Sunday, November 11, 2012

Doll Show Time!

Today was the November doll show here in Atlanta.  Hard to believe it's here again.  I had saved up a little money this time, but I didn't want to buy anything.  I was just looking forward to seeing all of my doll friends.  As you can see I found a few goodies that came home with me.  I have a few blurry pictures, because I shot these without my glasses.  

I have three favorite vendors that I sought out immediately.  Two were there and they did not disappoint.  At my first favorite vendor I purchased 5 dolls, lots of jewelry and a few outfits for $1 each.

Doll #1 is Top Model Summer who is on an articulated body - $10

Doll #2 is an AA Christie doll on an articulated body - $5
The seller had restyled her hair and she now has a very unique look.

Doll #3 is the Shakira doll on a regular body - $5

Doll #4 is a restyled Modern Circle doll completely dressed - $10

Doll #5 is a Fashion Fever Kurt with an extra outfit - $10 (incredible)

A closer look at the outfit.

My dolls are finally getting some jewelry - $1 per set.
The cute little doggies were 3 for $1.

 I left this vendor happy with my purchases. I then set out to see the rest of the doll show.  The next booth I stopped at had a bucket of Barbie clothes.  The seller encouraged me to take a look.  After going through about 1000 pieces, I ended up with about 150 pieces.  Of course she gave me an incredible deal.

I can't wait to handwash these and start using them. 

There are about 20 vintage pieces in the pile. 

The next booth I stopped at had quite a few Fashion Fever dolls, and the Barbie Hotel for cheap.  I was determined not to buy any more dolls, but when I saw this Asian Lea for $12, I couldn't say no. 

And since I was writing a check for Asian Lea, I decided to throw in this Gabrielle for $3.

As I was perusing one of my friends booth, I looked over and saw my absolute favorite vendor, Doll Sew Chic.  I immediately said goodbye to my friend and rushed over.  Even though it was late in the doll show, she still had lots of Barbie stuff waiting for me under the table.

Two lawn chairs and a high chair - 3 for $5

Boxed Barbie Salon - $5

Finally a spa! I've been wanting a spa for awhile.  I never got around to making one.  This one was - $1.

Afternoon Snack Playset - $5

Skipper Sleep and Study - $5

This really nice cabinet would look nice in a jewelry store. - $2

All of these kitchen items were in the plastic bag.  All of these, including everything in the bag, were a freebie, since I was such a good customer.

I bought an articulated Stacy doll for her body, from this vendor, too.  She had a TON of dressed dolls in a bucket for $2 each.  I'm sure I could have found a lot of articulated bodies, but I just couldn't look at any more dolls.    

So once again I scored big at the doll show.  Wow, I almost forgot.  Robert Tonner was there, too.  He had a booth selling some of his beautiful dolls.  Have you seen his James Dean doll?  That was my first time seeing him.  Fantastic.   Lizette was there in all her glory.  He had sold quite a bit by the time I got around to seeing his tables.  Isn't that funny?  Robert Tonner was last on my list to see.  LOL!  


  1. That looks like a really cool doll show! I wish I was there! ): That spa set looks really cool! I can't believe you got it for only 1$! Great job with your blog posts! Keep up the good work!

  2. What a haul, Vanessa! You purchased some really great items at great prices. My favorite is the jewelry. It's difficult finding playscale jewelry.

    Looking forward to seeing how you incorporate the dolls and accessories into your stories.


  3. Major score!!! You did very well Vanessa. I just could not justify going to the show after going to the convention a month ago. It looks like I missed out on some great deals. I look forward to seeing how you use your goodies.

  4. Looks like a great show and you spent your money to good effect. I'm looking forward to seeing these dolls appear in new guises in future stories.

  5. Hi Vanessa! It's incredible the quantity of toys that appear in the photos! And all the dolls are beautiful!

    Congratulations on your purchase, has been a great success! Now to enjoy them!

    Greetings from Spain!

  6. Whoot Whoot! You got more stuff then I when I make 3 trips to the thrift! I really love the Modern Circle gal, and am glad you got her! Can't wait to see her apperance in Morristown.

  7. Wow! What a haul! Great purchases. I'm on dolly lock down since the convention lol. Before the convention I had three FR dolls. After and since, I now have 24.. Five of them are male from my list of must haves. Saving up for next years convention which is the Tenth Anniversary. So excited!

    Love the fashion fever line. I wish they would come back with them! That spa looks exciting and very useful. Hope you had a great time! Excited to see how you use your new haul in your stories.

  8. Great Finds! Sorry I missed this show. I thought it was going to be in Chatworth and I didn't feel like driving all the way up there. I especially like the spa. I've been watching that on eBay for years but never saw a complete set.

  9. Oh wow, did you ever score an early Christmas. Fantastic haul – the coffee maker being especially fabulous. I even like the pinkish color.

  10. I am so jealous I want to go to a doll show and see you just added another reason why I need to come to Atlanta. We even know when I should come now! Looks like you had a great day and you are very brave I would've been all over that doll bucket. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow awesome deals, what kind of deal did you get on the barbie clothes, I keep looking for barbie clothes and so hard to find... Value Village sells naked barbies and I never see clothes, I wonder what they do with them?? I have a few barbies to dress for my nieces web series, we mostly use monster high dolls but there are a few barbies but no clothes...thank you ! I love your blog and shows, you are awesome!!!

  12. Looks like you scored some great deals! I especially like the cabinet and the kitchen goodies!

  13. Wow! so many great things and really good prices!congratulations!!

  14. Hello from Spain: I envy! I love Kurt Fashion Fever. Your purchases are all very good and cheap. I like the yellow chairs. I would have to go to that show. Is held every year in Atlanta?? It's too far for me ... Your dolls have more clothes than me in my real life ... My dolls are also more bags, more shoes and clothes that I ...Keep in touch

  15. Wow Vanessa! Quite a haul there for some really great prices. I'm jealous! Wish I had known the show was yesterday, I would've come down. I'm only an hour and a half away. I especially love that spa. Congrats!

  16. Huge score Vanessa! I love your choice of clothes and dolls. The accessories are huge too. I know if you spent the time and effort, you will not disappoint us with story lines! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for visiting and your comments.

  17. that stuff looks awsome! I love the little cappachino machine the most! I wish we had doll shows where i lived oh waite i would be broke then!

  18. Wow, you got some incredible deals! I've never been to a doll show, but would love to go.

  19. OMG OMG!!!! Why don't have here those events???? I just love all your purchases, especially the bubble spa, my cousin had it when we were little, and we played with it a lot, our Barbies had long bubbling baths there...

  20. You really outshopped yourself! Note to self...go to the very next doll show! I especially like that fountain!

  21. To All: Thanks for all your comments. Normally I answer each comment, but today I will just sent one big thanks to everyone. Glad you like my purchases. I'm looking forward to putting it all to good use. Doll shows are wonderful. This one wasn't as big as it normally is, but I still managed to come home with lots of goodies. I can't imagine how much more stuff I would have bought, if I really looked. There were booths that I didn't even visit. I agree that fountain is sweet! Please check out the blog post for today. It will feature a fashion show with some of the clothes I purchased at the show!

    Ginger Lola to answer your question about the doll clothes, I paid about .50 per piece. A good place to buy Barbie clothes would be on ebay. You can find some really decent deals if you take your time and search.

  22. GIRL!!! I hate I missed you, but it looks like you did better without me! LOL! What fantastic deals. I really covet that beauty salon and that coffee maker! I didn't see those. I was surprised by how much fun stuff they had this time. It was a good mix. Can't wait to see everything put to use in your dioramas.

    1. Desperately Seeking Dolls - I actually had some money this time, so it would have been fun running around with you. This was me, not buying a lot of stuff. I only really looked at 5 tables. I glossed over everything else just so I wouldn't bring home a lot of stuff. Did you buy a lot of things? The beauty salon was under the table with a whole bunch of other items they didn't put out. When I came over, they pulled out a ton of stuff. The coffee maker was hiding in the bag of kitchen stuff.

  23. Holy moly! Wow, I wish they would have something like that here. Excellent shopping.

    1. Muff - You are always on my mind when I am scarfing up great deals. You are uch the master at that.


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