Friday, May 13, 2011

Darius and Nikki Make Up! Must Be The New Sofa

Darius finally makes a decision. I think Nikki's new wardrobe and the new sofa helped him with this decison. The new sofa is currently available in my Etsy shop for $47.00 USD.  It comes with 2 sets of throw pillows. For more details, click on the link to be taken to my Etsy store.

Nikki is finally home from work.  She's so  tired she forgot to remove her shades.  Darius is due to arrive any minute.

When Darius arrives, they cuddle for awhile on the sofa.

Nikki is thrilled to be back in his arms.  After months of rumors of him being seen with some woman named Halle, she is relieved.  She doesn't even care to know the details.  She just wants to put it behind her and move on.

Darius offers to give her a foot massage. He can feel how tense she is.  She is thrilled.  Working as a hotel manager can be quite demanding at times.

"So honey, what do you think we should do about dinner."

"I think we should order in.  You don't seem to be in any condition to venture out."

"That sounds divine.  I definitely don't feel like cooking tonight."

Darius continues his foot massage until they final settle on Italian from the neighborhood restaurant.

After dinner, Darius and Nikki discuss taking their relationship to the next level.

Hmmm, I wonder what that means.


  1. Putting a ring on it so soon WoW!

  2. EbonyNicole - Wow I can't believe you took it there so easily. I'm not at all sure that's what he had in mind.

  3. Beautiful sofa! Glad to see Darius and Nikki together...she's stunning! I hope she can tame this bachelor. LOL

  4. Tracy - Thanks. The key is for me to leave Halle in a box LOL. It's hard to fault Darius when I kept throwing such eye candy his way.

  5. Whoa...the next level, then, had better be Darius exercising self-control - even around "eye candy" and an appreciation for the woman he has.
    Okay Van....time for you to get Halle a man of her own!
    Love it, as usual.


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