Monday, May 9, 2011

New Video - Roderick goes to pick up Nicole

I had to do a quick video to introduce Nicole and Melanie.  They will probably both be instrumental in future stories.  The dress that Melanie is wearing is one that I bought at the doll show on Saturday, from that last table  I spoke about in the last post. 


  1. I can relate to Nicole. I awalys say to my husband, after he has be away " I love you , I missed you, what did you get me!" He just say "Jesus"! I like to think it is part of my charm!

  2. Ms. Leo - At least you got the "I love you" in. Nicole went straight for the treats. Roderick didn't find her charming at all. I'm sure your husband feels totally different. LOL!

  3. Their home is FABULOUS! Love the copper or brass colored walls! The zebra planter, the sofa and chair, the coffee table/chest...LOVE IT! That Melanie looks stunning in that leopard dress. She's so sophisticated looking. I am totally enjoying myself watching your stories. So looking to seeing the next vid.

    VERY well done!

  4. Tracy - I am glad you noticed the planter. It was a last minute addition. It had been waiting for one of the ladies to exhibit a tendency towards animal prints. With the dress and the pictures on the wall, I figured Melanie would be that lady. At the very end, I even noticed that Nicole has animal prints on her pants. LOL. I have to admit, if I had Melanie prior to hooking Rod and Danielle up, I am not sure that Rod and Melanie would have ever gotten a divorce. She is a beauty. I am glad that it worked out this way though. I like the added dimension of finally having a divorced couple on the scene.

  5. Tracey India has already said everything I would have to say about the set so I will focus on the characterization. I love how the blocking shows the estrangement between Melanie and Roderick -- particularly the way she talks over her shoulder with her back to him when he comes in and how he sits on the far edge of the couch on the other side of the room from her.

    I also like the way you have represented Nicole's need for reassurance of her father's love by having her continually ask for gifts. If you remember the Jople family on my blog, I made them as a peace offering for the daughter of a man I was dating. I think Danielle had better get busy and come up with something special to break the ice with Nicole! :-)

  6. limbe dolls - I never intended for my stories to closely depict my former life. They were supposed to depict the life I wanted to have. But I do find with the Melanie, Roderick story, there is more of me involved than I care to admit. When I originally planned the story, they were supposed to be a lot more friendly than they were. If Rod had been even further down on that couch, he would have been on the floor. As for Nicole, my experience, after 5 full time stepkida, and 2 pseudo stepkids, Danielle will have to let Nicole decide what kind of relationship they will have. Perceived bribery could be very detrimental! I also wonder how Rod would feel about that. I won't know what's going to happen until the video comes out. LOL! I still can't figure out what, if anything, Roderick should tell Nicole before the dance. If he doesn't tell her, and she finds out later that they met at the beach, I think she will be hurt, that he didn't share the info. I have to trust that Roderick will do the right thing. He seems to be a sensitive, but no nonsense kind of dad. Danielle will definitely need that.


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