Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kelly as Charlie's Angels

I went to TOY'S R US a couple of days ago. They have a new Kelly set, Charlie's Angels. Isn't it the cutest!

Note: The picture above is a Mattel picture. My original from TRU was lost.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Water Leak at the Meter

Last night when my hubby, Wes, arrived home he noticed that the water was gushing from the water meter. Oh no! I immediately called the water company and they suggested we turn off the water and promised they would be out first thing in the morning.

Luckily our two kids Tyler and Tyeesha were already bathed and ready for bed. We would deal with the morning water issues tomorrow.

Well the morning arrived and we got by with heating up the bottled water in the garage. I decided to work from home so I could be there for the repair man. The County guy arrived nice and early. OF COURSE he found the leak to be on my side. So that means calling a plumber and getting it fixed. There is always something! I would like to have this repair done before the kids get home from school. Kids and no water is not a great combo.

Contacted the plumber and it looks like it is going to costs us about $300. There goes part of our family vacation money. You would think that we have a nice rainy day stash. Unfortunately there have been way too many rainy days lately.

Well the kids are home and still no plumber. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer. The kids were able to eat their afternoon snacks. Even though I started the day being quite perturbed about the whole ordeal, about midday I was reminded of the Haitians and what they are going through after the earthquake. Sure my family is without water for a couple of days, but what would life be like not knowing when the next time you would even get to drink water. My spirits rebounded and I was thankful.

5:30pm and the plumbers are finally here. They scared me at first because they said I had Polybutelene pipes. That is the bad stuff that was recalled a couple of years ago. It is also the piping that is near impossible to repair. Luckily, there was PVC piping near the meter and that is where the leak was. Otherwise my $300 repair would have been over $1000. I tell them to proceed with the inexpensive repair. 6:30 and my hubby Wes is home from work. I happily turn over the plumbing issue to him. 7:30pm and the water is working again. The ordeal is finally over! The family sits down to enjoy the dinner I prepared. I never thought I would look so forward to washing the dishes!

NOTE: This story is a mix of real life and make believe. I did experience the water leak today. That was real. I don't have a hubby and two kids. That is my make believe world. I would have loved to have someone help with this ordeal. But as always I got it done.
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