town dentist, and she works with various charities.

Dr. Sheppard

Dr. Nathanial (Kendra's husband) and Dr. Vivian Miller in the back corner.

Nurse Sasha and the receptionist.

Nurse Michelle.

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