Friday, May 31, 2013

Who's Coming to the Party (Photostory)

After the men leave, Camille and the girls take a little breather.  Nothing left to do but wait for the guests to arrive.

"So is Jacquelyn going to make it?"  (Grace)
"Yes, but she had some emergency to take care of first.  But she said she would definitely make it."  (Camille)

"Can I see your balloon?"  (Kourtney)
"No. It's mine. (Tinia)

"Well the guest of honor has just arrived."  (Grace)

"Hey guys.  We're here. "  (Kendra)

"Hi auntie.  The place looks beautiful."  (Kendra)
"Hello sugar.  I'm glad you like it. You look radiant."  (Camille)
"Thanks."  (Kendra) 

"Hey cuz."  (Kendra)
"Hey.  So what do you think?  Do you like it?"  (Grace)
"I love it."  (Kendra)

"Nikki, it's been so long since I've seen you and my nephew.  Where have you guys been hiding?"  (Camille)
"We're not hiding.  We're sorry we haven't stopped by lately.  We will make sure to rectify that soon."  (Nikki)
"Great.  I miss you guys."  (Camille)

Nikki finds a seat and Kendra finds her way to the food table.  She's feeling a little peckish.

"Oh auntie, this is some spread."  (Kendra)
"Well I included a few of your favorites."  (Camille) 

"Hello, hello.  I hear there's a party happening here today."  (Racquelle, jokingly)
"Hello come on in.  You are definitely in the right place."  (Camille)

"Oooh, baby."  (Tinia)

Racquelle and her mom come in, speak to everyone, then find a seat.  

Next up are India, the hairdresser, and Valerie, who also works at the hair salon.

Of course Vanessa is attending.  Little Alicia is there, too.  Are those pink converses she's wearing?    

Another set of twins will be joining the festivities.  Chandra and Tanisha rode in together.  Their mom and sister are in another car.

There they are.  Jackie and Robin and the other Courtney.  She's wearing an outfit from the Asian Shelley doll.  They spot the twins in the corner and join them.

"Mom, look at you, looking all springy.  What's up with that hat?"  (Tanisha)
"Girl, leave my hat alone."  (Jackie)

These two didn't come together.  They just happen to be walking in together.  There's Jordan (Jackie's sister-in-law) and Tina, the town psychiatrist.

Everyone has found a seat and they are chit chatting among themselves.

Kendra has made her way to the comfy rocking chair.  Looks like Camille is about to get things started. We will check in on them a little later.

And you guys thought the space was too big.  I thought it was a little small.  Any more guests, and they would have been seated in the  hall.   So I decided to keep both the girls named Courtney, but one is now spelled with a K.  The baby girl finally got a name.  It's Tinia, which is the name of one of my little cousins.

Next post will feature an overview of my new (not yet painted) Gloria desk.  Here's a peek at the fabulous copy machine that came with it.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Model 17 Articulated in 2013

I was all set to post pictures from the baby shower, and then I hit upon these images from  It appears that BB Model #17 is getting articulated.  That is great news.  He is part of the cheerleading series and he is from Texas A&M.  His price is $24.95 and he comes dressed in a nice outfit.  I have no need to buy him now that my guy is articulated, but it's still good news.  ALL IMAGED are property of

There is a Caucasian male, too.  He is pictured below.

Here is the AA University of Kentucky cheerleader.  I like that they are going back to some of the older molds.    

University of Oklahoma cheerleaders
University of Tennessee cheerleaders


Morocco and United Kingdom Dolls of the World.  There is also a Canadian one.  I posted these two because I would love to buy the Moroccan one, and I like the outfit on the UK one.  NO MORE DOLLS!

I know what some of you are thinking.  Why did they articulate the men and not the women.  I have no answers.  I'm not even going there.  I am going to focus on the positiveness of the articulated men.  Baby shower pictures will be posted later this evening or tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baby Making Time

Well, I am continuing my baby making quest.  I put baby #1 with the squished face, together.  I started on baby #2.  I like the body of #2 but I need to redo his head.  I'm not quite happy with his facial features.


Auntie Paulette is watching the babies for me.

Here's baby #1.  His legs and arms move, but his head does not.

He's a little cutie pie.  I think I will use him as the first baby for the Burkes.

This is baby #2.  His body is a little more detailed than baby #1.

His head is not attached.  I need to redo it.  It's a little too big for this body.  I still have to add hair and a little paint to the face of both dolls.

So Kendra can feel free to go into labor any time.....after her baby shower.  We will be ready for her. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Finishing Touches (Photostory)

The Langfords are just about finished getting the baby shower room ready.  Just a few more things left to do.

Camille finished the food table and is finishing up the treats for each table.  Grace and her man, Kevin, are trying to hang the banner.  Dominique, Grace's twin sister, just finished putting the tablecloths on the gift table.  Grace and Kevin's daughter, is trying to get the rocking chair going, but it's too close to the wall to move.

"Grace, are you guys almost finished?  We need to finish tidying up.  The guests will start arriving in about an hour."  (Camille)

"Almost mom.  We just have the banner left to do."  (Grace)

"Do you guys need help?"  (Dominique)
"Just let us know if it's straight once we get it up there."  (Grace)

Just at that moment, William, Camille's husband, enters the room with his youngest granddaughter, Dominique's only child.

"I think I'm going to need a chair to get it high enough."  (Grace)

"Hey Dad.  You need me to take her now?"  (Dominique)
"No.  I got her."  (William)


"I think this is high enough.  Now put your side up."  (Grace)

"Well if it isn't one of my prettiest granddaughters.  Come give your granddad a big hug."  (William)

"Mommy the table looks great.  Kendra's going to love it."  (Dominique)

"Thanks, sweetie."  (Camille)

"Oooh wee.  Now that's a good hug."  (William)

"Hey guys, how's the banner?  Is it straight?"  (Grace)

"Kevin's side needs to come up a bit."  (Camille)

Kevin and Grace fix the banner then step back to look at their work.

"That's much better."  (Camille)

"Thanks for helping."  (Grace)
"No problem.  Maybe one day I'll be putting up a banner for us."  (Kevin)
Grace hears him, but pretends not to.

"Mommy can I have a bloon?"  (baby girl)
"You want a balloon?  Let's go see if we can find an extra one."  (Dominique)

"Well I'm going to get out of here.  What time should I pick you up?"  (Kevin)

"The shower is scheduled to last for three hours, but you might want to come back right before it ends.  We may need help carrying out the gifts."  (Grace)
"Aye aye captain." (Kevin)

Kevin says goodbye to the rest of the Langfords, then gives his daughter a hug.  The rest of the Langfords finish tidying up the room and preparing for the guests.  William leaves a short while later.  Kendra is one of the first guest to arrive.  We will check in on the party in a couple of days.

HEADS UP: There's a name dilemma.  Appears I have been calling Grace's daughter Courtney and Robin's daughter, Courtney.  One of these little girls will be renamed and all the blog entries will reflect the changed name.  This will happen before we rejoin the party since both little girls will be at the baby shower.

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