Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Check in on Terrance and Racquel

Terrance and Racquel are headed to work.  Since Terrance's car is in the shop, he and Racquel are driving in together.

"Come on Shay."  (Racquel)
"Is she okay?" (Terrance)

"She has been fussy and whiny all morning.  I hope she isn't coming down with something." (Racquel)
"Maybe you should keep her home today."  (Terrance)
"Honey, I have to open the boutique today.  I will check on her later.  If I need to leave early, I will." (Racquel)

"Honey, when did they say your car would be ready?" (Racquel)
"Possibly in two days." (Terrance) 

"Are you tired of me already." (Terrance)
"Of course not.  I just have to schedule some meetings and it will be easier to do after you get your car back." (Racquel)

Terrance gets a text message alert.
"Is there something wrong?" (Racquel)
"No, it's just my assistant reminding me of a meeting that I am taking for Darius." (Terrance)
"Where's Darius?" (Racquel)
"He finally went on vacation." (Terrance)

"You look worried.  Who's the meeting with?"  (Racquel)
"Ms. Jordan Jones.  She is the owner of the supermarket we are building.  She is a pretty tough client and it seems like we have run into a little snag.  Nothing we can't fix, but it's going to cause a minor slip in the deadline."

"Hi, I have a meeting with Darius Reid."  (Jordan)
"Actually I sent you an email last week to say that Terrance Young would be taking that meeting." (Autumn)
"That's right.  Slipped my mind." (Jordan)
"He will be here shortly.  You can wait in the conference room.  Can I get you some fresh coffee and a donut or bagel?" (Autumn)

"Ms. Jones is waiting for you in the conference room." (Autumn)
"Okay, thanks.  Is Chang here yet? (Terrance)
"Chang is on site with the Pearson project.  He won't be here until lunch time." (Autumn)

"When he gets here, let him know that I need to see him." (Terrance)
"By the way, your Ipad is finally here and I finished programming it yesterday." (Autumn)
"Great.  I won't leave without it." (Terrance)

"And don't eat my chocolate doughnut." (Terrance)
"Your chocolate doughnut!" (Autumn, laughing)

"Ms. Jones, so good to see you again.  Hope you don't mind meeting with me today. " (Terrance)

"No. Not at all.  I just hope you have good news." (Jordan)

"I do have some good news." (Terrance)
Terrance knows he needs to deliver as much good news as possible before alerting Ms. Jones to a few setbacks.

"Well it's about time you came to see the shop." (Racquel)
"I'm sorry I didn't make it to your grand opening.  I did send my sister as a representative. " (Toni)
"Yes I did see her.  It's not the same, though.  But I forgive you." (Racquel)
"Life has been so busy with the cooking show and the girls.  The only reason I got a moment today is because I had to take Kenaz to the pediatrician." (Toni)
"Is he okay?" (Racquel)
"Oh yes.  It's just a regular checkup." (Toni)

Racquel and Toni talk a little while longer.  They make plans to get together within the next few weeks.

We'll check back in on Racquel and Terrance soon.  Seems like we are going to have that supermarket ready soon.  Jordan doesn't seem like she is going to let the build schedule slip too much!


  1. Great dioramas, I love the photo of the family together, it's so cute!

  2. Bego - Thanks. They are becoming one of my favorite little families.

  3. Something tells me that Jordan Jones isn't going to take those minor setbacks lightly. : )

  4. Debbie - She is giving him a look! I knew I left those side glancing eyes for a reason. I guess that means I better get on my j-o-b too before she starts coming after me.

  5. Great story as usual. Love the way you intermingle the story lines between the boutique and the office.
    Shay's outfit is adorable! Did you make it?

  6. Frannie - Thanks. No I didn't make Shay's outfit. I bought it from ebay.

  7. LOL, I was going to ask if you made Shay's outfit too. It's super cute. Everyone is dressed snazzily actually.

  8. Hey It's Muff - Snazzily. I like that word. Thanks. You will often find my knitting and crochet stuff in the bed with me, but it rarely gets picked up. Some of these little outfits are so inexpensive it's more economical just to buy them.

  9. Love how you intermingled the office and boutique together as well! Great outfits! Shay's outfit is adorable! Love the dios:)

  10. Chynadoll - Thanks! If the daycare was built, that would have been in there too. I must get that done soon. LOL.

  11. Things are popping over in Morristown! I like how the multiple story threads flow. Can't wait for the grand opening of the supermarket.

  12. Nice dio and photo story. Ditto to everyone's comments about Shay's adorable outfit. It is too cute.

  13. limbe dolls - I can't keep up with all the happenings in Morristown. I just catch glimpses of all the goings on. Thanks for looking.

  14. Georgia Girl - Thanks! Doesn't Shay look adorable. I can't figure out who she looks like more. Her momma or her daddy. LOL!

  15. Hello from Spain: I like the baby's clothes. Did it or did you buy? Terrance clothes I also love. I have envy of your red car. Ms. Jones is very pretty. What model Barbie is she? I like Terrance office and meeting room. We remain in contact blog blog

  16. Marta - Thanks. I bought the baby outfit from ebay. Ms Jones is an Integrity Toys Jordan doll. There were 3 different Jordan dolls. She is Fire Within. I repainted her lip and eye makeup so the original doll doesn't look quite like that.

  17. Great story, Vanessa. I always enjoy the scripts you write for the dolls You have a wonderful talent of bringing your dolls to life.


  18. DBG - Awww, thanks! I am flattered by your comments.

  19. mrscarissa - Girl, I had the same reaction as I was making the story. Ought to be illegal!


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