Saturday, May 28, 2011

Darius' Sister is married

Originally, I had thought about naming her Natasha, but I already have a Natasha.  So her new name is Kendra.  She is married to Dr. Nathaniel Burke.  He goes by the nickname Nate. They have been married less than a year.  Still relatively newlyweds.  He keeps long hours at the hospital, but he is trying to make minor adjustments to his schedulee to please his new bride.


  1. Another great couple. They do look suited for each other. I like her name too. Kendra & Nathaniel are they part of the Elite set as well?

  2. Dollz4Moi - That's Dr. Nathaniel. LOL. Yes they are definitely part of the Elite group and they have the bank account to back it up.

  3. Yes, I can see they have bank from Dr. Nathaniel's watch. Is he one of those men who gives expensive presents to make up for not spending quality time with his loved ones?

  4. limbe dolls - Isn't that a nice watch. No, unfortunately he is not astute enough to even be a good gift giver. He is just a bona fide workaholic. He has always gotten away with it because the women he dated were just so happy to be dating such a prestigious doctor. He has a great sense of humor and that smile won over the best of them. Kendra even fell into his trap. I think she was blindsided by all the nice things. The house, the car, etc. She didn't anticipate so many lonely nights.


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