Saturday, January 31, 2015

Danielle Meets the Boys (Photostory)

After the hair salon, Danielle spent a little time at Ni'Chalet's.  Then she got a call from Rod, wondering if she would meet him and the boys for a bite to eat.  Of course she said yes.  Even though she enjoys her alone time, she always misses her boys when she's not with them.

Rod let the boys pick the restaurant, which is how we got to McDonald's. 

Rod and Julian's eyes are glued to the door, checking for Danielle.
"I wish mommy would come.  I'm hungry."  (Julian)
"She'll be here soon."  (Rod)

Unbeknownst to Rod, Jacob is on the move.

"What can I get for you?"  (Mari)
"Hi.  Can I get a hamburger Happy Meal, a regular hamburger, small fry, and a medium Coke."  (Sheila)
"Sure.  If you like, you can have a seat and I will bring your meal when it's ready."  (Mari)
"That's so sweet of you.  Thanks."  (Sheila)

When Mari turns to fix the food, she notices Jacob.  She looks in Rod's direction, and says,  "Sir, your son is here." 

Rod snaps out of his trance.
"Jacob, come here."  (Rod)
*I know some of you mothers are wondering why he doesn't just get up and get Jacob.  Well he's been chasing Jacob all day.  I guess he's tired.*

Mari goes back to preparing the order, while Jacob watches.

Sheila and the kids take the last available table.

"Look, there's mommy!"  (Julian)
"Oh shit"  (Rod thinks to himself)

Danielle hears Julian and gets ready to head to the back booth.

She spots Jacob, and wonders why he's roaming alone for some stranger to come along and snatch him up.

Mari waits with Sheila's order while Danielle addresses Jacob.
"Hello honey.  Where are you going?  Turn around we're going back to the table."  (Danielle)

"Here you go."  (Mari)
"Thanks so much.  I appreciate you bringing it over."  (Sheila)

"Hey honey.  I was just getting up to get him."  (Rod)
:There's a lot that Danielle wants to say to Rod, but she doesn't believe in berating her husband in public, so it will have to wait.  The look on her face says it all.  She gives him a quick little hug, and says hello to Shantavia and Bruce, before taking her seat.

"How's your mom doing with all the wedding stuff?  Is she getting cold feet yet?"  (Bruce)

"She's driving us all crazy, but it's nice to see her so happy.  Cold feet?  Women aren't the ones who usually get cold feet.  We leave that to you men."  (Shantavia)

"Hi sweetie.  I like your haircut.  Did you have fun today?"  (Danielle)
Julian smiles at the hair compliment, then starts giving Danielle a blow by blow account of his day.  Jacob is having a good old time banging on the table.  Julian then decides he wants to go sit with his mommy.

"Your hair looks nice."  (Rod)
"Thanks."  (Danielle)

"Jacob, please stop.  You are making too much noise."  (Danielle)
"So how was your day?"  (Rod)
Danielle then remembers the incident at the hair salon.  
"Guess who I ran into at the salon?"  (Danielle)
"Who?"  (Rod)

"I'm here!"  (Julian)
"And so you are.  Give me a kiss."  (Danielle)
"Don't do it, Jacob."  (Rod)

As Julian gives Danielle a kiss, Jacob slams his hands on the table, again.

"Jacob...."  (Rod)
"Maybe we should just order some food.  I'm sure they're hungry."  (Danielle)

Hmmm?  Rod seems a little on edge.  I guess spending the day with a toddler can do that to you.  It will be interesting to see what Danielle has to say to him later.  She never did get back to telling him about Melanie.  I'm sure that will enter the conversation later, too.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lena's Growing Wardrobe

Lena is becoming a sewing maniac.  She sews whenever she gets a free moment, which is sometimes in the middle of the night when both her Alans are sound asleep.  She added a couple more skirts and a simple knit dress to her personal wardrobe.

One of the skirts is a nice long jean skirt.

Here's a back view.  It has a little split at the bottom. 

This is her second skirt.  I hate that it doesn't photograph well, because it's really nice.  It's made from a very soft dressy type fabric.  Lena really enjoys making skirts.  I'm trying to convince her to start making some blouses and shirts to go with the other pieces.  She's not really listening.  She wants to make some more pants and skirts first.
Speaking of pants....these are the plaid sample pants she made a couple weeks ago.  She grabbed a shirt and sweater from the Barbie Style ladies and decided this could work together until she makes something else. 

Lena then made a sloper and pattern for a knit style dress.  She's pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Personally, I think this would be nice for one of the Asian ladies.  That motif just screams Asian to me.  Maybe the new Mixi girl can fit it. 

Here's a view from the back.

Here is the Mixi lady who will be trying this dress next.  If this one doesn't fit, I'm hoping Lena will make her one that does. 

Valencia has put in a request for a shorter jean skirt.  In the meantime, she said this one will work, too.  I guess it's true what they say, "beggars can't be choosy."

Monday, January 26, 2015

Visiting the Nail Salon (Photostory)

I live for the quick dio.  Sometimes it is a no frills dio, but it serves the purpose.  I had three potential stories in mind for today.  Somehow I ended up with a nail salon, which wasn't even on my radar.  It worked out because I've been wanting to check out my MiWorld nail salon set I purchased last year.

The sisters, China and Sylvia are at the nail salon with their respective daughters, Taylor and Jessica.  Both moms and daughters are getting gel manicures.

Waiting for manicures are Tina and Celia.  

Just a look at a couple of the MiWorld pieces.  The thing on the wall is actually one of the walls in the set, which is closer to 1:12 scale.  It comes with a case with 12 nail polishes.  Just these two pieces alone made the set worth it to me.  All the other pieces are too small to use with Barbie, but I will find different ways to incorporate each item. 

"How's that?  Do you like that color?"  (Nail technician)
"Yes.  It's pretty."  (Taylor)
"Okay..Well let's dry this hand before we move on to the next hand."  (Technician, who knows if she doesn't dry these little hands, they will be messed up within minutes.)

"Now put your hands under the drying lamp."  (Technician)
The little lamp is the one that came with the MiWorld set. "

"Which color do you like better?  The yellow or the green?"  (Sylvia)
"Ummm....the green."  (Jessica)

"Okay, green it is."  (Sylvia)
"Good choice.  That's one of our more popular colors."  (Rochelle; Racquel's twin sister and Mia's younger sister)

"Sorry for bringing you directly to the nail salon, after your long flight, but this is the only appointment I could get, and this broken nail is driving me crazy."  (Tina)
"No problem.  I'm just glad to be here.  As for the flight, it was quite enjoyable.  I met a nice tenderoni that kept me entertained."  (Celia)

"Oh really?  You have always attracted the younger guys for as long as I've known you.  So what's up with this one?  Are you planning to see him while you're in town?"  (Tina)
"No.  Turns out he has a girlfriend.  He was a real cutie though.  (Celia)
"That's just as well.  We have a lot to get done and you're only here til next week. "  (Tina) 
"Matron of honor reporting for duty."  (Celia)
The two laugh, then realize they are being called by the nail technicians.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Darius Heads Home (Photostory)

Darius has been away for the past two weeks on business.  He's finally heading back home.  He was happy to have the break.  He and Nikki have been arguing for the past couple of months.  Every little thing seems to set them off.

"Would you like something while we're waiting?"  (Stewardess)
"No thanks.  I'll wait a little bit."  (Darius)

"How long before we take off?"  (Darius)
"We're waiting for one more passenger, who is supposedly on the way to the gate."  (Stewardess)

"I'm here.  I'm here."  (Celia)

"Welcome aboard.  Let me show you to your seat."  (Stewardess)

*Damn*, Darius thinks to himself

"Here's your seat.  I'll be back in a few minutes to get your coat.  I need to let the pilot know you are here."  (Stewardess)

"Hello."  (Celia)
"Hello."  (Darius)

Celia puts down her bags and starts taking off her coat.   Darius wants to be a gentleman and get up to help, but he's afraid to get too close.  He's finding himself incredibly attracted to her.  He makes the offer anyhow.
"Need help with that?"  (Darius)
"No.  I think I can manage."  (Celia)

Moments later, Celia is happy to finally be in her seat.
"Whew, I am exhausted.  I'm not much for traveling.  The long lines at security,  taking off your shoes, and on top of that, it takes forever to get to the gate.  This airport is huge!"  (Celia)

"What about you?  Do you travel much?"  (Celia)
"Yes.  My business takes me out of town pretty frequently."  (Darius)
"What kind of business are you in?"  (Celia)

"I'm a real estate developer."  (Darius)
"That sounds like fun.  I'm Celia, by the way."  (Celia)
"Darius.  So do you live in Morristown?"  (Darius)

Before Celia can answer, the stewardess stops by to pick up her coat.
"I'll put this in a safe place for you.  We will be taking off soon."  (Stewardess)
"Thanks"  (Celia)

"So where were we?  Oh that's right you were asking me if I lived in Morristown.  No, I don't. My best friend is getting married and I'm the matron of honor.  We're meeting to do some wedding planning."  (Celia)
"Well congratulations.  When's the wedding?"  (Darius) 

"Not until spring.  Are you married?"  (Celia)
"Me?  Oh no."  (Darius)
"What about you?  Is there a Mr. Celia somewhere."  (Darius)

Celia starts laughing.  "No, there's no Mr. Celia."  (Celia)

Just then, the stewardess comes across the intercom.
"Attention passengers, Flight 338 to Morristown will be leaving momentarily.  Please make sure your seatbelts are buckled and your belongings are properly stored."  (Stewardess)

"I guess I better buckle up."  (Celia)

"Yes, we wouldn't want anything to happen to you."  (Darius)
"If I didn't know better, I would think you were flirting with me."  (Celia)

"But I'm sure I'm old enough to be your.....auntie."  (Celia)
They both start laughing.
"Well that's not saying much.  Aunties can even be younger than their nephews and nieces."  (Darius)

"Don't let the smooth skin fool you.  I'm sure I have quite a few years on you."  (Celia)
"I've always been told, never to ask a lady her age, so I won't go there.  I will just say you look damn good, whatever your age."  (Darius)
"Well I'm flattered."  (Celia)

We will check back in on these two.  

Meanwhile back at The Mane Event hair salon.... 

Melanie returned at the appointed time and Kara is about to wash and set her hair.

India is straightening up her station as she waits for a new client.

And there she is.  The new client is Lena.  She's been doing her own hair since she arrived in town.  She can finally cross finding a new hairdresser off her list.

"Hello.  Welcome to Mane Event."  (Kara)
"Thanks."  (Lena)
"Ohhh and you have a little one.  I'm going to come squeeze some little cheeks soon as I can."  (Kara)

"Great, you made it."  (India)

"And you brought, Mr. Handsome.  Hello there cutie."  (India)

"Let's just hope Mr. Handsome cooperates today."  (Lena)
"Well come on over to my station and let's get started."  (India)

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