Thursday, January 6, 2011

Barbie Basics Red #8 Gets New Body and New Family

My Barbie Basics #8 got a fashionista body today.  Poor Artsy.  She had to give up her body because I needed to get #8 to her new family.  For now Artsy has a Model Muse body.  I've decided not to give her a family yet, so for now she doesn't need articulation.

I haven't given the people in this family first names yet, but their last name will be Redmond.  Can you see why?  It just hit me! #8 is also from the RED collection.  How perfect.  I need to take a little more time to name the people in this family.  I imagine they will have names before the weekend.

The loveseat they are sitting on is one I just made out of Denim.  It will be posted for sale tomorrow.  I am still trying to figure out what color to make the throw pillows.  Any ideas?


  1. Love the new family. I can't wait for their backstory :O)

  2. Good looking family, they look perfect together. I like him the best out of my two GI Joe guys, he's got such a handsome face.

    As for pillows, maybe gold/yellow tones for toss pillows.

  3. Why not red and white to go with the blue sofa. I like the your doll rebodied. I have about three fashionista head from dolls I have rebodied. All Barbie should have articulation. It is just the way to go now.

  4. @Afroindia619 Isn't he handsome. And look at the size of those hands! Thanks for the pillow suggestion. I will test it tomorrow.

  5. @Ms. Leo I did think about red. Hadn't considered red/white. Will add it to my test list. I like that the fashionistas arms can be lifted straight out. I was thinking if all of the doll people banded together, we could contact Mattel via twitter and let them know we need better bodies. No more Model Muse bodies!

  6. She looks incredible. I switched my Barbie Basics No. 8 to a Pivotal body. She looks amazing. I like the Model Muse body but there are some dolls that just scream for poseability. I like to have options so I'm not completely against them.

  7. The family looks great. I'm also thinking about several AA families where mothers and kids would have curly hair. I like such hair.
    As for the bodies, the most funny thing is that some people like MM bodies more than any other type and they want to ask Mattel to give such bodies to all beautiful dolls. It would be the best if we could choose the body for every doll we buy. Well, we can with the help of body swapping, but I mean if we could do it before buying and without all that problems with heads removing etc., not speaking about the fact that many dolls have different skin colors and it's difficult to find good bodies for some of them.

  8. @ thedollcafe I don't mind the Model Muse body, but I don't like that they use it so much. It limits our ability to use the clothes from those dolls. I also think those unrealistic body sizes are not good images to keep portraying on a regular basis, especially to our young ladies.

  9. @Dukasha I like the curly hair too. See my message above to Dollcafe concerning the MM body. I don't think we collectors should be so narrow sighted and forget that there are young ladies out there and that body image is a MAJOR problem, at least here in the U.S.

    I dropped from a size 8(my ideal size at 5'8") to a size 2 a few months ago due to illness. I am now a size 4/5, which is a little too small for my body frame. Yet and still, I can't imagine being a size 8 ever again. I have learned that if you have ever had body image issues, even if they are minor, no matter how small you get, those body image issues are still there.

    I want us to be more conscience of our little girls, our young ladies, and even us older gals.

  10. Hi Vanessa,

    I love the white sectional sofa. My father changed careers and opened an upholstery shop when I was in college so I know good upholstery work when I see it and I have been meaning to tell you how much I appreciate your craftsmanship.

    As for the body image issues, I am glad to see blogs like this one that consciously create positive images of people of color. Our children need these images. I have always kept a box of dolls for children to play with when they come to my house and it breaks my heart to see a little black girl digging through the box to pick the doll with the lightest skin and the longest hair rather than the ones that look like her.

    I have been working on the hair issue for years now. Just today I did a long photo shoot. Here are some of the pictures:


  11. @ Paulette Thanks for the compliments about the furniture. I am always trying to improve my craft.

    Love the hair pictures, especially the 1st two.

    With my video stories, I just wanted to depict ordinary, mainly drama free, family life. Most of my families will have two parents that are loving and involved. I don't think we get to see that enough. I have people who have shared the stories with their daughters as young as 7. I hope that they will reach more young people (and older people, too) and have a positive effect.


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