Sunday, March 26, 2017

My Life is a Soap Opera

I figured I better check in and give you guys an update.  I wasn't going to mention any of this, but pretty soon you guys are going to start wondering where I am.

On March 16th, I was up, dressed and getting ready to go to chemo.  It was about 8am.  My bum leg was feeling better than it had in weeks.  I decided to fill up the dog bowl with more food since I was going to be gone all day long.  As I'm walking across my bedroom, with dog food bowl in hand, I slipped on something and went flying through the air.  I heard a snap in my bad leg, so as I hit the floor I just started screaming at the top of my lungs.  I was in a lot of pain.  My mom came running.  I had calmed down enough to see if I could move the leg.  I could, so I didn't feel like it was broken.  I decided to still go to chemo, but I was in so much pain I couldn't make it down the stairs.  I rescheduled my appointment for the following day.  I still couldn't get down the stairs and my doctor suggested I call emergency service and go get an x-ray.  I didn't want to spend my weekend in a hospital, so I told them I would just rest it and see how it was on Monday.  I reached out to my prayer warriors on my Dad's side of the family and told them to get to praying.  Monday came and even though I still couldn't walk very well, I decided to wait until Thursday (chemo day) to get the xray.  The following day, Tuesday, I went to bed around 6:30pm.  I hadn't been downstairs in 6 days, but I was exhausted from walking on the crutches and taking the pain meds.  I was awoken around 9pm to a loud noise.  I slowly got out of my bed and went to check to see if my mom was okay.  She was fine.  A tree had fallen in my backyard and with the flashlight, we could see that the tree was hugging the wall outside her bedroom.  Whew!  We dodged a bullet, or so I thought.  I decided to look in the bedroom next to hers and there was the tree.  It had come through the roof and ceiling.  I was dumbfounded.  I wasn't sure what to do or who to call.  I started with 911.  No one answered for over 40 mins.  I called a couple of my neighbors and they wanted to come rescue me and my mother.  I couldn't just leave my house with the huge hole and it still storming.  Finally, I got through to 911 and they sent out the firemen.  They partially tarped what they could on the roof and suggested we leave the house just in case the tree shifted and came further into the house.  Since I still couldn't walk down the stairs, I butt scooted out the house and one of my neighbors took me and my three dogs in.  Another neighbor took my mom in.  My neighbors were fabulous!

The two trees were removed the following day and my mom and I were back in the house around 6pm.  The following day I was able to get my x-rays and I'm happy to report there aren't any broken or fractured bones.  I'm still not walking very well.  I'm kind of scooting around with my crutches.  Hopefully, as I get more chemo in my body, the leg will start to heal.

DO ME A BIG FAVOR.  Please do not leave comments saying how sorry you are.  You wouldn't believe how many "I'm sorrys" I've gotten these past two weeks. I appreciate your sympathy in advance, but I didn't leave this post to get sympathy.  I'm leaving it to explain my absence, which may last much longer than I expect.  I do have my sewing machine right next to my bed, so I have been able to get orders completed and shipped.

P.S.  My new deck was not damaged at all. I still have to finish staining it. Secondly, the 1 ton tree that fell, wasn't even my tree.  It was my neighbors.  Sadly, I'm still responsible for getting my house fixed.  If anyone else experienced any crazy weather issues, I hope you and your families are all okay.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dasia'a Family Camping Trip (Photostory)

Dasia, and husband Harold, are spending the weekend camping with their daughter Carmelia, her husband, Emmitt and two of their three kids.  They arrived at the campground early that morning, set up the tent, and started the fire.

The family sits around the fire relaxing a bit.
"Look at my wife.  Out here roughing it in the wilderness."  (Emmitt)

"Why did you say it like that?"  (Carmelia)
"Oh come on, honey, you know you would much rather be in a nice hotel, ordering room service."  (Emmitt)

"Stop harassing my daughter.  Any aversion she has to roughing it probably came from me."  (Dasia)
"I actually love it out here.  The fresh air.  The peace and quiet.  What is there not to love?"  (Carmelia)

"We'll see if you are singing that same tune, tonight when it's nice and dark."  (Emmitt)
"That's what you are here for.  To protect us from the creatures."  (Carmelia)

"Speaking of creatures, where is Carmen? She is supposed to be on this family trip."  (Harold)
"Well, your granddaughter decided camping was not the cool thing to do and she didn't want to risk her friends making fun of her."  (Carmelia)

"And you let her get away with that nonsense?  The only way her friends would have known is if she would have told them."  (Harold)
"That's exactly what I said."  (Emmitt)
"Look this is my vacation, too, and the last thing I want to deal with is a grouchy teenager who doesn't want to be here.  I need some peace and quiet this weekend."  (Carmelia)
Just then Carmelia looks around to locate her five-year-old son, Corey.

She sees him off in the distance.
"Corey...turn around and come back this way."  (Carmelia)

Corey keeps going.
"Would anyone care for a breakfast muffin?  They should be done now."  (Dasia)

"Ohhh, Grandma, can I help?"  (Carla)
"Sure.  Meet me at the oven."  (Dasia)

"Now my son isn't even listening to me.  I'm losing my touch."  (Carmelia)

"He's fine, honey. Let him explore a little bit."  (Emmitt)
"It's not like he's in a familiar place.  We are in the woods.  Not to mention, I need him to listen to me and do what I ask him to do."  (Carmelia) 

"Well, they smell good."  (Dasia)
"They smell great. I can't wait to taste it."  (Carla)

"They could use a little more color on top, but we're going to go with these."  (Dasia)

Carmelia has gone to retrieve Corey.
"Did you hear me calling you?"  (Carmelia)
"Yes, but I had to make it to the finish line."  (Corey)
"So you ignored me?  You can not do what you want when you want. There are always consequences to being disobedient."  (Carmelia)
Carmelia continues with her lecture while Corey stands and listens.  

Afterward, Carmelia gives him a hug.  She tries to end all her lectures and disciplining sessions with a hug.  The two of them return to the campsite.

About 15 mins later, a jeep pulls up to the campsite.

It's Tris. 

She gets out of the vehicle and approaches the family.

"Hello, everyone.  My name is Tris.  I believe you ordered a safari tour for later today.  I'm just here to confirm the time and answer any questions you may have."  (Tris)

"What time should we be ready?"  (Carmelia)
 "I will be back at 1 pm to pick you up."  (Tris)
"Do we have anything to worry about with regards to safety?"  (Carmelia)
"As long as you stay in the vehicle at all times, you will be just fine."  (Tris)

"Any more questions?"  (Tris)

"What kind of animals will we see?"  (Carla)

"There are a lot of different animals out there.  We are never sure how many of them will show up, so we like to keep it a surprise."  (Tris)

With all the questions answered, Tris says goodbye and leaves.  Harold and Dasia decide to take a little walk, while Carmelia and the kids retire to the tent to relax.

Taking a closer look at the safari jeep....
It is a four seater, with plenty of room inside.  There is another seat on the front of the vehicle.  I guess that is where the guide sits.  The top is completely removable.

The doors, the hood, and the back door all open.  The top has vinyl windows that can be rolled down when the weather is bad,

...or rolled up when the weather is good.  The front windshield can be let down.  This is also one of my friend's vehicles.  It is not a New Bright car, like the others.  It is also not as large as the New Bright cars.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Off to the Bakery with the Kids (Photostory)

Last we saw Tony, he was headed to pick up the kids so they could drop by the bakery and surprise his wife.  

He has already picked up Kenaz and Zahara.  He's now picking up Nikaya.

"Hi Daddy!"  (Nikaya)
"Hey, baby girl.  Hurry up and get in.  It's chilly out there."  (Tony)
"It was so hot yesterday.  How can it be cold, today?"  (Nikaya)
"This weather is just crazy."  (Tony)

"Ughhh.  I can never get this seatbelt to act right.  I think it hates me."  (Nikaya)
"Here, let me help."  (Tony)
"There it goes.  I got it."  (Nikaya)

"Daddy, can we stop by Micky D's?  I'm starving."  (Nikaya)
"Yea Daddy, can we go?  I'm hungry, too."  (Zahara)
"We are going to your mom's bakery.  She will probably have snacks for you."  (Tony)
"Did you tell her we were coming?"  (Nikaya)
"No, I thought we would surprise her."  (Tony)
"Well if it's a surprise, she probably won't have any snacks for us."  (Nikaya)
"You may be right, but if I know your mother, there will be something there for you to eat until we get home and have dinner.  Now close the door so we can get going."  (Tony)

Tony heads to the bakery.  Nikaya has hijacked the radio and turned it to her favorite radio station.  She and Zahara are singing their little hearts out.  They come to a stop as they approach a red light.

"Man oh man."  (Tony)
"What, Daddy?  Why did you say that?"  (Nikaya)
"Just admiring that car in front of us."  (Tony)
"What kind of car is it?"  (Nikaya)
"It's a 911 turbo Porsche."  (Tony)
"Maybe you should get one."  (Zahara)
"If I didn't have three kids, I might be able to do that.  But as your mother would say, 'Honey it's just not a practical car.'"  (Tony)
The kids start laughing as Tony imitates his wife's voice.
"You sound just like mommy."  (Nikaya)
The light turns green and the car in front of them starts to move.

What a sweet ride!

Definitely a woman driving it.  Let's take a closer look.

Doors, hood and trunk open.

Taking a look inside and we can see it's Halle!  She recently did some modeling for this company and she fell in love with the car.  Her budget didn't allow for her to buy it outright, but they gave her an awesome deal on a lease.  As with real Porches, it's a tight fit on the inside, but she still loves it.  It's probably better suited for a shorter doll.

I promised a comparison shot.  It was pretty cold out today, so I only brought out one of my older model Barbie vehicles.  The Barbie PT Cruiser that came out three or four years ago is one of my favorite Barbie vehicles.  First of all, it isn't pink.  It has some really nice details and is one of the more realistic looking Barbie vehicles.  As you can see, compared to the New Bright vehicles, it is very small.  The green New Bright PT Cruiser I showed last week, sizewise is between the Hummer and the Porsche.  So it's at least twice the size of the Barbie vehicle.

It almost looks like a clown car, it's so small.  I'm borrowing this Porsche from my friend.  I will be visiting her again tomorrow, so I will probably be bringing another vehicle home.  I'm still waiting to run across the pickup truck.  I did run across an Avalanche truck, a police wagon, and a safari truck.  There's also a firetruck that is waiting to be found.  Stay tuned.  Next, we will be back at the bakery to see how Antoinette's day has been.
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