Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hudson Bay is Top Notch

Hudson Bay Barbie arrived a couple days ago.  This set is fabulous!  So well made with so many details.

The watch I saw in the photos did not disappoint.  It's one of the best doll watches I've seen.

Racquel was first in line to try on the outfit.  We were both happily surprised to see the turtleneck is a bodysuit.  

Not only was there a nice wristwatch, but there was a nice gold bracelet, too.

Next, she tried on the skirt with the detachable leather-like belt.  It was at this time she noticed the luxuriousness of the skirt and jacket fabric.

She was very excited about the stocking cap.  Another well made item that fit perfectly.

I hadn't really noticed the fur trimmed hood on the jacket until I got the doll out the box.

The jacket has tiny little frog closures that easily fasten.

Now on to the accessories.  The bag is well made.

Even the small pocket opens and closes.

There are three other small accessories.  A newspaper, a cell phone and a coffee mug.  The coffee mug does not open.

Last but not least, the cute poodle with the removable Hudson Bay doggy coat.  

Again they did a fabulous job on this set.  There is not one thing I could find to complain about.  Not that I was looking for anything.  Definitely worth the $49 I paid for it.  The clothing in this set is on the smaller side and will more than likely only properly fit dolls that are close to the model muse size.  

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Home With Zoé (Photostory)

Zoé has been home for almost a week.  The family is trying to get back into a routine that works.  Rod was home the first few days, but he was called in to work to take care of a few emergencies.  

Rod arrives home with the boys after picking them up from school and daycare.  He made a relatively quick stop at McDonalds to feed them and grab something for Danielle.

His eyes are drawn to the sink full of dishes that he forgot to wash before leaving for work.  That must also mean that Roberta (Danielle's mom) didn't stop by today.   Surely she would have washed the dishes if she had.

"I'm going to see Mommy and Zoé"  (Julian)
"Do it quietly.  The baby might be sleep."  (Rod)

Hmmm.  Looks like they are both sleep.

Zoé Noelle is sleeping peacefully on her new blanket, grandma Roberta crocheted for her.  

Julian enters the bedroom.  He stands at the foot of the bed and whispers "Mommy?"  several times before Danielle finally awakens.  

Once alert, she sees Julian.
"Hi.  I must have fallen asleep.  How long have you guys been here?"  (Danielle)
"We just got home.  Daddy took us to McDonald's."  (Julian)
"Oh he did, did he?"  (Danielle)

Rod enters the room with Jacob.
"Hey, honey.  How did the day go?"  (Rod)

"Just fine.  Lots of eating and sleeping."  (Danielle)
"Speaking of eating, I brought you some food from McDonald's."  (Rod)
"Hi Mommy."  (Jacob)
"Hey pumpkin."  (Danielle)

"Wait a minute Jacob."  (Rod)
"Don't let him on the bed with those dirty shoes."  (Danielle)
"I'm not sure I can stop him."  (Rod)

"Oh honey."  (Danielle)
"That's okay.  A little dirt never hurt anybody."  (Rod)

"Come on over so I can take those shoes off."  (Danielle)
"I thought your mom was coming over today?"  (Rod)
"She had some things to do today, so I told her Zoé and I would be fine by ourselves."  (Danielle)

"Are you really going to wake her up?"  (Danielle)
"I've been waiting all day to hold her.  She'll fall back to sleep." (Rod)

"Are your hands clean?"  (Julian)
Danielle starts laughing.  Ever since Zoé came home, Julian has been constantly asked to wash his hands before getting close to Zoé.  Looks like he is turning the table on Rod.
"Yes, my hands are clean.  Thank you very much."  (Rod)

"So what did you do at daycare, today?"  (Danielle, as she removes his shoes)
"I played with the trains, then we played outside."  (Jacob)
"I don't remember seeing a train set.  Is is new?"  (Danielle)
"Uh huh."  (Jacob)

Zoé stirred a little as Rod was picking her up, but once in daddy's arms, she fell right back to sleep.

"Hey angel.  Daddy missed you today.  Did you miss daddy?"  (Rod)
"I missed you, too.  I told all my friends about you."  (Julian)

McDonald's wouldn't have been Danielle's first or second choice, but all of a sudden she realizes she is starving.  
"Bring Mommy the bag, Jacob."  (Danielle)

Looks like Rod brought her a Big Mac, fries and an apple pie.
"I thought you already ate, Jacob.  You are getting awfully cozy with my food."  (Danielle)
"I want fries."  (Jacob)

"By the way, honey, this is my last junk meal.  Tomorrow I start my diet and as soon as I get the doctor's approval, I'm hitting the gym. (Danielle)

"You look fine just the way you are. No need for drastic measures.  Besides the ladies at work said with you breastfeeding, your baby weight is going to fall off in no time."  (Rod)

"You were discussing my weight at work with your coworkers???"  (Danielle)
"No it's not like that."  (Rod)
"How is it, exactly?"  (Danielle)
"One of them asked if you had gained a lot of weight.  I said, I didn't think the amount of weight you had gained was out of the ordinary.  Then someone else mentioned the whole breastfeeding thing."  (Rod)

Julian is busy trying to get Zoé to open her eyes.  He's not paying too much attention to his parents.

"Please don't discuss me and my weight with anyone."  (Danielle)
"Yes, dear.  I'm sorry.  I still think you shouldn't be worried about weight right now.  It's been a week and you are still eating for two."  (Rod)
"Yes, but she needs me to eat as healthy as possible, for her sake, too."  (Danielle)
"I hadn't thought of it like that, but it makes sense.  Healthy foods from now on.  Got it."  (Rod)

Later on that evening, Zoé is sleeping in her still unfinished nursery.  The curtains Danielle ordered were backordered and still have not arrived.  Grandma Roberta has offered to make some curtains.

The new crib bedding was another gift from grandma.  I think we better leave now, so we won't wake the baby.   Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, October 7, 2016

So I Broke Down.....

I feel like I've been a little out of the loop lately.  So much has happened the past two weeks.  One of my dogs got bit by a spider and had to be rushed to the hospital.  I spent almost a week nursing her back to health.  She is fully recovered now.  Since then I've been trying to get a couple of orders completed.  So, I have been away from the blogs.  When I checked back in yesterday, the first blog I saw was Inside the Fashion Doll Studio, and she had posted about the new Hudson Bay Barbie.  I was intrigued.  I didn't know much about the Hudson Bay store, or these iconic stripes, but my ladies were loving the outfit, and the wonderful accessories.  The cute dog in the sweater was a bonus.  Of course, I thought she would be more than I was willing to pay since I really only wanted the outfit and the accessories.  However, has her for $49.99 and free shipping for a limited time.  I think this doll came out Wednesday of last week.  I wasn't sure how long the free shipping would last, so after sleeping on it, I decided to buy her today.  Racquel has already called dibs on the outfit.  She's probably one of the few who can actually fit it.  I don't have many model muse size ladies running around here anymore.  Of course, when she arrives, I will let you know if it fits more ladies.

All images are property of Mattel.

She's wearing a black turtleneck and skirt under the coat.

Here I tried to get a close-up of some of the accessories.  She is wearing a really nice wristwatch for starters.  Her coffee cup and smartphone both have the iconic stripes.  Love the bag, too.

After this weekend, I will be able to catchup on all your blogs and comments.  Have a wonderful weekend!
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