Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Niya's Not A Fashion Doll, But She Needs Our Help

The first blog post I read this morning was from Debbie of Black Doll Collecting. She blogged about helping Niya Get on the Shelf.  Walmart has a program where there is voting involved in order to bring new products to market.  After seeing the video, I couldn't imagine Niya not being available for sale.  I WANT ONE!  She puts me in mind of my Elmo dolls.  She is a doll that a kid could just fall in love with.  So I decided to do my part to help Niya come to market.  After all, I have added her to my list.  Will you help, too?

Niya speaks different languages and sings.  She travels to different places like Africa, France, Mexico, etc.  You can vote for her via Facebook or Text messaging.  Just go to to cast your vote.  When you go to the link, you will find a list of products at the bottom of the page.  Click on the toy section.  Niya is near the bottom of that list.  At the end of the video is the Share button.  Feel free to share her with your Facebook friends.

You will be tempted, like I was, not to watch the video.  I am so happy I watched it.  I haven't been this excited about a regular doll since the first versions of Baby Alive came out.  (The new ones are scary looking to me.)  If you watch the short video, I think you will be impressed.

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Don't worry, I will post something related to fashion dolls later today.


  1. Thank you, Vanessa!

    Readers can also read Niya's most recent story in the press here.

    Her creator, Darla Davenport-Powell, appreciates your support and so do I.


  2. She is adorable. I can think of a couple of little girls that would love her!! So I voted for her.

  3. She's so cute! Think she's a great present for my neice and Goddaughter! Thanks for sharing. I'll pass the word too.

  4. Thanks Vanessa, I will do my part. She is now on my list too.

  5. Adorable! Finally, a multi-lingual doll! Voted for her.

  6. Thanks for your Niya votes. I personally hope she makes it to market. There isn't a doll out there like her.


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