Monday, October 31, 2011

Not Much Sewing Done, but Zahara is Happy

I didn't have much time for sewing this weekend, but I needed to get my two weekly garments sewn.  I settled on a couple of things for Zahara, considering she has yet to get her red outfit back from Jada.

I started off making her some purple corduroy pants.  They are paired here with a coat I bought for Kelly (see the short sleeves).

I didn't feel like changing the thread, so I decided to make her a little jumper dress. The idea is to make her a turtleneck shirt and tights to go with this.

Then I put them together and got another little outfit.  Eventually I will add decorations to the kid clothes.  For now I will keep it pretty simple.

In honor of the snow the Northeast received, I made her a little coat.  It is a little small, so I have to remake it a little bigger.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The ISH May Hit The Fan Soon

Well this is Rod's ex-wife, Melanie.  She is on her way to pick up Nicole from the sleepover.  But first she is meeting with Rod.  She has no idea what he wants to talk about.  She imagines it is something regarding Nicole. 

Side Note:  This is a bad sistah.  If you are wondering why I ever split her and Rod up, well I have a confession.  At the time the split happened, I didn't actually have a real wife/ex-wife for Rod.  This lady was added to my collection shortly thereafter.  She seemed like the perfect mother for Nicole, so she got the job.

She is sporting a pair of pants I made last weekend that I didn't show you.  It is paired with a sock sweater I made some months ago.

A little tip for getting those sweaters on without getting them caught in those fingers is to wrap the hands with a little saran wrap.  Works like a charm.  I didn't do it that way the first two times, so I got a little snag here and there.

"Get it, girl! Go get your man!"

I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt.  She may actually be happy for Rod.
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nikaya's Having Her Sleepover! (video)

Friday night and we're going to a sleepover!  Well the girls are anyway.  I worked on Nikaya's and Zahara's room a little more.  I will continue adding touches here and there.  I will make them more curtains when I find a fabric that I like.  I just needed to add something to those naked windows.  Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shantavia's New Camera and Tripod

Shantavia, our resident photographer, is testing out her new camera and tripod.  She is excited because she just got word that she was selected as the photographer for an upcoming bridal fashion show.  She is really becoming the photographer of choice in her community.

"Get ready to smile, Jada."
"Mommy, but there's no one there to take the picture."

"I put the timer on honey.  Say cheese."

"Here we go again, Jada."
"Ta da."

"Don't drop me."

"Ok, picture taking is over.  Let's go eat dinner, silly girl."
"What are we having?"


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Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Finished the Latest Custom Order

Along with the pants sewing that I did this weekend, that I blogged about earlier, I finished my latest custom order.  They are 3 seat cushion sofas.  Not normally what I do, so don't get any ideas.  LOL! 

Jacquelyn is visiting with her mom and niece.  This is exactly the living room that the Langford's would have.  Maybe one day I will have enough time to bless them with such a room.

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My Sewing Lesson This Weekend: Pants

So far I am keeping to my promise.  I am sewing a few new items per week.  This weekend I worked on pants.  We know I don't like patterns and instructions.  The other two things I don't like are darts and elastic. So I set out to make fitted, dartless, elastic free pants.

I have had this fabric more than 10 years. I bought it to make myself some pants.  That never happened. 

They look pretty good on Shantavia.  I can't wait until I get to suit jackets.  This is going to make a wonderful pants suit.

Jacquelyn's pants are little higher waisted.  I made these from a vinyl placemat.  Just something a little different.  I didn't mean to use contrasting thread on the bottom, but she will have to live with it.

She found a cute little jacket I bought a few months ago that hadn't been claimed.  Now all she needs is that Gucci bag that has been on my list for ages. 

I made a few more pairs of pants, but this is all I am sharing today.  I will probably make all the kids some pants before I move on to my next lesson.
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meet Chyna. No Not That One!

This one!  Are you confused?  Don't be.  This beautiful little girl showed up on my doorstep a couple of days ago, looking for a new home.  I was all too happy to take her in.  This is a Chynadoll Creation.  Some of you are familiar with her Pajama Kids.  This doll is gorgeous.  She has the prettiest eyes, and I can't figure out how Chynadoll got her hair to do that.  She may make a cameo appearance one day in a story, but she is a collector's item and will take her place in my collector area.

Isn't she adorable?

Look at the little slippers.

Here's Ciana admiring Chyna's hair, wondering if her hair can look that good.  Oh goodness.  Little Chyna has started something over her.  I can see it now.  The next time I go to the studio I wouldn't be surprised if they were all holding combs and brushes. 

Doll people really are the best people in the world.  Thanks again Chyna for this wonderful addition to my collection.  How does one go about purchasing their own Pajama Kid, or other Chynadoll Creation?  Also several of the moms really liked the pajama sets and was wondering where they could buy sets for their kids.  Do you sell the pjs by themselves? 

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I Have to Get This Off My Chest

There is something that has been irritating me lately.  It's not a big deal to most, and some of you probably won't understand why it's bothering me.  But since it has been constantly on my mind the past week, I finally decided to blog about it.

It started with the new Adele sculpt that was presented at the Jet Set Convention.  Most people are raving over the new doll.  I, too, think that the doll is gorgeous, but it is not Adele.  So my question to myself and to a few others was, "Why not give this doll a new name?"  She is clearly not the Adele that Adele collectors have come to know and love.  There are millions of names available. Are you saying that Integrity couldn't come up with a new name for this doll?

So then Mattel comes out with the new fashionistas.  Now they have decided to go back to giving them names.  So the Artsy doll is now named Nikki....again.  This is not Nikki!  It is the Desiree sculpt.  Why are you naming this doll Nikki?  Does Barbie have a limit on how many Black friends she can have?  She has two.  Nikki and Christie.  Yes, you have the SIS dolls, but they are not Barbie's friends.  They are friends to each other.

I would just like to see both companies be a little more mindful of when you change face sculpts to the point that the doll is totally different, you really should change the doll's name.  Now I think I need to voice this opinion directly to the two companies.  I feel better now.

Come back later, when I will be getting back to the joy of dolls.

Friday, October 21, 2011

We're Finally Moving on to the Slumber Party

Decided I needed to get moving on some of these stories.  Those sleeping bags are getting dusty, so I needed to let the girls have their slumber party.  I had a few lighting challenges.  I think the light source was too close to the subject, and that mirrored table didn't help matters any.  I should have put a white table cloth on it, but didn't think of it in time. 

As you will see, the Taylor kitchen is still being worked on.  I would say that it will be finished the next time you see it, but that wouldn't make sense.  It needs to stay unfinished until I get the second part of the slumber party filmed.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

My Weekend Projects

Niel from Niel's Doll Room made an awesome wrap dress not too long ago.  You can see it here.  When I saw it, I was inspired.  This weekend when I decided to sew a couple of things to continue trying to get my sewing skills back, I ended up creating a wrap dress of sorts.  I think subconsciously Niel's dress was in my head because I didn't set out to do a wrap dress like this.  LOL!  My goal was to sew a sleeveless, no collar wrap dress without a pattern or instructions.  I HATE patterns and pattern instructions.  I have decided to use my creativity to make this sewing thing work.  If I can't mentally figure out construction from looking at a picture, it is not going to happen.  When I threw out the cookbooks and relied on techniques, I learned how to cook.  When I decided to create my own techniques for working with polymer clay, I was finally able to make food.  I am going to try this same method with sewing and see how I do.

This is what I ended up with for what I am calling a coat dress.  It went through many iterations before I settled on this.

I felt like I was on Project Runway with all the cutting and adjusting and designing on the fly.

Lydia is headed to meet with Darius and Nikki to get their bedroom and bathroom moving along.  This is the perfect little work dress.

I also made some cropped pants.  They could use a little more ironing. 

This jacket isn't quite finished yet.  I still need to add a lining.  Again I was just creating on the fly.  The jacket started off as a poncho, then it was 2 more things before I settled on this jacket. 

I think adding a black belt to the shirt will add a little pizzazz. I am not good at styling. One thing at a time.

Finally, the pants go nicely with her ski jacket.

I finished Nikaya's and Zahara's comforters and sheets and installed a throw rug.

This room will look a lot better when I work on the walls and the curtains. Nikaya is waiting to go to dance class.  Her outfit is from the $1 store.

Antoinette even got her French doors worked on (the curtains are temporary) and the hutch installed above the desk.

Girlfriend decided she wanted more cabinets installed, so the workers (me!) decided to make her some more.  Can't wait til this project is over.  She is literally driving me crazy.

So that was most of my weekend.  I did work on two furniture commissions, as well.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
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