Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jordan Insists on Seeing the Supermarket Progress

In a previous post Terrance and Jordan met to discuss the building of the supermarket.  That day she insisted on taking a trip to the site to view the progress.

"As you can see, we still have a bit left to do." (Terrance)
"That is an understatement.  I was expecting this place to be ready on March 2nd.  There's no way you are going to have this place ready by then." (Jordan)

"We don't even have signage, yet, and this is not the layout we agreed to." (Jordan)
"There's still work to be done on the walls before we can install the signage and the final layout won't be done until the walls are complete." (Terrance)

Jordan proceeds to walk around the store checking out the different areas.

"Well, I have to say this is pretty disappointing.  I was planning to start training on March 5th.  I also have to postpone the food truck delivery." (Jordan)
"I do apologize.  The inspection delays really put us behind schedule." (Terrance)

Hopefully the next time we see Jordan, she will be happy in her new supermarket.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I Have One Word for You....Diego! (New Video)

Other words came to mind like 'good lawd', 'oh my', 'hmmm hmmm hmmm'.  I decided to stick with Diego.  Hard to believe you are getting two videos so close together.  I provided you preview pictures a couple of days ago in the Chicken Alfredo post.  Just remember that chicken alfredo dishes are available in my Etsy store.

In the video there is a picture on the wall that is mounted way too low.  I don't know how I missed this when I was shooting the video.  I think I was mesmerized by Diego.  By the time I realized the problem, it was too late to correct it.

Enjoy the video!

Double click on the YouTube logo to view in Full Screen

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Danielle Has Mailed Out the Wedding Invitations

Danielle recently finished the guest list and sent out the wedding invitations.  Adele talked her into putting together a little video to remind everyone how it all began.  Your wedding invitation is included.

Rod and Danielle's Love Affair
Double click on the YouTube logo to view full screen.

Special thanks goes out to Charlis Foster for creating the beautiful wedding invitations and other wedding stationary.  She does regular wedding invitations, too, if anyone out there is getting married.  Contact information available upon request.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Chicken Alfredo and A Video Promo

I had a request for a chicken alfredo dinner.  Instead of the traditional chicken alfredo, I decided to go with a grilled chicken breast and noodles, both lightly topped with alfredo sauce.  The chicken is seasoned with a little bit of herbs.  Currently available in my Etsy store for a limited time.  As with most breakfast and dinner dishes, the more you buy, the more you save!

 The next video will feature one of my favorite characters, Halle Berry.  She and Diego are still going strong and she is planning to cook for him for the first time.
She is a pretty good cook.  Something she learned from her grandmother growing up.

Here she is getting ready to cut up and season the chicken.  (I made the raw chicken from polymer clay, too.)

When it's all said and done, she will be serving her new man chicken alfredo.  

Just in case you forgot who her new man is, here he is.  His name is Diego.  We don't know much about him yet.  Halle's been keeping him under wraps.  I did find out that he rides a motorcycle.  Stay tuned for the upcoming video.

The Easter Basket Giveaway!

Yeah! The Easter baskets are done in plenty of time for people to get them before Easter.  This is a first for me.  I have a total of six.  That is all there will be.  Four will be available to sell in my Etsy store, one will be for me, and one will be given to some lucky GIVEAWAY WINNER!  That's right we are on our second giveaway in the past few months.  If you are interested in receiving the giveaway basket, complete with a hand sculpted chocolate bunny, a Happy Easter sign, sparkly Easter eggs, and a cute little chick, please leave your name below.  I will randomly assign numbers to all participants, then select a number using a number generator.  Participants can enter through March 9th.  Winner will be announced March 10th and the basket will be mailed out March 12th.

Aren't they cute?  The giveaway basket is located on the bottom shelf in the middle.  It is the only basket with three eggs.

This is my personal basket.  It is nicely wrapped in gift basket vacuum sealed plastic wrap.  All baskets will be wrapped this way prior to being mailed out.

This is China's basket and balloon shop. Her little helper, Taylor is there.  Sometimes she will spend a couple hours after school there with her mom.  (This is not a permanent dio, so I didn't spend a lot of time putting in a lot of accessories or pictures).

A few weeks ago, my mom found a big bag of mini baskets at the Goodwill.  They are perfect for doing different baskets.  I have plans for the following baskets:  baby shower, wine and cheese, spa, fruit, etc.

Adele's sister has stopped by after picking up the girls from school.  She needs to order a basket for a coworker.

"I need to order a basket for a coworker.  Do you have any great ideas in the $40 - $50 dollar range? (Mom)
"Sure, but what's the occassion?  That will help me narrow it down." (China)

"Mom, can we get some balloons."

"Maybe. we'll see how well you behave until it's time to go." (Mom)

"Mommy, this is taking too long.  I'm going to be late for riding lessons." (Nicole)
"Nicole, I have to get this basket ordered today.  That horse isn't going anywhere." (Melanie)
"But mommy my instructor doesn't like it when I'm late." (Nicole, slightly agitated)

"Just calm down.  I will talk to your instructor.  You have definitely inherited your father's 'we can't be late or the sky is going to fall in' gene." (Melanie)
"What does that mean?" (Nicole)
"Never mind.  Go sit on the bench and wait.  It won't be much longer." (Melanie)


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chocolate Easter Bunnies and a Clone

These bunnies are supposed to be chicken alfredo. LOL!  What would my life be like if I didn't procrastinate?  I get so much done putting off projects.  I am working on Easter baskets and I am just about done.  I sculpted 6 bunnies today, one for each basket.  They are all unique in their own little way.  I will be selling most of the baskets in my Etsy store, but I have put one aside for a GIVEAWAY!  So stay tuned. 

I couldn't help but to show a few up close.  I think I am bonding with these little bunnies.

I can just see some little fashion doll kid eating off the ears first.

Look at this cutie!

This one looks well fed.

I found this clone in the Dollar General for $5.  This is the best clone doll I have ever seen.  She has a beautiful face and she seems to be well made, not like most of the clone dolls.  Her outfit is even well made and cute, considering what I typically see.  It will be nice to have a very different face in Morristown.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Check in on Terrance and Racquel

Terrance and Racquel are headed to work.  Since Terrance's car is in the shop, he and Racquel are driving in together.

"Come on Shay."  (Racquel)
"Is she okay?" (Terrance)

"She has been fussy and whiny all morning.  I hope she isn't coming down with something." (Racquel)
"Maybe you should keep her home today."  (Terrance)
"Honey, I have to open the boutique today.  I will check on her later.  If I need to leave early, I will." (Racquel)

"Honey, when did they say your car would be ready?" (Racquel)
"Possibly in two days." (Terrance) 

"Are you tired of me already." (Terrance)
"Of course not.  I just have to schedule some meetings and it will be easier to do after you get your car back." (Racquel)

Terrance gets a text message alert.
"Is there something wrong?" (Racquel)
"No, it's just my assistant reminding me of a meeting that I am taking for Darius." (Terrance)
"Where's Darius?" (Racquel)
"He finally went on vacation." (Terrance)

"You look worried.  Who's the meeting with?"  (Racquel)
"Ms. Jordan Jones.  She is the owner of the supermarket we are building.  She is a pretty tough client and it seems like we have run into a little snag.  Nothing we can't fix, but it's going to cause a minor slip in the deadline."

"Hi, I have a meeting with Darius Reid."  (Jordan)
"Actually I sent you an email last week to say that Terrance Young would be taking that meeting." (Autumn)
"That's right.  Slipped my mind." (Jordan)
"He will be here shortly.  You can wait in the conference room.  Can I get you some fresh coffee and a donut or bagel?" (Autumn)

"Ms. Jones is waiting for you in the conference room." (Autumn)
"Okay, thanks.  Is Chang here yet? (Terrance)
"Chang is on site with the Pearson project.  He won't be here until lunch time." (Autumn)

"When he gets here, let him know that I need to see him." (Terrance)
"By the way, your Ipad is finally here and I finished programming it yesterday." (Autumn)
"Great.  I won't leave without it." (Terrance)

"And don't eat my chocolate doughnut." (Terrance)
"Your chocolate doughnut!" (Autumn, laughing)

"Ms. Jones, so good to see you again.  Hope you don't mind meeting with me today. " (Terrance)

"No. Not at all.  I just hope you have good news." (Jordan)

"I do have some good news." (Terrance)
Terrance knows he needs to deliver as much good news as possible before alerting Ms. Jones to a few setbacks.

"Well it's about time you came to see the shop." (Racquel)
"I'm sorry I didn't make it to your grand opening.  I did send my sister as a representative. " (Toni)
"Yes I did see her.  It's not the same, though.  But I forgive you." (Racquel)
"Life has been so busy with the cooking show and the girls.  The only reason I got a moment today is because I had to take Kenaz to the pediatrician." (Toni)
"Is he okay?" (Racquel)
"Oh yes.  It's just a regular checkup." (Toni)

Racquel and Toni talk a little while longer.  They make plans to get together within the next few weeks.

We'll check back in on Racquel and Terrance soon.  Seems like we are going to have that supermarket ready soon.  Jordan doesn't seem like she is going to let the build schedule slip too much!

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