Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Time at the Taylors (Photostory)

It's Christmas Day at Danielle and Rod's house.  They decided to host the Christmas dinner.  

Danielle has brought up the food and set the table.  Not sure where all her help is.

Well here are three of them, all doting over Zoé.  So happy to see Ian and Sharmaine.  Ian has been out of the country doing an internship, which just finished.  Sharmaine has also been traveling for her job.  This is the first time they are both meeting the baby.

"Come on, Ian.  You have been holding her long enough.  Let me hold her."  (Sharmaine)

"Zoé said she needs a little more time with her favorite uncle."  (Ian)
"You are her only uncle, dufus."  (Sharmaine)

Jacob is playing with his new dinosaur.  Santa also brought him a new train set.

Rod and JT (Roberta's man) are hanging out on the back porch.

Look who else is here!  Nicole.  She got to spend Christmas at her dad's house.  I would love to say Melanie just offered this wonderful gesture, but it actually took an injunction from the court.  More on that later.  Anyway, Nicole is playing Julian some tunes on her new guitar Santa brought her.

"Okay guys, dinner is ready.  You can make your way to the table."  (Danielle)

"Can you please tell Ian to stop hogging the baby."  (Sharmaine)
"Sharmaine, why don't you take her to the nursery and change her diaper.  I'm sure she can use one now.  Ian, there is a bassinet in my bedroom.  Can you bring that down for me?  Thanks."  (Danielle)

"Ha, ha, haha, ha.  Now hand her over."  (Sharmaine)
"Gladly.  I'll pass on diaper changing any day."  (Ian)

"What do you need me to do?"  (Roberta)
"Nothing, mom.  It's all done.  I'm going to go get the rest of the gang.  Just make your way to the table."  (Danielle)

Danielle gathers everyone else.  Sharmaine returns with a clean baby and Ian returns with the bassinet. 

The family is finally seated.

"So is everyone comfortable."  (Danielle)
Various forms of 'yes' can be heard.  Danielle places the baby in the bassinet and takes her seat.

"Honey, can you please say the blessing?"  (Danielle)

"Yes, but before I do, I just wanted to say a few words."  (Rod)
"Okay, but make it quick, we don't want the food to get cold."  (Danielle)

"I just want to thank everyone for spending this time with us.  

"It's been a blessed year as we welcomed our new little angel."

"It's also been a very sad year as I was away from my first angel, due to circumstances beyond my control.  Please know that daddy loves you more than he can possibly express.  Always remember that."

"And to my beautiful wife, who helps keep me grounded.  Thanks for all you do for me, this family, and the community."  (Rod)

Danielle blinks back the tears that are quickly forming.

"Thanks so much, honey.  You make it so easy for me to love you.  I couldn't have asked for a better partner in life."  (Danielle)

"Alright everyone, join hands so we can bless the meal."  (Danielle)

"Dear heavenly Father......"  Rod blesses the meal and the family enjoys the dinner.  Ian and Sharmaine catch everyone up on their busy lives.  Plans for 2017 are discussed by all.  It was a wonderful Christmas day.

Hope you all had a joyous holiday!  Happy early New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Families and Gifts

Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season so far.  I've been crazy busy.  Remember the deck I had built?  Well, I've finally gotten around to staining it.  I started yesterday and hope to finish by tomorrow.  I've also been doing a little shopping.  One for for me.  So I'm sharing a few new family members and a beautiful gift set I received from Cindi of Moreville.

This is new family #1.  You met Mr. Fireman a few months ago.  I've been admiring him on a few other blogs recently and decided he needed more presence here in Morristown.  So I bought him a new woman this week.  She is the 2015 Holiday Barbie.  I found her on sale for $12.  They took ownership of the little girl in the Eye Doctor set I just got.  Names will be coming soon.  She will also assume the role of teacher for the new classroom.

New family #2.  When I took this picture, I was going to make Chandra (not her name here) a single mom with two little ones,  whose younger sister had moved in to help.  Now I remember I have the perfect guy for her.  So she will be married with three kids.  More on that later.

New family #3 Hip Hop Hoodie doesn't look so hip in this picture, but he is sooooo handsome in person.  Go on Mattel!  I decided to make these two, older sister and younger brother.  That could change in the future.  By the way, all the little young girls and a few of the older ones have been eyeing this guy already.  I sense trouble brewing.

Now on to my beautiful gifts!  Cindi blessed me with three of her crocheted creations.  I've always been impressed with how quickly she learned how to crochet and actually make fitting garments for her dolls.

First up is this gorgeous sparkly blue turtleneck sweater.  Kara snatched it before the others could grab it.

Next up is a two-piece dress and jacket ensemble which fits to a tee! The colors were perfect for this lovely lady.

Here is the jacket.  This photo doesn't do it justice.  It's so well made and it is very delicate looking.   Thanks so much Cindi!!!!  We love them.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

My New Love....Cardmaking

I know this is a doll blog, but I'm taking a moment to show my new love of making greeting cards.  I never imagined I would enjoy it so much.  The creativity possibilities are endless!  I've posted the cards in the order I created them.  I used to dread sending out cards because I would usually buy the cards, but they rarely ever got sent out.  Now I get really excited at the idea of sending someone a handmade card.  

Card 1 - Baby shower for my neighbor's daughter

Card 2 - Another neighbor gifted me a tea set as a thank you for tutoring her granddaughter.  I immediately whipped out my card making supplies and delivered this card to her the next day.  

Card 3 - I made this one for my chemo nurse.  She and I have been together for 7 yrs.  She's done a wonderful job.

Card 4 - This was my first Christmas card.  It was a little too labor intensive, so it was the only one I did like this.  I fixed the red and white bow before I sent it out.

Card 5 - My second Christmas card was much more successful.  Less labor intensive, but very pretty.

Card 6 - This past weekend was our second female cousin's reunion on my dad's side.  I sent this card, with a Starbuck's gift card to my cousin who hosted the event.  It was my first time meeting her, and it was evident that she was a coffee-a-holic.

Card 7 - This card was sent to the cousin who actually planned the latest cousin's reunion.  She loves animal print.

I have a running list of cards that I'm happily working on.  The plan is to continue making cards for friends and family, with the hopes of offering cards for sale when I get much better at it.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Free Shipping at Mattel Today ONLY

Just quickly stopping in to say that has free shipping today.  I was able to order two of the Hip Hop Hoodie male fashionista dolls.

Friday, December 9, 2016

More Clothes....More Dolls

On my latest Walmart trip, I saw some new fashionista fashion packs for the curvy and the tall ladies.  I was happy to see they had the same fashions for both body types.  I was anxious to see how the curvy ladies looked in the new pieces.  There were two outfits with a handbag and shoes for $7.94.

I love her in this outfit.  She is looking super sexy.

This sheer jacket is part of the ensemble.  I think the jacket will look better with something else.

This is the second dress in the package, with the handbag.

I took a peek at the Sparkle Girlz clothes.  The is a cute one armed off the shoulder dress. 

This blue and white paisley dress is for my neighbor. 

Isn't this cute?  I picked this for my neighbor, too, but I started liking it more and more.  I will keep this one, and look one just like it, to give away.

I was really excited to see the exercise outfit.  I've been meaning to make another gym.  I think next year we will again see Leslie's husband's revamped gym.

One of our Made to Move ladies was happy to try it on.  Get it Sparkle Girlz!  I'm really impressed they are still bringing out so many fashions.  Sidenote:  I noticed for the first time there was a lot of theft with the SG clothes.  It really upset me.  They have done a great job keeping their prices at $1.97.  A lot of theft could jeopardize the price and/or the availability.

After seeing the new Hip Hop black male fashionista on Black Doll Collecting blog, I went in search for him.  I ended up at Amazon.  No, he wasn't there, but I got sucked into buying a few dolls.  A couple of the newest fashionistas were marked at $4.98.  I really tried hard not to buy, but I just couldn't do it.  I didn't buy all the ones I saw at $4.98, but it was hard.

I did buy the new curvy Asian doll.  She was $4.98.  By the way, the production doll has two straight arms, which I am very happy about.

I also bought this set because it was marked at $9.74.  It's normally $19.99.

This is the new cupcake Barbie and they had her marked at $5.00.  Normally $9.99.  I can use that outfit. Those are standard issued chef pants.

I needed another purchase to get the free shipping, and I chose the eye doctor set which was a little on sale for $16.90.   Amazingly enough, the dolls arrived here in less than 2 days.  I'm still on the hunt for the Hip Hop male fashionista.  

Bravo to Mattel for bringing such diversity to the fashionista line.  I'm so glad they are moving full force ahead with the diverse Fashionista line.  Adding clothes was a critical piece, and it looks like they are figuring that out, too.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day Out With Zoé (Photostory)

Getting back to the story I started before Thanksgiving...

Danielle was having cabin fever, so she planned to meet her girlfriends at the local park.  They are meeting on the east side of the park with the picnic tables, the photo booth, and the food vendor.

Vanessa, Antoinette and Lisa arrived close to the same time.

Our college student Liam is also a budding entrepreneur.  He owns a small vending booth.  Two days during the week he is here at the park.  There is a lot of competition for this space on the weekend.  Right now he only gets one Saturday every third month.  

Oh, look.  Leslie is arriving with Joseph.  

"Hey, ladies.  How is everyone?"  (Leslie)
All the ladies say hello.

"So Danielle hasn't arrived yet?"  (Leslie)

"You remember what is was like having a newborn.  Every time you thought you were ready to walk out the door the baby was either hungry or needed a diaper change."  (Lisa)
"Yes, I remember.  That's why I'm always late.  Joseph isn't a newborn, but it's a challenge getting anywhere on time with him in tow."  (Leslie) 

The ladies spend a few minutes getting caught up.

Before long Vanessa looks up and sees Danielle coming across the park.
"There's Danielle."  (Vanessa)

"Awww, she's so cute.  She has that new mommy look."  (Lisa)
"Need some help?"  (Vanessa)

"No, I got it."  (Danielle)

"Sorry to keep everyone waiting.  This is our first time out and I underestimated the time needed to get us out the house."  (Danielle)

"I also didn't realize how tired I was going to be."  (Danielle)
"It's going to take a little time to get all your strength back."  (Lisa)

"Okay, enough with all the small talk, I'm ready to see the little princess."  (Leslie)
"Okay, okay.  Let me get her out of this stroller."  (Danielle)
Leslie and Vanessa have yet to meet Zoé.  Antoinette and Lisa saw her at the hospital.

"Ohhhh, this is bringing back memories of when Ciana was little."  (Leslie)

"Awwww, she's beautiful.  Can I hold her?"  (Leslie)
"Of course."  (Danielle)

"What a doll?"  (Vanessa)
"Yes, she is."  (Leslie) 
"Mama?"  (Joseph)

"Yes?  Are you trying to see the baby?"  (Leslie)

"Anyone want something to eat?"  (Daneille)
"Can you grab me a hotdog?  No bun, please."  (Antoinette)
"Okay."  (Danielle)

"Hi, Liam.  How are you today?"  (Danielle)
"Great Ms. Danielle. What can I get for you today?"  (Liam)

"I have grilled teriyaki chicken,

beef hot dogs, pretzels, and popcorn.

"Do you have anything healthier?"  (Danielle)
"I have some fresh fruit.  I can fix you one of my famous smoothies."  (Liam)
"That sounds great.  I'll also take two of the hot dogs for my friend."  (Danielle)

Leslie has relinquished Zoé over to Vanessa.

"Sort of makes you want to have another baby.  Doesn't it?"  (Vanessa)
"No.  They are cute and adorable, but sooo much work."  (Antoinette)
"All they do is sleep and eat at this stage."  (Vanessa)
"Unfortunately, they always seem to sleep at the wrong time."  (Lisa)

As Liam works on Danielle's smoothie, 

he watches the ladies.  They are a little too far away to hear what they are saying. 

Back at the table, the ladies start in on all the questions.

"So how's my brother-in-law handling being a new daddy?"  (Antoinette)
"You know he is in heaven.  He's been a big help with the boys."  (Danielle)

"Are the boys happy to have a new little sister?"  (Vanessa)
"Julian is.  Jacob is still warming up to her.  This morning was the first time he acknowledged her when leaving for school."   (Danielle)
"I remember when we had Kenaz, Zahara turned into a little terror.  She was not happy about not being the center of attention."  (Antoinette)

"Hey, little lady.  What's wrong?  I guess you have been in that seat long enough."  (Lisa)

"By the way, thanks again for all those baby clothes.  They are going to come in handy."  (Danielle)

"You're welcome.  She had so many clothes, she just didn't' get a chance to wear everything."  (Lisa)
"I've been trying not to over buy because I know she will not be this size forever."  (Danielle)

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if they stayed this size longer?"  (Vanessa)
"I don't know.  I don't want to be toting a baby around forever.  I liked it better once the boys were walking and talking."  (Danielle)

"I don't know what I will do when the kids grow up and leave the house.  I'm sad just thinking about it."  (Leslie)
"You have a long time before that happens.  Just enjoy your time with them now."  (Lisa)

"Switching gears, what's everyone doing for Thanksgiving?"  (Antoinette)

The ladies hang out a little while longer talking about a little of everything, but then duty calls and they all have to get home before the kids arrive home.  

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