Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Girls Stop By (Photostory)

 A little more work has been done on Danielle and Rod's home.  I'm in the process of installing a front door, finally.  Only the cutout is done so far.  There will be molding and hinges at some point.  They will be shopping for new furniture one day.  Hopefully sooner than later.

Antoinette, Vanessa, and Lisa have arrived.  Leslie is running late, and Sunni had to take a raincheck.

"Did you want me to cut you a piece of cake?"  (Antoinette)

"No thanks.  I'm trying to drop a few pounds."  (Danielle)
"Drop a few pounds?  For what?  You don't look like you've gained any weight."  (Antoinette)
"I don't want any newlywed pounds to start attaching themselves to my hips."  (Danielle)

"Girl, I know exactly what you mean.  Right after I got married, I put on a quick ten pounds.  Falling in love can make you fat."  (Vanessa)
"You are not helping, Vanessa."  (Antoinette)

"Yes she is.  She is being very supportive."  (Danielle)
"You don't have anything to worry about.  You know Rod is going to love you, no matter what."  (Lisa)
"Sorry.  I don't plan on just letting myself go, now that I got the ring on my finger.  I want to be the 'sexy wife'.  (Danielle)
"I hear you child.  You know, we should take one of those pole dancing classes."  (Vanessa)
"That must be Leslie."  (Danielle)

"Hey girl.  Sorry I'm late.  Joseph took a late nap."  (Leslie)
"Girl, you're not late.  The time wasn't set in stone."  (Danielle)

"Hello Ms. Ciana."  (Antoinette)
"Hi."  (Ciana)

"Hey ladies!"  (Leslie)
"Heyyy." (ladies)
"What did I miss?"  (Leslie)
"We were just talking about talking some pole classes."  (Vanessa)  
"Oh my!"  (Leslie)

"Here, mommy.  Your bag."  (Ciana)
"Thank you, sweetie."  (Leslie)
"Where's Jacob?"  (Ciana to Danielle)
"He's in the back, with the rest of the kids, watching movies.  You can go on back.  Nikaya's in charge, so listen to her."  (Danielle)

Danielle and the ladies decide to move to the living room where there is more space.

"So how was the trip?"  (Vanessa)
"It was wonderful!  It was a nice way for the kids to bond a little more."  (Danielle)

"And of course it was great to see my mother."  (Danielle)
"Oh how is she?"  (Antoinette)
"She's great.  She leads such an active life down there.  And she was thrilled to spend time with the kids."  (Danielle)

"I'm surprised the witch let you guys take Nicole with you."  (Leslie)
"Leslie!"  (Danielle)
"Look.  I call them as I see them."  (Leslie)

"Actually, I think she is trying to get better.  We still have a long way to go, though."  (Danielle)
"Well, when she comes completely around, I will stop calling her witch."  (Leslie)

"Well rumor has it, she's seeing someone."  (Antoinette)

"Whaaat?  No wonder she's being a little nicer."  (Danielle)
"Yes.  She was not sitting by, twiddling her thumbs, while you guys were gone."  (Antoinette)
"Mom?"  (Julian)

"Yes, Julian?"  (Danielle)
"Can I have a snack?"  (Julian)
"How about I fix some chips for you to share with the others?"  (Danielle)
"Oooh, yes."  (Julian)

"Awww.  What's wrong with mommy's baby?"  (Lisa)
Chelsea starts to whimper, but Lisa is able to comfort her before the full on cry breaks out.  

"Vanessa, I think someone is trying to get a piece of your cake."  (Leslie)

"Are you trying to eat my cake, Joseph?  (Vanessa)

"Are you going to be able to carry this, or would you like me to take it to the back?"  (Danielle)
"I can do it."  (Julian)
"Okay.  Walk slow."  (Danielle)

"See.  I'm going real slow, mommy."  (Julian)
"You can speed it up a little bit."  (Danielle)

"You ladies need something else to drink or eat while I'm up?"  (Danielle)
"Naw.  I think we're good."  (Lisa)
"I almost forgot to tell you guys.  We've set a date for Chelsea's christening."  (Lisa)

"That's great.  So that means you picked the godmother and godfather?"  (Vanessa)

"My twin sister is going to be the godmother.  We have a couple of people in mind for the godfather and we are still working it out."  (Lisa)
"Well, let us know what you need us to do to help."  (Antoinette)

"Excuse me?"  (Zahara)

"Yes, Zahara?"  (Antoinette)

"Mommy are we going to be here long?  I'm getting hungry."  (Zahara)
"Didn't you eat before we came here?"  (Antoinette)
"I only ate a little bit."  (Zahara)

"You want me to make her a sandwich?"  (Danielle)
"Do you mind?"  (Antoinette)
"Not at all.  As a matter of fact, I will make sandwiches for everyone.  You know once they see hers, they are all going to want one."  (Danielle)

P.S.  Did you notice I got a new body?  It's the new Kara body.  I now have bendable wrists.


  1. I really enjoyed this one.
    Good job

  2. Hello from Spain, you organize a meeting of friends very real. I feel identified with Danielle and weight control. Nice door. I like the kitchen. Giana is very cute. I like her outfit. Nice pics. Keep in touch

    1. Marta - I'm happy to see at least one of my dolls dealing with a weight issue. They seemed to be oblivious to weight gain. LOL.

  3. Nice photostory! I love your usage of children in your stories. Julian just melts my heart. : ). Danielle's new body matches he's very well.

    1. Georgia Girl - Thanks. Kids will always be a major part of Morristown. Danielle didn't get the new body. Vanessa did!

  4. Vanessa looks great on her new body. I can't wait to see her at the piano!

    1. limbe dolls - Vanessa loves her new wrist action. She's not completely happy about her leg movement, but she knows it could be worse.

  5. Vanessa looks great Vanessa! LOL Why did you wait to rebody her? I dont think then other dolls would blame you for showing favoritism.

    1. Mustiwait - There really wasn't a need to rebody her before the piano. I liked her former articulated body, except for the wrists. And it really wasn't feasible before these new articulated Kara bodies came out. It's a perfect color match. I need at least two more.

  6. haha! Me too! I caught a few pounds after marrying ... I loved the lady's meeting! And I think that Ciana is very sweetie!
    The photos are great and the scenery is perfect Congrats!!

    1. Farbield - I went up two dress sizes after getting married. Must have been all those Friday dates. It definitely wasn't my cooking. I didn't do much of that at all.

  7. Bendable wrists can be very important :)

    This was such a cute little story, I love when the girls sit around and gossip :) Pole dancing would be interesting... don't let the guys peek in the windows... lol.

    And heck yes... being in love makes you fat, fat, fat, fat. XD

    1. Heather - Especially when designated as the piano teacher. The thought of gaining marriage weight helps me stay single. LOL!

  8. Love it! Typical kids! The new marriage pounds has to do with cooking for real. I never ate that much until I started cooking and I was so naive to the fry daddy being FATTENING!

    1. Kenya - How can you not know that a product with Fry in the name is fattening? LOL! My ex and I developed a love for sharing Big Macs, which was really strange because he was a health nut and I was weight conscious. Didn't take us long to realize we needed a new hobby.

    2. LOL! I was just naive to gaining weight at all. After a few years of marriage that grease LANDED.

  9. I gained a few pounds after I got married because I married a man that was a great cook! LOL Of course, I was able to lose it later on. Vanessa does look great Vanessa! Bendable wrists are very important for piano teachers. I may have a "Cindi" in Moreville someday, but I have to decide who I'll be! LOL :-)

    1. Cindi - Ooh I can't wait to see who plays you in Moreville. Having a husband as a good cook can be a blessing and a curse. My ex did most of the cooking the first two years, but he was pretty healthy in his choices.

  10. Kids always somehow become thirsty and hungry when grown people are talking lol

    1. Tinisha - Kids and animals act similar when adults are talking. They seem to want more attention at those times. My former two dogs would always act out the minute I got on the phone.

  11. The house is coming along quite nice. Great dialogue and images. I like the way Danielle comes in and out of focus in the two images where she and Antoinette are discussing Melanie.

    As usual, the kids are adorable.

    I am sure "you" are happy to have your new body.


    1. DBG - Thanks. Yes, doll Vanessa is like real Vanessa. She is somewhat happy. She wishes her new body's legs could close a little more, or that she could twist her knees a bit, but she is NOT going to complain.

  12. HI Vanessa - too bad Sunni couldn't make it, haven't seen her in quite some time. It was great seeing the original girls! They have such a great friendship and there kids are lil' darlings. :)

    Great episode.

    1. Tracy - Sunni and her kids were dressed to come, but I decided at the last minute to not show her. Who knows, she may pop in before the party breaks up.

  13. Danielle could put on a ton of weight and Rod loves her so much he would just say, "more cushion for the pushin'."

    1. Muff - TMI! TMI! ROBL! (Translation: Too much information. Rolling off the bed laughing.)

  14. Congrats for your new body, you will now be able to play the piano perfectly! I loved this photostory, it remembered me of a Desperate Housewifes episode, great!!

    1. Rossetti - Thanks. Those wrists will come in handy for those classes Vanessa mentioned. LOL!

  15. It's always nice to see the ladies get together for some girl time and how realistic it was, with the interruptions from the children. Danielle is a great host.

    1. Adrian - Thanks. The last time they got together, they were without the kids. Now I see why. LOL.


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