Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three New Families to Introduce

Sorry to hit you with three families at once, but they will be coming up in future stories, so thought you would want to make their acquantaince.  Actually you have already met Lisa.  I thought it was time for the formal introduction to her family.  

The Williams Family

This is Charles and Lisa Williams. They've been together on and off for about 8 years, finally tying the knot 3 years ago, after Lisa found herself expecting their 1st child, Chad.  Charles initially found it hard to settle into his new family life. He was so used to being the popular, "pretty boy", who loved to party.  The whole idea of being responsible for a wife and a baby went over his head.  Luckily he has Lisa, who is one of the sweetest people you would ever want to meet.  She is somewhat on the shy side, which is probably why she put up with Charles craziness for as long as she did.  Needless to say, Charles got himself together and just recently, Lisa gave birth to their new little baby girl Chelsea. 

The Taylor Family

This is the Taylor family.  Anthony and Antoinette have 3 lovely kids.  Nikaya, 8, Zahara 5, and Julian Kenaz, 2.  (NOTE: Since Danielle Harper's son is Julian, too, we will refer to this little guy in future stories by his middle name, Kenaz.)  Anthony is a financial advisor at Icon Financial Services in Fairfax, VA. and Antoinette has her own catering business.  She has made quite a name for herself in the Washington, DC area.  She occasionally does cooking segments on the local TV station.  As you can imagine with 3 kids, and 2 demanding jobs, they both keep really busy.  Sometimes to the detriment of their relationship. 

Antoinette and Lisa are actually best friends.  They have really been there for each other over the years.  

The Morales Family

Meet the Morales family.  Tony and Teresa have 2 kids, Dillon, 7 and their miracle baby, Sophie, 9 mos.
I call her the miracle baby because Tony and Teresa had been trying to have another child for the past 5 years.  After 3 miscarriages, they had just about given up.  Then along came Sophie.  Teresa is a fairly high strung person.  She is the overachiever, who is always on the go.  She is probably the poster child for Prozac, but you would never catch her taking anything to slow down.  (So all those doctor recommendations for bedrest probably were ignored).  Teresa's passion is cooking.  She teaches at the local Art Institute and caters on the side.  She is always involved with some committee or charity, etc.  Tony, on the other hand, is very laid back.  He does most of the parent duties, but he absolutely loves it.  He is very understanding and that is why this relationship works so well.

Video - This is a link to a video I did long before I had the idea of introducing my families.  It features The Williams and some of the Taylors.  At the tiime I was experiementing with some new video techniques, so this is not in line with the style of my current videos.  But it will give you a glimpse of these 2 families.


  1. Oh, I remember that video. As for Julian Joseph, you have another Joseph too, don't you? Leslie's little son.

  2. @ Dukasha What would I do without you keeping me straight! I just can't keep up. I always wanted to name my son (that I never had) Julian. So that is another one of those names that just sticks with me. It didn't help that S.I.S took that name too. Ok, so now I can go change this blog entry to give that poor guy another name. By the way, I watched the Asian video over and over again to make sure I had everyone's name right before posting.


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