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Overview of the Doll Stories in Morristown

Overview of Doll Stories
Location: Northern Virginia
Local Town: Morristown

Two Groups: Middle Class Families and Elite Families
See Photos Here: Characters
For future reference, there is a Character tab near the top of the blog.

Main Middle Class Families:
    1) The Andersons - David and Leslie, 2 kids; Ciana, 3 and
         toddler Joseph
    2) The Taylors - Anthony and Antoinette, 3 kids; Nikaya 8,
         Zahara, 5, Kenaz, 2
    3) The Williams - Charles and Lisa, 2 kids; Chad 2, and
         infant Chelsea
    4) The Lees (Asian) - Chang and Sunni, 2 kids; Ming, 3 and
         toddler Amaya
    5) The Morrisons - Keith and Vanessa, 2 kids; Tyler 8, and Alicia 2.
    6) Danielle Harper (widowed, now engaged to Roderick Taylor)
        2 boys; Julian 5, and Jacob 2

Secondary Middle Class Families:
    7) Roderick Taylor (divorced from Melanie, now engaged to
        Danielle Harper); daughter; Nicole 10
        Roderick and Anthony Taylor are brothers
    8) The Redmonds - Christopher and Sylvia, 2 kids; Jessica 10
        and baby Sophie
    9) Darren and China Trott - 1 daughter;
        Taylor 5
        Darren is Antoinette Taylor's younger brother.
        China and Sylvia are sisters
   10)The Robinsons - Frank and Michelle, 2 daughters; Mikayla 3,
         and baby Chloe.
   11)The Harts - Ethan and Stephanie, 3 kids; daughter 10, Jessica 2,
         and infant Aiden

Elite Families
    1) Darius Reid and Nikki Moore - They currently live together in
        Darius' condo
    2) The Burkes - Dr. Nathaniel and Kendra - No kids, but trying. 
        At least Kendra is.
        Darius and Kendra are siblings
    3) The Langfords - William and Camille; 3 grown daughters Jacquelyn
        and the twins, Grace and Dominique (26). Grace has a 4 yr old
        daughter and Dominique has a 2 yr old daughter

Most of my stories just depict ordinary family life.  I try to focus mostly on the positive aspects of family life, but as in real life it can't be rosy all the time.  There are a few single parents, divorced parents, live in couples, and an occassional marital tift.  I love kids, so there are plenty of stories centered around kids.

Earlier this year 5 different families went on a week's vacation together at the Taylor's beach house.  This is where Roderick and Danielle met for the first time.  After a lot of persuasion, Danielle decided to date Roderick, but not until the big Daddy/Daughter dance was complete.  Danielle likes organizing community functions. 

Roderick and Melanie had been divorced almost a year before he met Danielle. Melanie is a high powered lawyer, whose main goal had been making partner.  She decided to divorce Roderick because he just didn't fit into the upscale picture she had planned for herself.  Roderick is the down home type guy who loves camping, fishing and other outdoor activities.  Their daughter, Nicole, legally spends one week a month with Roderick.  It usually ends up being more than a week because of Melanie's busy schedule.  While married, Roderick played the primary parent role, making sure Nicole was properly fed, did her homework, etc.  Melanie has always acknowledged him as a great father.  She hasn't tried to harm their relationship in any way. Nicole is a sweet girl, who is slightly spoiled, but seems to be excited about having stepbrothers.  She has her father's temperment and seems to be pretty laid back and understanding, as long as she can get something out of the deal.

Darius and Nikki have recently moved in together.  They have had a rocky relationship in the past, but seem to be on the right track now.  They have dated for quite some time, but had a little break almost a year ago.  During that time, Darius was spotted out with Halle Berry.  Darius was very confused as to who he wanted to be with.  It took him months to decide, but he finally decided to go back to Nikki.  He is a business tycoon and that probably figured into his decision.  Nikki is a manager at one of the upscale hotels in town.  Halle, on the other hand, is a full time model and part-time flirt.  He needed someone a little more grounded.  He does a lot of traveling and it is nice to come home and wrap his arms around his lady.  With Halle jetsetting off to photoshoots, he wasn't sure that their relationship could withstand the time apart.

For now, this overview should allow people to get caught up.  Everything else should fall into place as we proceed.


  1. I adore your story lines!I don't comment often but I'm here. I think you do a great job a keeping things interesting.

  2. This is post is an excellent way to bring new and recent followers up to date on your well-developed characters and storylines.


  3. Comeca - Hello. Glad to see you are still with us. As long as you are enjoying the blog, commenting is not a necessity.

    DBG - After being at the doll show and having people talk about the characters, I promised them that I would do an overview to help them keep things straight. Being mentioned on the Mommy Blog and getting new followers from there, precipitated I do it quickly. Not to mention I needed to update that character list. One more thing I can cross off the list.

  4. I love your families! They all look so perfect together. The family units resemble one another so well!

  5. Vita Plastioa - Thanks. I get a kick out of putting families together. I know in real life not all family members look alike, but this makes it easier for me to keep up with the different families.

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  7. A recap of the storyline and characters was a great idea!

    Wasn't the oldest Hart girl named Kathleen? But on the character page it's Kimberly? Never mind, it doesn't matter.

    I love your families and stories. Your blog is really an inspiration.

  8. Thanks for the overview. No one else said it, but, I will...I was totally behind with families! You have done such a good job with your stories. That's my Vanassa... sooo creative! Thanks for stopping your comments! Have a good week! Hugs

  9. Julie K - See that's why I love my blog readers. I couldn't for the life of me remember that child's name. I had left it blank for awhile. As you can see, there are a few others that I left blank, too. It was some ungodly hour in the middle of the night when I did this, and I got tired of searching through the blog. I will return her back to Kathleen. I have to find Sylvia's husband's name next. I'm drawing a blank. Thanks for reading my blog.

  10. Loretta - You were not alone, I am sure. I had been meaning to do this update for some time, but kept allowing other things to take precedence. I will probably post this overview under one of the tabs for easy access. Thanks!

  11. this little summery was perfect! it gave me a better prospective of who was who and what their jobs were! I adore your families because coming from a broken family it brings me joy and happyness just seeing these guys!

  12. william - I am glad they can bring a little joy to your life. They definitely keep me smiling.

  13. Really cool that you did the recap because your number of followers has grown a great deal, which is awesome. :)

    I'm very familiar with all of your families but I forget a kids name here and there so now I have a reference guide to use, very nice!

  14. Tracy - When I don't play with a family, I have a tendency to forget names. Now that I think about it, the whole reason I started blogging about the families was to have a record of their names because I kept forgetting. Who knew all this would happen because of my bad memeory.

  15. Hi, Vanessa, I'm also here again. Do you still need help with doll names?
    Darren's last name is Trott. Sylvia's husband is Christopher. And yes, the oldest girl in Hart family is Kathleen. Finding and sharing information is my hobby. lol.

  16. Dukasha - Thanks so much! I could always count on you to keep my names straight. I thought Sylvia's husband's name was Christopher, but I wasn't 100% sure. He reminded me of an ex boyfriend when I was 22, whose name was Christopher. I know that I have 2 Chris' now, and I am okay with that. They both shouted out Chris to me. It's pretty normal in a town to have people with the same name. I will make those updates sometime this weekend and then post the overview under it's own tab.

  17. Always glad to help. :) Yes, it's absolutely normal to have people with the same name, dolls with the same name... :) Just try your blog followers not to get confused with all those Chrises. lol.

  18. Dukasha - If the blog followers are anything like me, less names is better. LOL! I don't think they will get confused with Chris and Christopher. Christopher goes by his whole name (personal reasons). Neither one are prominent characters, so it's not critical. They will only show up occassionally. That's why I couldn't remember Sylvia's husband. We haven't seen him since the dance, and even there, he didn't say much.

  19. Thanks for linking this overview. I didn't know that Danielle was a widow.

    1. Kenya - You're welcome. I'm sure this will be helpful to your mom, too.


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