Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nicole Goes Home (Video)

Well the new video is here.  Hope you enjoy!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Asian Buffet is Now Open

As you know Rod and Danielle are headed out to dinner with the family.  This was the perfect time to open the Asian Buffet restaurant.  It is still a work in progress.

The restaurant is very popular already after only a week of being open.

Here is the lobby.  Still needs some work.

Looks like they have a water leak in the lobby ceiling.  They will have to get that fixed.

Looking into the restaurant.

Now for a little story:
"How are you guys doing over here?" (Waitress)
"Just fine."  (Chris)
"Mommy, I need something to drink."  (Jolisa)
"After you eat some of your food, we will get you a drink."  (Kara)

Dad, half owner of Asian Buffet, is checking out the buffet.  
Note:  This buffet will feature all Chinese/Asian food when I get a chance to make it.  The buffet hood is a plastic cover that came on my take out sushi.  The rope may be changed to metal chains in the future.

"So when is Mr. McGraw arriving?"  (Kara)
"I have to pick him up from the airport in two days."  (Chris)

"So how many songs did you write for him?"  (Kara)
"I have about eight so far.  I am hoping to get at least two or three on the new album."  (Chris)

"Daddy are you going to see the planes?" (Jolisa)
"I'm just going to the airport.  I won't be there long."  (Chris)
"Can I go see the planes?"  (Jolisa)
"Not this time, honey.  But I will take you soon."  (Chris)

The Langford sisters are having dinner.  Jacquelyn, the oldest sister, is just back from vacationing in Egypt.
Note:  This is Jacquelyn, not to be confused with Jackie, who owns the bridal shop.   There are also two Dominique's.  This one was named first.  The other Dominique arrived with her name, and it was so perfect, I didn't change it.  As in real towns there are often people with the same/similar names.

"Okay Dad, I will be back tomorrow to do the books.  Everything has gone pretty smooth this week."  (Daughter)
"Okay.  We need to keep the advertising going strong."  (Dad)
"I know. I've also starting planning a family gathering here to celebrate the restaurant opening."  (Daughter) 

"So honey, I have gotten quite a few new sponsors for my upcoming charity event."  (Mrs. Anderson)
"That's great honey.  When is the event again?"  (Dr. Anderson, local dentist)
"I swear honey, I don't think you ever listen to me.  I have told you at least ten times when the event is."  (Mrs. Anderson)
"I'm sorry.  I just have a lot on my mind."  (Dr. Anderson)

"So what's going on with you and Kevin?"  (Jackie)
"We are doing much better.  Mom and Dad don't know this yet, but he has moved in with me and Courtney."  (Grace)
"So is there any talk about getting married, or are you guys still unsure of the relationship."  (Jackie)
"Believe it or not, he is the one talking about it.  I just need to be sure."  (Grace)

"Dillon, finish up, hon.  We need to scoot soon."  (Mrs. Anderson)
"I'm finished.  I'm stuffed."  (Dillon)

"How many?"  (Waitress)
"Just two."  (Cassandra)
"Right this way."  (Waitress)

"Well dinner is on me.  We have to get together again soon.  I missed you guys."  (Jackie)

"Thanks for dinner."  (Grace and Dominique)
"You know we need to have one of our old fashioned pajama parties.  Remember those?  They were so much fun."  (Dominique)
"I'm sure that can be arranged.  Give me time to recoup from my vacation."  (Jackie)

"Hello sir.  How many?"  (Waitress)
"We have six."  (Rod)
"Okay.  We have about a ten minute wait."  (Waitress)
"No problem."  (Rod)

This is setting us up for the next video with the new Taylor family and Nicole going home to Melanie.  Stay tuned!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Time for Another Storyline Overview

It's that time again.  There are a lot of new readers and I figured it's time for another storyline overview.   Here is a link to the first overview I did November 2011.  This will give you the basics of Morristown.  Now we will pick up where we left off.

Since November 2011, Rod and Danielle have gotten married and are just back from their mini honeymoon. They do plan to go on a longer honeymoon in the near future.  Danielle's mom has been in town helping since right before the wedding.  She is due to return back home to Florida, pretty soon.

Danielle and Ian's mom.

Rod and Tony were reunited with their dad, Freeman Taylor, after seven years of his mysterious disappearance.  Unfortunately, this reunion disrupted Rod and Danielle's wedding reception.
Freeman, Tony and Rod

We have seen an influx of new residents to Morristown.  Let's take a look.  First up is Adele, Michael and Sydney.  Adele is an old high school buddy of Danielle's, who was roped into being her wedding planner.  She did a fantastic job.  She and her husband, Michael Jordan, are relocating from Chicago, with their toddler daughter, Sydney.  They have been too busy to take a family photo yet, but it's coming.

Mike, Sydney and Adele.

Adele's older sister, Linda, followed her to Virginia.  She wanted to get away from her ex-husband, Mark.  Marital issues took a toll on their relationship.
Linda and her two girls, pictured with Adele and Sydney

Linda's ex, Mark.

Next up is India.  She is the new hairdresser at The Mane Event.  If you recall, Kara is the owner of the salon, but also a singer, who performs around town with her husband.

We got to meet Racquel's little sister, Faith and her mom Lauren.  Faith is in her second year at the local college.  Lauren is part owner of Hotel Monaco, where Rod and Danielle's wedding reception took place.
Faith and Lauren.  Sister and mom to Racquel, owner of Ni'Chalet's boutique.

Halle was able to happily move on after her break up with Darius.  She is now dating Diego.  So far so good.
Halle and Diego

A new fashion designer opened up a studio in town.  Her name is Debbie and she is married to Dr. Sheppard.  She has a daughter, Kathryn, 12, and a son Patrick, 16.
Debbie's Studio

Dr. Sheppard, Debbie, Kathryn and Patrick.

There are more characters that I will introduce in part two of the overview update.  For now, let's take a look at some of the new businesses.
Ni'Chalet's Boutique.  Owned by Racquel Howard.

Chang Realty.  Owned by Chang and Sunni Lee. 

Jordan's Grocery Store.  Owned by Jordan, business woman extraordinaire.  You will meet her in the next overview update.

The new daycare opened up.  Owned by Cassandra.  It has moved since initially opening.  You will see those pictures soon.
Toddler room

Infant room

For now, I think that is enough.  I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information.  The second part of this overview should be posted within a week or two.  The Character page has been updated to reflect this post.  More updates will happen with the next overview.  Hopefully this will help get you caught up on the happenings in Morristown.  Thanks again for your continued support!

Don't forget to check out the pool action post that happened late yesterday.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hanging Out at the Pool (Photostory)

Thanks to all of Danielle's and the fundraising committee's work, there is a community pool in Morristown.  It's been getting a lot of use this summer.  It's a wonderful place to relax and sometimes they have neighborhood parties and cookouts here.

Today there are a couple of families hanging out and a few of the new residents have decided to enjoy the pool.


"I haven't seen you much lately."  (Antoinette)
"I know.  The boutique is keeping me busy. It's good to get away for a bit."  (Racquel)
"Well, we need to start scheduling some time together.  It's crazy that we live in the same town and can't find time to spend with each other."  (Antoinette)

Monica is enjoying the pool with her dog, Teddy (of course)

"This town is growing leaps and bounds.  Every time I turn around there is someone new moving here.  Now who is that?  I haven't seen her before."  (Antoinette)
"I don't know.  I haven't seen her in the shop before, either." (Racquel)
"If Danielle were here, she would go introduce herself.  I should do that, too.  Maybe later.  I'm too tired to play the host of the welcoming committee right now."  (Antoinette)

They are talking about the new girl that just arrived in town.  I don't know who she is, where she came from or anything.  I'm sure we will find out one day soon.

Shantavia is hanging out with her new beau, Bruce. They have been spending a lot more time together.
"So what are we doing tonight?"  (Bruce)

"I already told you I can't hang out tonight.  I have a big day tomorrow and when I leave here, I'm going to pick up Jada and I am going to bed early."  (Shantavia)
"So you are saying you don't want to see me tonight?"  (Bruce)
"You are impossible."  (Shantavia)

"Come on Zahara.  Come get in the water."  (Nikaya)

Zahara doesn't budge.  She is still not comfortable being in the water.

"How are you ladies, today?"  (Max)
"Hey Max.  We are fine.  Shouldn't you be somewhere massaging somebody."  (Racquel)
"I just finished my last appointment for the day."  (Max)

"I wonder where Kim and Jasmine are?"  (Carmen)

"Kim said she might not make it, but Jasmine should have been here by now."  (Faith)

"Now where is your mother?"  (Dominique)
"I don't know." (Kimaya)
"I know you don't, honey."  (Dominique)

Naisha arrives moments later.

"Hi mom.  I am so sorry about this morning."  (Naisha)
" Where have you been and why didn't you call if you weren't going to come pick her up this morning.  I had to cancel an appointment because of you."  (Dominique)
"I'm sorry.  Something came up and I just couldn't get out of it."  (Naisha)

"Mommy!" (Kimaya)

"Hello pumpkin.  Did you have fun with Nana." (Naisha)
"Uh, huh.  We had ice cream and went to the park." (Kimaya)

"Mom, why isn't she dressed?  I'm meeting friends for dinner in a half and hour and I can't take her like this." (Naisha)
Dominique takes a deep breath.
"She's not dressed because you only brought one extra outfit and she's been here for two days.  I just happened to have that robe and some shorts that you left at my house when you moved out."  (Dominique)

"Weeee"  (Nikaya)

"Hello Ms. Dominique.  Hey Naisha."  (Shantavia)
"Hello Shantavia.  Nice to see you again."  (Dominique)

"What's wrong with you?"  (Shantavia)
"Nothing."  (Naisha)
"Well come meet Bruce.  He's hanging out with me today."  (Shantavia)

Zahara noticed the little doggie and went over to see it.  She is scared of water, but will approach a dog any time of day.  Of course, Nikaya quickly joined her.
"What's his name?"  (Zahara)
"His name is Teddy."  (Monica)
"Hello Teddy.  You are so cute."  (Zahara)

Meanwhile, Ian and Raven have arrived.  They've been doing really well since the wedding.

"My, oh my!  Who is that?"  (Faith)

"Where?"  (Carmen)
"Don't look.  He might see you."  (Faith)

"Bruce this is my best friend, Naisha and her daughter, Kimaya.  Naisha this is Bruce."  (Shantavia)

"Nice to finally meet you.  I hope you are treating my girl right."  (Naisha)
"As far as I know, there aren't any complaints."  (Bruce)
Shantavia cringes a little bit.  Sometimes Naisha can come on a little strong.

Ian and Raven found a couple of seats in the shade....away from the girls at the table.

"Are you comfortable?"  (Ian)
"Yes, but I wish I had worn my bathing suit.  That water looks really good."  (Raven)

So everyone seems to be enjoying the outside.  Some more than others.

Dominique wanted to show you her recent purchase from the Insomnia line.  It's very tropical and very comfortable.

There is a good chance other residents will be enjoying the pool soon.

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