Thursday, May 5, 2011

Roderick and his ex-wife, Melanie, talking with Nicole on the New Sofa and Chair

I just finished a new traditional style sofa and chair.  They are sold separately, but would make a nice set.  They are made of two different fabrics, but are very complimentary to each other. 

Roderick and his ex-wife, Melanie, are having a conversation with daughter, Nicole.

Nicole is definitely Roderick's daughter. They look just alike.

The sofa comes with 2 sets of throw pillows. It is currently available in my Etsy shop for $47USD.  I do have enough fabric to make a matching chair, if interested.

The chair comes with your choice of throw pillow.  It is available for $35USD.  I also have enough fabric to make a matching sofa or a matching chair.

Here are the 3 pillow choices.


  1. I would like to be a fly on the wall to hear that conversation. Does Roderick get Nicole for weekends or on long holidays? Or does he have any custodial rights at all?

  2. limbe dolls - They have a good custody arrangement. Nicole spends at least one full week per month with him. Melanie also travels, so whenever possible, Nicole stays with Roderick then as well. When they were married, Roderick took on more of the parental role the past few years as Melanie furthered her career. It seemed like a win-win for all, but apparently not.

  3. Limbe dolls, I was thinking that too! My husband was divorced with a preteen son when I met him. He didn’t want to expose his son to the “parade” of women who were interested in any man with a job. Women and men with children must be careful of their social life when they have children. I'm sure that Rod is that type of parent.

    Vanessa, I only wish I was able to make things to sell to pay for my doll hobby. You have so much talent

  4. Ms. Leo - It will be a sticky situation. Roderick has not really been dating since the divorce. Danielle is the first woman that really caught his eye. He is definitely a one woman man, but he would like to take it slow. Could be hard, because Nicole has become aware of the Daddy/Daughter dance from her cousin, Nikaya. So now she wants to go. Dilemma for Roderick because he wasn't expecting that Nicole would meet Danielle so quickly. He knows that he will not be able to "hide" his feelings for Danielle while at the dance. So he is trying to figure out how to proceed.

    Thanks for the compliment. I only wish I would not spend the money before the items sell. LOL! I am always in catch up mode.

  5. I love your story dynamics. Looking forward to reading more about Roderick and Danielle ;-)

  6. D7ana - I am able to draw from my own experience in many instances. For the most part I was able to turn some potentially bad situations into good ones. I only hope my dolls are successful dealing with any potential drama that may unfold.


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