Monday, April 30, 2012

Mattel Sale 20% + Free Ship Til 5pm

Some of you may be aware of this sale.  It ends at 5pm today.  You get 20% off all items and free shipping on all orders.  That's much better than their typical free ship on orders over $100.  So I caved.  

I had been looking at this kitchen set.  I am adding a couple of homes to Morristown and will need a few more kitchens.    This one includes the cute little refrigerator under the sink, so it would make a great piece for a small apartment.  I also have the matching refrigerator, so it could also be used with in a larger place.  This whole unit might be painted silver, or black.  
I was still on the fence until I saw that the top cabinet flips around and becomes a T.V.  What doll doesn't need a T.V. in that kitchen as she is preparing dinner.  Of course the kids will love it in the mornings as they are eating their breakfast and getting ready for school.   The title also suggests that it turns into a tabletop.  Can't wait to see what that is all about.   I wouldn't mind having two of these, but I will wait.

Is there anything at that you have been interested in lately?  It's a good time to get the PT Cruiser, too.  Well you have until 5pm to decide.  Happy shopping!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back to the Wedding... (Video)

As promised, Part 2 of the wedding is now ready for viewing.

Double-click on the YouTube icon to see video in Full Screen

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's Check in on Darius and Nikki

I took a quick trip out to Aspen to check on our skiiers.  I'm not sure how much skiing is happening.  I caught up with Darius and Nikki lounging in the sitting area 

 "I can't believe we have to leave tomorrow.  These two weeks went quick." (Nikki)
"Did you have a good time?" (Darius)

"Do you really have to ask that question?   Having you practically to myself without you flying off to some business meeting.  It's been heavenly." (Nikki)  

"Honey, it won't always be this hectic.  I just have to make sure we are financially set.  One day I will be around so much, you will wish I was flying off somewhere." (Darius)
"I will settle for the happy medium." (Nikki)

"Let's go to bed." (Darius)

In my spare time I make furniture. LOL!   I'm laughing because this is supposed to be my primary activity.  Funny how the tables have turned.  I still have a few cream pillows to add to this set.  This set was commissioned, and already has an owner.  For those who have inquired about furniture, I will be getting back to you real soon.  I haven't forgotten!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dominique and Adele's Wardrobe is Growing

After the wedding video, I attempted to take a little break.  That was torture.  I gave it a couple of hours, then decided to get back to work.  I worked on some furniture pieces.  All of which are spoken for already. Then I worked on a few FR fashions.

I started with a skirt for Dominique.  I did not make the top, although I have plans to make her one for the final ensemble.

The fabric is actually navy and white.  Dominique will more than likely end up with a wardrobe close to what my wardrobe is/was.  Of course, I think she will wear it better than I ever could.

I made her some palozzo pants, too.  My favorite style to wear.  I still have to make her suit jacket and blouse.

I made Adele a casual outfit right after I made her green and white dress. 

I made all three pieces here.  I think this is a nice 'running errands' outfit.  It's made of jersey knit, so it's nice and comfortable.

I will swap out the shirt,  because I think it's a little too bulky for this outfit.  The shirt started as a dress, but it wasn't sexy enough for her dinner date with Michael, so I cut it off and made a shirt. 

I don't know why they aren't smiling yet.  "What?  You need designer handbags now?  Have you seen what they are charging for designer handbags these days?  We have plenty of handbags that will look just fine with your new outfits."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Here Comes the Bride! (Video)

Well the time has finally come!  We are going to a wedding.  As you will see, Danielle took a slightly eclectic approach with her wedding party.  They are not all matching.  She wanted them to be a little unique.  

This is the only picture I am sharing because when I saw her in this position, I cracked up.  I don't know how she got like this, but Leslie is walking down the aisle at this point and it looks like she is peering around the corner to see her mom.  I still don't know what is holding her in place.  

Double-click to see the video in Full Screen
I don't know why this picture looks so bad here.  None of my pictures actually looked like this.

This is part I.  Part II will be posted next week.  Thanks to everyone for your incredible support of this wedding!  It sort of took on a life of it's own.  Thanks to all who sent guests, posted links, did stories, etc.  I hope you had as much fun with it all as I did.  We still have a ways to go with the rest of the ceremony and the reception.  Thanks for staying tuned in.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Shrimp is Ready

Turns out Paul did have a plan to make sure the additional guests were fed.  He hired me!  So I popped over to Hotel Monaco yesterday and started preparing some dishes.  Paul is showing the shrimp display I completed.  I got a few more dishes started, but Paul provided me with a whole list that he wants me to work on.

I decided to put it in a clam shaped bowl I made form a soap mold.

There is a little bit of ice beneath the shrimp.  We will add more on top to keep the nice and fresh.

Well, I got to go.  I hear Adele calling me.  She needs some help making sure everyone is ready for the big production.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

An Early Thank You Gift for Adele

I have been so happy with Adele's performance as wedding planner that I wanted to give her an early gift.  As you know she is a teacher and in the midst of all the wedding planning, she did land a teaching job that will start in June.  It's still up in the air which grade she will teach.  So I decided to make her a dress for her work wardrobe.  The lighting is kind of crazy, but I took these right after I shot the church photostory.  I think Jolisa wore me out, too. 

It is a pretty turquoise and white sheath type dress with some added interest on the front skirt.  She will be toting the white handbag from the Barbie Basics 3.0 accessory pack.  (If you look through the church door window, you can see Ian there.  He found his way back to his ushering post.)

Hard to see the beauty in the dress with all those blown highlights.  Maybe I will retake them and repost them later.

"Work it, Adele."

I have really had the urge to sew lately, so I imagine many of my dolls who have been waiting for their new wardrobes will be getting something in the near future.  You know diva Dominique has been hounding me.  That's why I had to put her to work at the wedding.  I needed a break from her always being in my ear.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lots of Chatter Happening in the Santuary

"Oh great.  Grandma is here.  We'll go over in a minute."

"Where would you like to sit?"  (Harrison)
"I wonder where the usher is.  Oh, there's Lydia.  Let's sit over there." (Tina)
Ian is doing double duty and is supposed to be seating the people.  He is missing in action.

"Oh isn't that cute?  She and her mom are both dressed in purple." 

Harrison and Tina take a seat behind Lydia and say hello.

Meanwhile, Jolisa is on the verge of a temper tantrum.
"But where are you going?"  (Chris)

"We have to go find mommy."  (Jolisa)
"Your mommy will be back soon."  (Chris)

"So Sunni, did you close that big deal you were working on?" (Vanessa)
"We are set to close in an about two weeks."  (Sunni)

"Dad, are you going to give me away when I get married?"  (daughter)
"Get married! Who's going to marry you?"  (son)
"Oh shut up!"  (daughter)

"Do you think you two can try to get along for one day?"  (Debbie)
"Honey you have a long time before I have to give you away."  (Dad)
"How about we just give her away now?  Would save us all a lot of grief."  (son)

Darren is helping his wife and daughter into their seat.

"Daddy, let's go!" (Jolisa)

:"Looks like you have your hands full."  (Lydia)
"Amazing how strong they get when they want their way."  (Chris)

"Mom, thanks so much for keeping her today.  Jada, be good for Grandma."  (Shantavia)
"Oh Jada is always good for Grandma.  Right, Jada?"  (Tina)

Chris has had enough.  Or should I say, Jolisa won the fight. 

Lisa and Charles are headed in as he is headed out.

"So how do you know Rod and Danielle?"  (Michelle)

"Well I'm Leslie's sister-in-law, and I used to date the bride's brother."  (Olivia)
"Ian?  Oh he's a cutie."  (Michelle)
"Yes, we haven't seen each other in quite some time.  I am hoping he will be happy to see me."  (Olivia)

Mikayla has distracted Dad with all her chatter and he is spilling milk all over baby Chloe.

He finally gets it together.  He hopes that Mikayla will calm down before the wedding starts.

"Hey girl.  You got room in there for us?"  (Lisa)
"Sure.  There's plenty of room."  (Vanessa)

"Mom.  It's a little crowded over here."  (Tyler)
"Boy, hush up."  (Vanessa)
"Ty?  Ty?  Ty?"  (Alicia)
"Tyler, please answer your sister."  (Dad)

Well, they better get this wedding started real soon.  I don't think the kids are going to last much longer.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Glimpse Inside the Church

I thought we would take a look inside the church to see what the guests are doing.  Unfortunately, this church had a policy against too many decorations, so they will have to save the bulk of the decorations for the reception hall.  I plan to have a photostory up by tomorrow.  I will start shooting the wedding video by Sunday.

Shantavia has been taking pictures.  Jada is helping her until grandma Tina arrives.  Oops, I see her and Harrison coming through the door now.

There's Kenaz, Antoinette and Tony's son.  He is always on the move.

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