Thursday, October 30, 2014

Prepping for the Halloween Party (Photostory)

Danielle and Antoinette are at the community center finishing up the decorations for the Halloween Party.

They have sectioned the room into areas.  There will be storytelling near the fireplace, bobbing for apples in the center, picture taking in the back left corner, and snacks in the front left corner.

"What do you want me to do with these masks?"  (Antoinette yells over the sound of the vacuum)
"Put them in one of the wooden crates.  I figured the kids could take those home as souvenirs."  (Danielle)

Antoinette sets about her task.

Danielle pauses at the fireplace.  She's not completely satisfied with the setting.  She decides to move one of the creatures from the center to the fireplace.

"Now that's much better."  (Danielle)

"Where should I put the crate?"  (Antoinette)
"I think next to the door is best.  Set the other crate over there, too.  I am planning to put treat bags in that one, so the kids can have candy to take home with them."  (Danielle)

"And all these spiders, what are your plans for them?"  (Antoinette)
"I'm just going to put them near the fireplace.  That will be a nice scary effect as the kids are listening to the ghost stories."  (Danielle)

"I was going to have Rod hang these spiders, but I don't feel like waiting.  I'm going to put the spiders in place, then can you help me hang the spiders?"  (Danielle)
"Sure, no problem."  (Antoinette)

 Moments later....

"That should do it.  Whew, I'm tired."  (Danielle)

The ladies take a rest.
"I think that's all I'm going to do today.  I'm tired.  I'll finish up tomorrow morning."  (Danielle)
"Let me know if you need me to come over.  I still have some running around to do before the party, but I'll make time, if you need me to."  (Antoinette)

"I don't think I'll need you.  There's not much left to do."  (Danielle)

"I'm happy with the storytelling area, and the picture taking area."  (Danielle)
"Who's going to be the storyteller?"  (Antoinette)
"Our dear father-in-law, Freeman."  (Danielle)
"Really?  Good choice."  (Antoinette)

"Darn, I should have pulled out those chairs from the back room.  I'm going to put a few along that wall over there."  (Danielle)
"Do you want me to help you do that now?"  (Antoinette)
"Nope.  It can wait until tomorrow.  I promised Rod I wouldn't stay here all night.  Let's get out of here"  (Danielle) 

Happy early Halloween!  There will be a Halloween story, but it won't be posted until the weekend.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Third Date (Photostory)

Randolph and Melanie are on that crucial third date.  You know the one where you get an idea of whether you are going forward with something a little more serious, or if you will part ways forever.  Don't pay attention to the other diners at the restaurant.  I didn't move them around like I normally do because I had to hurry up and take these pictures.

Randolph and Melanie have arrived at the restaurant.  
"Hello Mr. Reed.  Nice to see you again." (Hostess)

"Hello Andrea.  I reserved a table for two."  (Randolph)
"Yes, you did.  I see it right here on the list."  (Andrea)
Melanie stands there quietly, but the whole time she is thinking, Andrea is awfully friendly with Randolph.  How often does he come here that she knows his name?  And how many different women has he brought here, I wonder?
"Let me grab a couple menus.  Right this way."  (Andrea)

Randolph helps Melanie with her chair.
"Thanks."  (Melanie)

"We have a few specials tonight and your waiter Pierre will let you know what those are.  He will be right with you.  Enjoy your meal."  (Andrea)

"Thanks for agreeing to see me again.  I really had a good time last time."  (Randolph)
"So did I.  I don't get out very often, so it was a nice treat."  (Melanie)
"So what keeps a beautiful woman like you from getting out and enjoying all this town has to offer."  (Randolph)

"Well I'm a single, hard working mom and there's very little time to get out and enjoy anything else." (Melanie)
"Well I hope you will give me an opportunity to show you a few of my favorite spots."  (Randolph)
"Well, I'm here at one of your favorite restaurants, so I guess that's a start.  How often do you come here?"  (Melanie)
"I meet clients here, sometimes, so I would say I eat here several times a month."  (Randolph)
Melanie breathes a little sigh of relief.  She's glad to hear he brings clients here.  Maybe that means she is the first date he's brought here.  She knows this is probably a long shot, fine as he is, he probably has a lot of women clamoring after him.

Melanie and Randolph open their menus as the waiter arrives.
"Hello, I'm Pierre, your waiter.  What can I get you to drink?"  (Pierre)
"I'll have a cosmospolitan"  (Melanie)
"And I'll a Guinness."  (Randolph)
"I'll be right back with those drinks."  (Pierre)

"I hope you're hungry because they have excellent food here."  (Randolph)
"They have a lot to choose from.  Do you know what you're going to order?"  (Melanie)
"I'm trying to decide between the steak and the lasagna.  But I've probably had just about everything on the menu, and you can't go wrong, whatever you choose."  (Randolph)

Pierre returns with the drinks.  He then gives a rundown of the three dinner specials for the evening.
"I think I'm going to try the lasagna and I see that comes with a garden salad."  (Melanie)
"Yes, ma'am.  And for you, sir?"  (Pierre)
"I'll have the shrimp scampi for my appetizer and the NY strip steak with the baked potato."  (Randolph)

"So where were we?  That's right, trying to figure out how to get the busy trial lawyer with the almost teenage daughter, out more."  (Randolph)

"Yes, we trial lawyers tend to be a lot busier than you corporate lawyers."  (Melanie says with a smile)
"Ouch.  That hurt.  But I have to say it was nice seeing you in action.  I was mesmerized and very happy I was in the courthouse that day.  I knew right away that I wanted to meet you.  Your toughness is very sexy, but I was curious to see if there was a softer side."  (Randolph)
"And..."  (Melanie)
"And Melanie's softer side is just as sexy."  (Randolph)

Melanie is all giddy inside.  She wants to smile one of those big toothy grins, but she just gives a little smirk.  It's been forever since she's felt this way about a man.   This is the man she'd dreamed about.  Tall and handsome, with a career she could be proud of.  Good riddance, Rod.  You can have your little Danielle with her little crumb snatchers.  
"You seem to be deep in thought.  What's going through your mind?"  (Randolph)
"Nothing.  I'm just happy to be here."  (Melanie)

Pierre returns with the appetizers and the bread basket.
"Ma'am would you care for some fresh ground pepper?"  (Pierre)
"I'll have a little, thanks."  (Melanie)

"Would you care for any of my shrimp?"  (Randolph)
"They smell great."  (Melanie)
"Here take a little bit."  (Randolph)
Randolph places a couple pieces of shrimp on Melanie's plate.
"Thanks."  (Melanie)

"So tell me a little about the company you work for?"  (Melanie)

"Oh no you don't.  I make it a point not to discuss business when I'm out on a date."  (Randolph)
"It's not discussing business.  I was just trying to learn more about you."  (Melanie)
"Yes, but before you know it, we will look up and realize that we've spent hours talking about work and cases, etc, etc.  That's what we do.  We are lawyers.  Most of us love our jobs and get totally immersed.  So in order to keep myself from going there, I don't discuss work when I'm on a date.  Even if that date is a beautiful, trial lawyer."  (Randolph)
Melanie blushes.

"Tell me something interesting about you."  (Randolph)
"Well, like I said I have a ten year old daughter, who keeps me very busy.  When I'm not busy with her, I'm working."  (Melanie)
Melanie quickly tries to think of something interesting to tell him.  She doesn't want her perfect man to lose interest in her.  She's a professed work-a-holic, but that's the last thing she's going to tell him.  Think Melanie, think!
"Well I have traveled quite a bit."  (Melanie)
"Really?  Where to?"  (Randolph
Melanie relaxes a little and starts telling Randolph some of the places she's visited.  She doesn't mention that all of these trips were work related.  Now that she has found her perfect man, she needs to work on a strategy to keep him,

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Randolph's Family Connection

 Randolph and Melanie are almost to the restaurant.  I thought we'd take a look to see who's here already.

Lauren and her husband are enjoying a quiet night out together.

"I should probably give Faith and Angelica a call.  They will be shocked to see we're not home."  (Lauren)

  "Didn't you leave the girls a note?  Why do you need to call, too?  They are not little girls.  You need to stop babying them."  (Husband)
"Oh honey.  That is just what I do.  I worry about them all the time."  (Lauren)
"You worry, and I get the grey hair.  There's something wrong with that picture."  (Husband)

Maurice and Saba are here with their 13 yr old twin daughters.  The parents take every opportunity they can to communicate with the girls.  Thirteen is a pivotal age.  Sabrina, the chatty twin, is discussing an incident she had on the school bus.

After about ten minutes of Sabrina being overly dramatic in her story telling, Saba turns to Samia, "So how did you make out on your math test?" 
"The teacher hasn't graded them yet. "  (Samia)
"Well how do you think you did?"  (Saba)
"I think I did okay.  It was easier than I expected."  (Samia)

Before Randolph and Melanie arrive, I thought I would take a minute and introduce his daughter, Gabrielle, from his previous marriage.  

Gabrielle is 14 and lives in town with her mom.  She stays with her dad every other weekend.  It will be interesting to see how Melanie deals with Randolph's daughter.  Teen daughters can be very difficult, especially when they are close to their dads.

I also want to introduce Sandra's husband.  This is a Ken Griffey Jr. sports figure, but he reminds me of Deion Sanders, so I'm naming  him Deion.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Apron Frenzy

 I've been busy filling orders, and setting up dios for upcoming stories.  On the horizon is a story at church, and a story at the restaurant Melanie's new friend, Randolph, took her to.  In the meantime, I made a few new aprons for the store.  

Of course, Rod would be modeling the fishing apron. 

Perfect for him to clean those fish he is always catching.

There's a bbq apron.  The first one sold out pretty quickly, so I have listed another one.

Remember Monica, our resident pet shop owner?  Well she needed a doggy themed apron for her business.

Last, but not least, is one for our barbers and hair dressers.

The aprons are adjustable at the neck and the waist, so it can fit dolls of different heights.  A new story will be posted this weekend.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sofa is done!

 Well I made a few changes to the sofa.  I decided on two bolster pillows, instead of throw pillows.  I also made the side and back panels more cushiony.  I still need to attach them to the sofa.  That's tomorrow's project and then this will be listed in the Etsy store.  I will not be upset, at all, if it doesn't sell.

Here is a picture of the real sofa I saw that inspired me to make mine.

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