Friday, December 30, 2011

My Year In Review

What a difference a year makes!  This time last year I was just happy to be alive, after experiencing the worst year of my life.  I truly believe my dolls helped turn it around for me.  Seeing that 10,000 people had viewed my video got me out the bed and creating videos again.  So this has been an amazing year for me. So let's take a closer look.

I started the year with 6 videos loaded.  Two of those were just random doll videos, not related to doll stories.  I had about 11,000 views for all 6 videos.  Today, a year later, I have 56 videos loaded, with a total of


I have three videos that have gone well over 200,000.  I now better understand the concept of compound interest.  Once a video reached the 100,000 mark, it took no time at all to get to the 200,000 mark.  I noticed I had gone over a million a couple of weeks ago.  I never pay attention to those stats. That's not what's important to me, but due to the YouTube design change, it was now prominently displayed at the top of the page.  It is amazing to me that so many people have watched my videos.  I have received the most wonderful comments along the way.  I have also received incredible email messages, cards and gifts from followers that have expressed elation over the videos.  I have witnessed people in person discussing my characters as though they are real.  It has been a fulfilling experience for me and I get confirmation every day that I am supposed to be doing this.  One of the most touching moments was being IM'd (instant messaged) by one of my 10yr old followers.  She and I had conversed through email on previous occassions.  Right in the middle of her instant message about the dolls, she breaks out with "OMG, I can't believe that I am talking to The One and Only Vanessa Morrison of vansdolltreasures".  It was like I was some superstar.  It was wonderful.

My Etsy shop thrived throughout the year and I saw my requests for commissions steadily increase. (Just got another one last night).  I was very happy to add food to my shop this year.  Next year I hope to design some new furniture pieces, add lots more food, and possibly start selling clothes for the SIS/Chelsea sized dolls.  The shop is pretty much empty at the moment.  I will get back to stocking the store sometime mid-January.

There were approximately 25 families created this year and Morristown was born.  My family room has been completely transformed into this wonderful little town.  Five families got permanent homes  There is now a boutique (Ni'Chalet's) , a hair salon (The Mane Event), a bridal boutique (Bridal Originals), a jazz spot (The Den),  and a whole host of restaurants.  Coming soon will be a grocery store, and the long awaited daycare.

In 2011, I posted 267 times, so far.  In 2010, I posted only 52 times,  but that was truly an accomplishment considering.  When I started my blog in 2009, I had no clue as to what I would blog about.  I didn't have families in mind at the time and I just wanted to bring attention to my furniture.  How did families come about you ask?  I had all of these loose dolls and I had put them into little groups.  I would name them and a week later forget what their names were and I could never put my hands on the notebook where I wrote down everyone's name.  That's when I decided to just put them into families, name them, and post it on my blog.  This way I would have a permanent, easy to find reference when I needed their names.  That is how this whole putting families on my blog came about.  It was just for my purpose of remembering their names.  Here is a video of the original families I put together.  It was created long before I loaded it into YouTube. The couch that they are sitting on was a sofa that I was trying some new design techniques on.  So that is why it looks the way it does.  I will be doing a new family video as soon as a few more dolls arrive.  Some of the other dolls in this video will be making an appearance next year.  I think there are some large images in this video and it may take a while to play.  You may want to let it play through first then watch it again with out the stopping.

My Greatest Accomplishments for 2011
1) Inspiring others to start blogs.
2) Inspiring young girls to continue playing with their dolls.
3) Getting some of my furniture published in the Fashion Doll Quarterly
    Winter 2011.
4) Meeting some of the most wonderful people.
5) Learning how to cook to the point where I am creating my
    own recipes.

The People
I want to thank all of you who visit my blog, watch my videos, shop at my Etsy store, and encourage me to keep doing this.  I truly appreciate the time you invest in my blog.  It wouldn't be be the same without you.  I would still enjoy it, but it's so much better having all of you with me. 

Special thanks goes out to the following:
Debbie of Black Doll Collecting - for putting up with my craziness, and for keeping us informed about Black dolls.
Paulette of Limbe Dolls - for reaching out to me with picture taking tips in the beginning. Thanks for blessing us with your tutorials, and those amazing stories.
Tracy of Dolls and the City - for your amazing comments and continued encouragement. I feel like I've known you forever.  I look forward to more drama from your city.
Frannie of Thrift Store Dolls - for being such a sweet and giving person and reminding us to check those thrift stores.
Dana of A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls, and Action Figures - for keeping us informed of different dolls and our foot in the action figure world and blessing us with your Joe's. Where would we be without Joe.
Ms. Leo of  I-Luv-Dolls - for the nice variety of dolls, Etienne, and the other beautiful men you have introduced us to.  [Ms. Leo doesn't know this, but she is like the big sister I never wanted.  ROFL.  She and I have had a couple of spats this past year, but we always hug and make up.  The first spat happened earlier in the year when I suggested she remove her blog approval. (I now know that is a Philly thing.  Kidding.)  The last was our Monster High fight.]  I love you Ms. Leo!
Cecile of Chynadoll Creations -  for reaching out to me on Facebook and joining our blogging family.  You have been a blessing with your beautiful repaints of your dolls and now your furniture.
William of 1/6th Point of View - for allowing yourself to be happy being creative with your dolls and for continuing to bless us with handsome action figures, great stories, and Club Euphoria.
Vickey (Georgia Girl) of Pink Obsession - for your amazing support and for joining our blogging family.
EbonyNicole of BrooklynStarsForever -  for your wonderful photos and for the Blasian experience.  Obsession never looked so good!
Anika of Dollz4Moi Vinyl Musings - for always being there and for reminding me that there is someone out there with WAY MORE doll stuff than I have.
Catherine (Cat) of A Doll Affinity - for being so giving and so sweet and for your amazing hair reroots and  redos, and great stories.
Marta of All4Barbie - for your continued support, your amazingly detailed dios, and for making all those pink playsets look so good.
Loretta of At Home with Loretta - for feeding me this year through your Sunday meal posts, for adopting me as your daughter, and for allowing James (your husband) to blog in your absence.  He is one in a million.
Jorge of Clicking Dolls - for your unique take on the doll world, your amazing photography, and for inspiring me to buy the AA Dallas Cowboy doll.  She is amazing.
robyne of Desperately Seeking Dolls - for being so wonderful. There are a number of dolls in my collection because of your blog alone.  Most notably Sylvia (Target 1.5 Model #8).  Thank you for making me look at my dolls in new light. Thanks for showing me the plane, too.  It was so needed in Morristown.
Emma D - for being such a delightful young girl.  You are so beyond your years and you have renewed my faith in the younger generation.
BrnBetty - for your amazing support, friendship, words of wisdom and encouragement, and for loving my videos soooo much.
mrscarissa - for your continued suppport and friendship.
Dukasha - my Russian connection. You are a wealth of information, especially when it comes to fashion doll kids.  Thanks for keeping me straight with my doll names.
The Doll Divas and Flickr family -  You are an amazing bunch of talented people.  I have spent more money than I care to remember, just from looking at your pictures.

and last but not least, Kenya of Here's the Thing.  I met her on a Blog Jog day.  She is not a doll person, she is a writer and her book The Christopher Chronicles just hit the stores. Christopher is her 6 year old son.  If you want a good laugh, her blog is the place to go.  She is naturally hilarious and she has that "homegirl" vibe about her.  She has a serious crush on my Darius doll, which doesn't surprise me because she favors Halle Berry to me.  That is why we renamed my Halle Berry doll, Halle Kenya Berry.  Kenya, you are one in a million, that's for keeping me in stitches.  The picture of you walking to "Wobble Wobble" can get me laughing any time of the day. I think I'll go play that song right now.

Inevitably I will forget someone, and I do apologize.  You guys know I have a bad memory. Here are a few more peole I want to thank: Dani of Vita Plastica, Susannah of Building of the Priors, In A Dolly's World, Hey It's Muff,  and Dollies Series.  Thanks for your support and your wonderful blogs that have inspired and entertained me throughout the year.

I will be reaching out to other bloggers soon.  Amazing blogs are being added every day.  Don't worry.  You guys know I always share what I find.

Health Update
Some of you know that I am fighting a battle with a cancer that affects my blood cells.  I have done amazingly well this year.  The treatment has worked like a charm.  I feel great and I function like a normal person as long as I take my meds.  Unfortunately, the last few months I have not gotten the best doctor reports and they want to switch me to a new treatment.  One which is incredibly inconvenient and requires a lot more out of pocket money.  I have been praying and asking for prayers that the current treatment will start working again.  I am a woman who believes in the power of prayer.  I go back to the doctor's today, but since the numbers lag by one month, I won't really know if the changes I made this month have made a difference.  My doctor doesn't understand when I tell him, "I can't switch treatments until after Danielle and Rod get married."  He also doesn't understand that Darius and Nikki are in desperate need of their vacation to Aspen and I have to get that done.  These dolls are part of the reason I am still here today, and they are healing me just as much as any medicine.  So for all of you who are praying folks, please put me in your prayers.  One last special thank you to Teddy, my soon to be 19 year old dog,  who shows me every day that life is worth living.  He is a 10 lb miracle with nine lives.  He has survived being run over by a car, a sprained back that was so bad he couldn't walk for months, my ex-husband who hated him, and when he went blind last year, I thought for sure he wouldn't last long.  All that bumping into walls was wearing him out.  He may be blind, but I swear that dog can see now.  He is getting around at lightning speed and hasn't bumped into a wall in over 9 months.  About a month ago it looked like the end was near for him.  I told him it was okay to go.  He didn't eat or drink for several days and literally couldn't move.  I held him and bottle fed him some of the special water I drink.  In two days he was back to normal.  He is now getting around like nothing ever happened.    

I hope this post did not depress you.  So if it did, let's take a look at some of the positives of me getting cancer:
* Morristown, and the videos as they are, would probably not exist.
* I would never have forced myself to learn how to cook well. (It was on my "list")
* I got down to a size 2. Something I never thought was possible.  Thank goodness I didn't stay there long. Size 2 does not look good on everyone.  But in my mind, it was awesome.  Even for a little while.
* My hair is the healthiest it has been since my early 20s. Go figure!  I can't promise future treatments won't take it away, but for now it's nice to have.
* I had wanted to get dental work done for the past 5 years. After fainting from my meds and falling down the stairs, I was forced to use that extra money I had coming on dental work. You guys know without the fall, that extra money would have gone somewhere else.
* I have learned to really appreciate the little things like blooming flowers, perfectly formed clouds in the sky, walking and running, breathing.
* I was an open person before, but now I'm ridiculously open.  It is quite freeing to be able to respectfully say what needs to be said. 
* I no longer waste my time arguing, being upset, holding grudges, and all the rest of that nonsense. When I took a glimpse of the end (and turned back), I no longer wanted to waste anymore precious time on nonsense.  I want to enjoy every moment.
* Decided to debox or sell every doll that I own.  I don't have any kids to pass them on to, and let's think about it.  Can anyone, who is not a doll person, enjoy my dolls better than I can?  H to the No.  Off with those boxes!
* I hug and say "I love you" a lot more.
* Immediately stopped worrying about my retirement fund and my credit score!  That alone was a big weight off my shoulder.  I seemed to be living for these two things alone.
* Best of all,  I MET ALL OF YOU!!!

If this sounds like a farewell, IT IS NOT!  I have way too many stories to tell, dolls to buy, etc to be leaving anytime soon.  I plan to be around for a long time or at least until the dog dies.  LOL!  You have to forgive me.  Laughter has also been great medicine for me, so I tend to find humor in some of the craziest things.


P.S.  There will be a New Year's video.  It probably won't get posted until January 2nd, 2012

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chelsea Has New Friends. Meet Tamika

On my trip to Walmart today, I was surprised to see a whole new line of Chelsea sized dolls.  How did I miss this?  I looked through the pack and selected the one AA Tamika doll that was there.

So this is Tamika.  Isn't she a cutie?  I was pleased to see that she didn't have one of those crazy bent arms.

This is the back of the box.  Sorry it's so blurry.  I was too lazy to retake this picture.  Here is the new crew. I love the red head and the strawberry blond girl.  I will be adding them soon. The Asian girl is cute too, but she has the bent arm thing going on. I think the Target Santa doll I bought is the same Asian doll, but with straight arms.

Julian was on the "Welcome to Morristown" committee.  I hate to break it to you guys, but it seems like the kids are getting big heads, too.  I guess it only makes sense that big head ladies would have big head kids. 

I bought this doll because she was seriously 'rollbacked'.  This is the overpiced ($20) Swapping Style Artsy.  I would never dream of paying $20 for this doll.  They had her marked down to $10.  I considered still not getting her and buying the Nikki doll with the new and improved body instead.  But I love this outfit and the highlights in Artsy's hair

She will keep her own body and be a part of Morristown. She will not, however, get to keep the outfit.  She will continue being Chang Lee's assistant, and swap heads as necessary. This is the second generation fashionista (swapping styles) body, not the new body. It's the one that very few people liked. This was the worst body that I've experenced right out the box.  No wonder they marked it at 50% off.  It kills me when they double the price and reduce the quality.  These dolls were overpriced from the very beginning.  But I sure love that outfit.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Battle of the Fashionista Bodies (Doll Nudity)

I was compelled to do this post after getting comments about how much better the original fashionista body is compared to the new 2012 body.  Sorry for the shadowy pictures. Morristown has grown so much, that my picture taking area was taken over by the local hotel.  I have yet to locate a new photo studio.  I may have to hire one of the local real estae agents to help me out.

Sylvia, Model 8, has the original Artsy body. Halle Berry is sporting the "new" 2012 fashionista body. 

 "So the first thing is to sit like a lady.  I said a lady, not a dude." (Halle)
"Oh. sorry." (Sylvia)

"How's this?" (Sylvia)
"You look awkard.  Is that the best you can do?" (Halle)
"Pretty much." (Sylvia)

"Well let's try something similar on the floor.  Maybe the chair was hindering you.  So when I go on nice romantic picnics, I like to look dainty as my date is feeding me chocolate covered strawberries.  But I digress." (Halle)
"Hmmm.  This is as dainty as I can get."(Sylvia)

"What about a yoga pose?  Not bad. You need to work on your flexibility, though." (Halle)

"Now cross your legs." (Halle)
"Wait. Darn. Why can't I do that?" (Sylvia)
"Let's move on." (Halle)

"But can you do this?!" (Sylvia)
"I'm a lady, not a stripper.  Why would I need to do that?" (Halle)
"I don't know.  Doesn't everyone need to be able to do a split?" (Sylvia)

"Granted, I can only open my legs this wide, but I really don't think I need them to open any wider.  But for the sake of the battle, I will give you this one." (Halle)

"But check this out.  I can stand without one of those crazy doll stands.  Heyyyy, Hooo." (Sylvia)

"Big whoop.  I can do that, too." (Halle)
"What? You can stand without a doll stand!  Darn, I thought for sure I would win that one." (Sylvia)
"By the way, close your legs, I think we now have an audience." (Halle)

FASHIONISTA 2012. (crowd cheers)
"How did she do that knee thing again." (Sylvia)

"Can you show me how to do that knee thing?" (Sylvia)
"Girl, I don't think you can do it with that body." (Halle)

This is the second post of the day.  You can see the first one about sock sweaters here.
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Rod Got a New Sweater, but Danielle got an Outfit

A couple of months ago I bought socks to make regular sweaters for my men.  Well I was inspired a couple of days ago to finally get on with this project. 

This is the sweater I made for Rod.  It's the first one, so there are always issues.  I made it too short, a little lopsided, and I have to fix the neckline.  BUT, I was happy to get the first one done because I know the rest will go a lot smoother.  This one I sewed completely by hand.  The  rest will be machine sewn.

Rod was such a sweetheart and he said he didn't mind the errors.  He would still wear it.

I can never just work on one project at a time, so before I finished Rod's sweater I had sewn this cute little top for Danielle.  This is just the top part of the sock.  I literally just sewed it on her. 

Then I decided, before finishing Rod's sweater, that I wanted to start on a bigger sweater for Darius.  Somehow, I ended up detouring and making a little hat for Danielle.  This is made from the toe of the sock.  I sewed a couple of stitches in the top to make it smaller, gathered the bottom with a running stitch and voila, a hat.  This was just a sample and something I now plan to expand on.

I was now on a roll and decided to make Danielle a cardigan sweater.  Yes, I am still using the same pair of socks.  I cut it so that the front of the cardigan could be print, while the back was a solid.

I couldn't find the cute little buttons I bought that would be perfect for this, so Danielle is using the belt from the BB 2.0 Male pack, that I finally bought from Big Lots for $6!

Her sweater set goes perfectly with the pants I made about a month ago.

Believe it or not, I still have plenty of sock left to make a few more things.

Watch out Halle Berry.  There's a new model on the scene.  Oh yeah.  Danielle said she would be better at this posing thing if she had one of those pivotal bodies like Halle has.  I told her, Halle may have the body, but you have the man.  So who's the lucky lady now?

While I don't do tutorials, I am at least including two tutorials from others that will help you create your own male sweater and a hat.  They are both different than what I made, but I am all about inspiring people to reach for greater creative heights.  The other items I made for Danielle just flowed forth once I got started.   So I encourage you to always go beyond what you see in any tutorial.  Your goal should always be to "create" not "copy".

Here is sort of a "tutorial" that inspired me to finally make my male sweater.  If you have some basic sewing skills, and some creativity, this is fairly easy.  The style is different than the one I made, but it is very cute.  There are no written or spoken instructions in this video.  It is a "see and sew" from one of my YouTube buddies.  I started watching her Stop Motion Animated videos earlier this year.  Then discovered that she also designs Barbie outfits. 

Most of you are familiar with MyFroggyStuff.  She is a master at making creative Barbie accessories.  She recently put out this tutorial for a felt Tam, which is adorable.  I didn't use this for the hat I made, but this is so simple and so cute. 

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Articulation Confusion and Halle Berry Drama (Doll Nudity)

 Yesterday I deboxed two of the Fashionistas I bought about a week ago.  I knew that one (Glam) was the "Swapping Style" with the removable head.  I was okay with that because I bought her for her dress and jewelry. I also like the knee movement.  The other one I opened was the new style Artsy.  I was briefly taken aback when I realized it was pivotal.  Get out! A pivotal body is the ultimate.  This sent me scouring through my dolls to find an old fashonista body (pre swapping heads).  While doing this I realized I must have 100 different style articulated bodies.  Good grief! I think, Basic 1.5 Model 8 is on an old Fashonista body, but I don't know for sure.  If she is, then the first fashionista bodies were also pivotal and I never paid attention to it.  You know what happens.  You never pay attention until they take it away and you find yourself spending extra money to get the very thing they took away.

(l) Model 8  (c) Glam 2011 (r) Halle on fashionista 2012

I think I only had one, possibly two, of the old Fashionista bodies. Now I want to go out and buy all the new Artsy bodies and rebody a number of my other dolls. You know it's bad when the fully articulated dolls are getting new articulated bodies.  This madness really has to end. 

The Pop Life body was one of my favorite bodies.  I only have two of them.  They were my pivotal choice and they have exceptional motion.  They are pretty skinny, which normally isn't appealing to me, but it is nice to be able to use some of those cute Model Muse clothes that don't fit the ladies with hips.  But I just noticed yesterday that the Pop Life bodies are a lot taller than the Fashionista bodies.  Not great when you are trying to pair up a doll with the already height challenged male dolls.  My Racquel, BB2.5, is currently on a Pop Life body.  Yes the articulated Basic doll got a new body the day she arrived.  Madness I tell you!  Anyway, I may have to move her to a Fashionista body because I have been looking high and low for a tall body for her husband.  Girlfriend may just have to loose some of her height.

Believe it or not, the Barbie Basic 2.5 articulated body is on the far right.  Again this body is taller than the Fashionista body and there is no pivotal movement.  So I ask you this.  Why wouldn't Mattel add the pivotal movement, too?  They had it on their $10 doll, why not their $20 doll? 

Here is Halle with her new body and her date for the New Year's Party.  I think she likes him, but I can't tell if she is just happy to have a new pivotal body or if she's happy to have a date.  Notice I said date, not man.  She has not decided if they will be a couple.  She just didn't want to be a third wheel at the party with her new best friend, Racquel, and her husband.  (Yes, that man will be there even if I have to borrow a body).

So what's the drama you ask.  Well, this New Year's Party is being hosted by The Langfords.  Every year they throw a party and invite friends, family and some of the important business people in the community.  They also encourage their friends and family to invite some of their business associates.  It is the party that everyone looks forward to.

Just to refresh your memory.  Darius is Camille and William's nephew.  He is also a very prominent business owner.  In other words, he and Nikki will be at the party.  How did Halle get invited?  Well Racquel invited her as her extended guest.  Remember, Racquel's husband works with Darius, so that is how they got their invite.  When I made Racquel and Halle good friends, it didn't dawn on me, until about a month later, what I had done.   My intent was just to keep Halle from stealing Racquel's husband.  I knew if they were really good friends Halle would not go there.  (We don't play that in Morristown).  So let the drama begin.  By the way, Halle has no idea that Darius is going to be there.  So let's see if her date is there at the end of the night.

This articulation thing is going to drive me to drink! Mattel, can you just do one great body in lots of different skin tones?  The new Fashionista body is a great candidate.  

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Do You Know Who This Is?

Some of my dolls are getting ready for the upcoming New Year''s Party.

Do you recognize this lady?
I'll give you a hint.

It's Sunni!  Here she is with her family.
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rod and Danielle Finally Get Some Time Alone (Video)

Can you believe it?  Another video.  I warned you guys.  Don't worry.  I can't stay at this pace.  Can I?

Here in Morristown I pretty much have control over what happens.  However, there are a few dolls, that will sometimes just do their own thing.  For instance, Halle Berry and Darius.  As you know I can't even keep those two near each other for fear of what may happen.  Well this video had a similar feel to me.  Normally, as I am shooting the video, I am writing the story in my head.  For this video, I had an idea in mind of what I wanted to happen.  Rod and Danielle had other ideas.  This is not the story I had in mind, but apparently it is the story they wanted me to tell.

As I was shooting the video, I realized that I didn't have a story like I normally do.  Why?  Because these two just weren't talking.  All they were doing was looking all googly eyed at each other.  I knew I was in trouble.  Well after analyzing the pictures, I finally figured out what they were saying.  These two were definitely running this show.                
No, I did not paint the camper.  I have no intention on painting the camper. 

Check out the moose blanket.  Only Rod would have a moose blanket. I bought that material a couple of weeks ago and had no clue how I was going to use it.

Now you know why I was trolling the basement for trees.

Double-click on the YouTube logo to see the video full screen.
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Meet The Other Hairdresser

I wasn't sure who would fill the role as the second hairdresser at The Mane Event, Kara's Hair Salon.  I knew she would just show up when she was ready.  As I was trolling the basement looking for trees, I took a quick peek at the boxed dolls.  I was just taking a quick inventory of what was left.  When I saw this doll, I immediately thought, "a lady with that much hair needs to be a hairdresser"!  I ripped open the box right there in the basement.  Snatched off her yellow scarf and thought, "I can't believe I have had this doll sitting in a box for all those years!"  Look at that gorgeous head of hair.  Granted, she is yet another Mbili mold doll in my collection, but I still love her.

I don't have a name for her yet.  She did get a new body quicker than I could say "boo".  She is so ready to get to work.  Just in time, too.  You know everyone is trying to get their hair done for the holidays. 

I tore open her box so quickly, I didn't get to take a picture.  But here is her body in tact, just in case you aren't familiar with which doll this is.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So Who Did Get the Outfit that Cat Sent?

Racquel, did!  She is one of the few dolls I have that could actually get her hips into that skirt.  But I think she wears it well.  These photos are being taken in her daughter, Nichelle's, unfinished nursey.

This is the cute outfit that Cat from A Doll Affinity sent to my dollies. It came with a pretty lace top,  a leopard print mini skirt, a purse and a pair of shoes.

So to honor the 100 StarDollar gift card that we also received, Racquel decided to put on a little fashion show using her new pieces.  We will start with the lacy top.  This is a nice casual look featuring gold lame cropped pants and a leather jacket.

For a more dressy look, she paired the top with a long A-line skirt. 

Another casual look with a denim skirt and jacket.

Whew, I sure am glad she put the baby in the crib, before she fell off the table.  This is a nice look for work.  The top is paired with a wrap skirt and a fur lined collar jacket.

Here is another look.

I love this look. The top and wrap skirt are paired with a nice white linen jacket.  In the perfect world she would have changed her copper earrings and put on some different shoes.  Next time.

Same look, a little less dressy with a different necklace.

Now on to the skirt.  Normally, I wouldn't have paired this top with this skirt, but since I've been playing on Stardoll, I am slowly venturing out of my little narrow fashion box and trying different things.

I really love it with the little learher jacket. A nice casual look.

Paired with a beige and white top gives is a slightly dressier look.

One more casual look.

The final look is again something I probably never would have done before Stardoll on-line.  Now I am liable to throw anything together. I do like this one, though.  It could defnitely use a belt. I don't own too many of those...yet.

After doing this post, I can think one of two things.  "I am spending way too much time on Stardolls", OR "Boy that time I am spending on Stardolls is really paying off".  Just the fact that I intentionally changed this doll's clothes this many times in such a short period of time is nothing short of a miracle.  And on top of that, I put her hair up, too. (That only took 3 seconds though.  Another incredible feat for me).  Miracles do happen.  Hope you enjoyed our little fashion show.  Thanks again Cat!
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