Thursday, July 30, 2015

Househunting Time! (Photostory)

Construction was finished on a new house in Morristown.  The builders didn't waste any time getting Sunni, the Realtor, in to do an open house.  Lots of couples are showing interest already.

Sunni is getting some work done as people are walking through and viewing the home.  There are currently two couples taking a look.

Outside, the Reeds are about to enter, but Dasia has a few words for her grandkids before they go in.
"Now, we are here to look at this new house.  I need you two to be on your best behavior.  That means staying with me or grandpa at all times.  Is that understood?"  (Dasia)

"Yes, ma'am."  (Carla)

Once inside, the Reeds are greeted by Sunni and given the rundown

"Hello and welcome to Dream Estates subdivision.   Are you guys looking to buy soon?"  (Sunni)
"Yes we are.  The sooner, the better."  (Dasia)
"Well this house was just built and it has some wonderful features.  Feel free to take a look around and I will answer any questions you may have." (Sunni)

"Thank you.  I already like what I see."  (Dasia)
"What is this house selling for?"  (Mr. Reed)
"This one sells for $119,000"  (Sunni)
"That's not bad."  (Mr. Reed)

As I mentioned, there are other couples already viewing the house.  Let's check in on them.

"This is a nice size for the master."  (Diana)

"Did you see this, honey?"  (Billy)

"See what?"  (Diana)

"This little outside area.  We could probably enjoy quite a few sunsets out here."  (Billy)
"That would be nice."  (Diana)

On the second level are Tina and Harrison.  This soon-to-be-wed couple is trying to secure a home before they walk down the aisle.  
"I like the layout of this room.  I can even picture my furniture here."  (Tina)

"And over there in the corner is a great place for a couple of bookcases."  (Tina)
"Hmm mmm."  (Harrison)

The Reeds are checking out the bathroom.
"Oooh this is nice!  It's already decorated with my colors."  (Dasia)
"Yeah it's not bad.  It's a nice size."  (Mr. Reed)

"Corey, you better not turn that water on.'  (Carla)
"I''m not!"  (Corey)
"Kids, remember what I said.  Let's go upstairs."  (Dasia)

"It's a beautiful house, but I'm not sure that it's right for us."  (Diana)
"Well, then we will just keep looking."  (Billy)

Tina and Harrison have made their way downstairs.
"So what did you think?"  (Sunni)
"Beautiful house.  The builders did a great job.  I think it could work for us, but we really need to take a little time to think about it."  (Tina)
"Well, if you are really interested in this home, you may want to think quickly.  The new homes are selling like hotcakes"  (Sunni)
"We will keep that in mind."  (Tina)
"And if you don't feel this is the house, I will be glad to help you find another one."  (Sunni)

"This is another great room.  So spacious and it has a lot of character."  (Dasia)

"The neighbors are a little close, but I guess I can live with that."  (Mr. Reed)

"Honey, I'm starting to think this is our house."  (Dasia)
"We haven't even seen the whole house yet."  (Mr. Reed)
"I know, but it's just a feeling I have.  I felt at home the minute I walked in."  (Dasia)
"Okay, but let's finish the tour first."  (Mr. Reed)

Once on the third floor, Dasia is even more convinced.
"Look how big this room is.  We won't have any trouble fitting out king sized bed in here."  (Dasia)
"Hmmm, mmmm."  (Mr. Reed)
"Grammy, what's over there?"  (Carla)
"I don't know.  Let's go see."  (Dasia)

"How lovely.  It's a little porch."  (Dasia)
"I want to see."  (Corey)

"Oh yeah, I can do a lot with this little space."  (Dasia)

"I would put a table and chairs out here."  (Dasia)
"You could put your plants out here, too, Grammy."  (Carla)
"I sure could."  (Dasia)

"Honey, where are you?  Come see this."  (Dasia)

"Hmmm, mmm.  This is nice.  I could read the morning paper out here."  (Mr. Reed)
"Like I said, I think this is our house."  (Dasia)
"So is that your way of saying you want to make an offer?"  (Mr. Reed)
"Is there another way to get the house that I don't know of?"  (Dasia)
"Alright.  Let's go talk to Sunni."  (Mr. Reed)


 Dasia is sporting her new pinstripe palazzo pants in this story.  These pants will be hitting the Etsy store by the weekend.

She's also sporting new jewelry I found on ebay.  I bought jewelry that was made for the 16" fashion dolls.  It fits perfectly.  

The KidKraft home is really nice.  It's bigger in person that it looks in the pictures.  I was able to get the Kenmore Kitchen set in the kitchen with no problem.  I left out the elevator, but I kept the stairs, for now.  The stairs are not permanently installed.  I may use them when I need them, and take them out when I want a little more space.  I plan to paint them soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lammily Doll is Here.

Finally a doll that counts towards my 10 for the year.  My Lammily doll arrived a couple days ago.  I wanted to add her for her uniqueness.  Just to give a few facts about this doll:  she was created by a man named Nicolay Lamm, an artist and researcher.  He produced the Lammily doll after posting a story showing what Barbie would look like with regular body proportions of a 19-yr old female.  The doll development was funded via Crowdfunder, with over 13,600 backers from 62 countries, and over 19,000 preorders.  Pretty impressive!  Lammily is not the name of the doll.  It is the brand, which is a combination of the creator's last name, Lamm and family.  The doll has very similar features to the creator.  There are future plans for different ethnicities and for male dolls.  

She has really nicely rooted hair.  I may give her a boil perm to change up her look.

She has very little articulation, and what she does have seems to be misplaced.  She has limited click-bend legs and arms.  

She has articulated wrists and ankles.  The hands and feet are removable.  I guess to make dressing her easier.  She also has great up and down neck movement.  The doll can not stand on her own.  I think it because of her upper body weight.

Here is a comparison photo to Happy Family grandma.  I know the artist was doing this doll to real average proportions, but I think it would have been nice to give her more of a waist.  Even a little bit of cinching at the waist would help her look a little more flattering.

Comparison shot with the Pretty Girls doll.

I'm happy to have this doll in my collection.  I'm looking forward to creating her a new wardrobe and introducing her to the other residents.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

So Ready for Vacation (Photostory)

I decided to do a quick Racquel story.  I hadn't seen her husband Terrance in awhile.  Turns out he's been traveling quite a bit lately.  He came back in town late Friday night and he's on vacation all this week.  He and Racquel are headed to the beach tomorrow afternoon, for some much needed family time.

Racquel is just about finished closing out the register for the day.  Terrence and baby Shay are waiting patiently for mommy to finish.
"I'm almost done.  I didn't realize how many sales we made today.  I just need to make sure everything is right for Lynn tomorrow."  (Racquel)

"I have to give it to you honey.  I wasn't sure you were going to be able to pull this retail thing off.  I must say I'm pleasantly surprised."  (Terrance as he looks around the store)

Racquel stops what she's doing.
"It's so nice to know you believed in me, honey."  (Racquel, sarcastically)

"As a husband, I was behind you 100%.  As a businessman I was a little skeptical."  (Terrance)

"Whatever.  I'll remember that."  (Racquel)
In the background Shay is starting to make a fuss.  It'snot long before the fussing turns into shrill crying.
"What's wrong with her?"  (Racquel)

"Heyyy fussbucket.  what's all that noise for?"  (Terrance)

"She's probably hungry.  Did you bring her bottle?"  (Racquel)
"I left her bag in the car.  I didn't think we were going to be in here this long."  (Terrance)
"I'll take her."  (Racquel)

"Gladly."  (Terrance)
"Come on lil' momma."  (Racquel)

"Little traitor."  (Terrance)
"Say, hush Daddy."  (Racquel)

"So what are we doing for dinner?  (Racquel)
"Did you want to stop and grab a bite at Carmelita's?  I have a taste for lasagna."  (Terrance)
"I'm not sure Shay is in the mood for a restaurant."  (Racquel)

"So what do you say Miss Fussbucket, you feel like Italian tonight?"  (Terrance)
"Honey, stop calling her that!  You know how those crazy nicknames sometimes stick with a kid for life."  (Racquel)
Shay is still a bit fussy.

"Let's just go.  I just need to get her fed first, then we can decide on dinner plans."  (Racquel)
"Did I tell you how excited I am to get you away for a few days?"  (Terrance, distracted all of a sudden.  Maybe it's Racquel's perfume.)
"Stay focused, honey.  We're dealing with Shay's needs right now."  (Racquel)

Terrance leans in a little closer.
"So you mean all I have to do is whine, and cry later, and we will deal with my needs?"  (Terrance, gently kissing her on the lips.)
Racquel kisses her husband as Shay stares on.  As usual, momma's work is never done.  

The family heads out.  Luckily, Racquel can sleep in tomorrow.  They are not leaving for the beach until early afternoon.

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