Sunday, September 30, 2012

Words and a Cake

 Well, I finally got the customizable words listed in my Etsy shop.    The customer picks the word (up to 7 letters), upper or lower case, and either black or white.  The price is quite reasonable considering the amount of work that goes into these little pieces.  These are made on a scroll saw, lightly sanded, prepped for painting, then painted.  The price is an introductory one through the end of the year.

I will be offering a few Halloween cakes at about half the price of my normal cakes.  They will come with 2 cut slices that are detailed and loose.  They will not come with the pictured cake stand.  I have plans for more Halloween treats.  We will see how that goes.

The next story is already waiting to be told.  I can tell you it takes place at the Pediatrician's office.  Hope you will tune in for that episode.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rod and Freeman's Fishing Trip (Photostory)

While the rest of Morristown was having Family Fun Day, Rod and Freeman were out fishing at one of Rod's favorite spots.  Tony had argued with Rod about not spending any time with their father since his return.  So Rod agreed to a fishing trip.  Just him and his dad.

After being out on the lake most of the day in the boat, Rod decided to cast one more line to see if he could catch one more fish.  He was a little disappointed in how little fish he had caught. 

Meanwhile, Freeman was taking a break.

He watched his son intently, just so happy to be spending the day with him.

He sits down and takes a look at their catch.  Wasn't a lot, but the day had been very special. 

"Woo hoo, Dad.  This one's for you."  

Freeman looks up.
"That's a nice one, son."

"He's trying to get away, but I have news for him.  Ain't gonna happen." 

"That looks like the biggest catch of the day."   

Rod returns to the boat and adds the fish to the others.  It is indeed the biggest catch of the day.

"So Dad, are we ready to call it a day?"  (Rod)

"Call it a day?  I can't let you outdo me, son.  I need one more go out there.  Let me see if I can't get one just a tad bigger."  (Freeman)
"Well, I see you haven't lost that competitive spirit."  (Rod)
"I can't be outdone by one of my offspring.  At least not without a fight."  (Freeman)

Freeman heads back out, one more time.

"Come on.  Fishing rod don't fail me now." 

There are quite a few real fish swimming around.  Let's hope they are biting.

Rod patiently waits as his dad tries to score one more catch of the day.  Of course his mind drifts to his sweetheart, Danielle.  He's wondering how she's making out with the boys.  He hates that he is missing family day.

 But he is happy he decided to spend some time with his dad.  After the first hour, the tension between them disappeared and it was like old times again.  Rod has lots of questions, but he's no longer sure he needs them answered.  Maybe they will just move forward
"What's wrong, old man?  Fish not biting?"  (Rod, jokingly)

"Old man?  You're just trying to break my concentration.  One must learn to be patient." 

"Give it up.  We can't stay here all night."  (Rod)
Freeman stays out a few minutes longer, then makes his way back, without a fish.

"Well, I guess you are the winner, today."  (Freeman)
"I think we both did okay.  We'll have to do this again soon."  (Rod)
Freeman is all too happy to hear this.

Rod gets up and starts to pick up the cooler.

"Are you leaving the boat here, son?"  (Freeman)
"Yes.  No one will bother it.  This little area is private and there are only a couple of us who fish here."  (Rod)
And with that they head back to the cabin, briefly, before heading back to Morristown.

Collapsible Doll House

Today I took a peek at Pinterest and this was one of the entries I came across.  A collapsible cardboard doll house.  It was from a parenting website called  You can see full instructions on constructing the house here.   I found it interesting because those of us who create dios, are typically space challenged no matter how much space we have.  I've learned to compartmentalize my homes.  One bedroom here.  Another one built on the other side of the room, etc.  A collapsible room would be great for those rooms that don't get seen often.  Or most of the rooms for that matter.  You could permanently decorate the walls.  Add doors and windows.  Use when needed for a particular story.  Then fold away neatly and store it away until needed again. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Found Them!!! What Are They?

 Several months ago I found these great little containers at the thrift store for 77 cents each.  I was elated.  The are cute little bins that open up.  They have a scoop built in.  I can't imagine what they were used for in the real world, but I knew they would make great containers in the Jordan grocery store for the bulk food section.  Well, I managed to misplace them.  I knew I had put them in a safe place, but couldn't remember where that safe place was.  Don't you just hate that?

They don't look like much now, but imagine them with 1/6 scale rice, beans, nuts, etc.

The scoop looks like metal, but it's a hard plastic.  It has it's own little holder for easy removal and replacement. 

My recently acquired thrift store doll is here to show the scale of the items.  Hoping someone can help me identify this doll.  Is she one of the Kate Middleton dolls?  I know I've seen her before, but can't remember who she is.

The two glass containers were also neatly tucked away in the same container for safe keeping.  I bought these two from Hobby Lobby.  Not sure if they will be used in the grocery store or some other place.

Most of us are constantly trying to find ways to organize all our crap.... I mean wonderful doll stuff.  I try to stay organized. It helps me do stories quicker.  Over the past couple of months, I've taken things out, but haven't put them back after doing a story.  This makes for a very messy work area.  Eventually I get to a point where I have to stop and put things back where they belong.  I've been doing this task, on an off, for the past 2 weeks.  I am making great progress and I thought I would share.
The Rement items have always been a source of consternation.  I was keeping everything in their little boxes to keep from losing anything.  But, I wasn't using the items that often because it was a pain to figure out what was what.  Well in my new organizing efforts, I ditched the boxes!  Enough is enough.  If I am going to spend money on these crazy little items, I must use them.  There are a couple of sets that are still boxed because I plan to use the whole set together.  The other sets have been placed in organizers so I can easily see what I have, use them, and put them back in the case.  The two large cases are from the local tool store.  The small ones were purchased at the thrift store two weeks ago.

These small ones are really nice.  They are self locking so the compartments won't open accidentally. 

Here are a few pictures of how it all began.  I pulled all the stuff I wanted to organize into the dining room, away from the doll room.  It always gets worse before it gets better.  I am 75% done with my organizing task.  Wish me luck!   

I would never be able to function if my doll area looked like this.  

These pictures were taken two weeks ago, right after I dumped everything out.  Most of the items have been transferred back to the doll room, organized and ready for use.  I still have a small pile of clothes that I need to put in their new homes.

And by the way.... I've listed a few more dolls for sale.  Yay me!  You can see them here, or you can click on the tab at the top.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mike and Adele are Headed to Town (Photostory)

 Mike and Adele are finally headed back to Morristown.  They have finalized all their business, packed up their belongings, and said goodbye to their friends and family.   They are driving Adele's car, which is packed with enough clothes to hold them until the movers arrive in two days.

Music is blaring from the car stereo as they head down the highway.  Sydney loves music and this always makes car travel with her a little easier.

It's been about 3 hours since they left their old home.  A relatively uneventful trip except for a few crazy bike riders who decided to whiz by doing no less than 90 - 100 miles an hour.
"Honey, do you mind rubbing my neck?"  (Mike)

"Sure.  How's that?"  (Adele)
"Hmmm.  That feels good."  (Mike)
Whining sounds from the back interrupt Mike's neck massage.

"Now what?  Are you making a fuss for a reason?"  (Adele)
Sydney has started whining and seems to be on the verge of crying.

"I know.  You're tired of being in that seat.  Hold on, we'll be stopping soon.  Where's your juice?" (Adele)
Adele spots the cup on the floor.  There is a little juice left.  Hopefully enough to get them to their next stop.

"There you go.  Drink your juice.  Mommy will get you out soon."  (Adele)

"So, I guess we should stop for a bite to eat.  What would you like?"  (Mike)
"I know you want MickeyD's, so we can stop there this time."  (Adele)

"Look, there's a McDonalds at the next exit."  (Adele)

They take the next exit and arrive at McDonald's.  Mike has this thing about not parking near other cars, so he heads to the opposite side of the parking lot.

"Did you want me to bring her cup?"  (Mike)

"No.  There's probably nothing in her cup.  I'll fill it up when we get back to the car."  (Adele)  

"I almost forgot.  I need to grab a diaper."  (Adele)

"Welcome to McDonald's.  What can I get you, today?"  (Worker)

"I'll have a 6-piece nuggets, a large fry, and a strawberry shake."  (Adele)
"For you, sir?"  (Worker)
"I'll take a number 3, but I'd like to upgrade the drink to a chocolate shake."  (Mike)

The restaurant is pretty crowded, but Mike and Adele are able to get a booth.

"Feels a little sad leaving Chicago."  (Adele)

"I know, but it's a great opportunity and Northern Virginia is a really nice area."  (Mike)
"Having my sister there will be a big help with the transition.  I wonder how she and Mark are making out.  I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to check on her."  (Adele) 

"Is it good?  No wonder you were fussing.  You were hungry."  (Adele)

The Jordans hit the road again, after finishing their lunch and a quick diaper change for Sydney.  They should be arriving in Morristown soon.

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