Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today I Deboxed Anne Klein

And it felt really good.  My Anne Klein doll has been sitting on a shelf for about 13 years.  She was released in 1997.  I've enjoyed occassionally seeing her whenever I ventured to the basement where my porcelain doll studio is.  Recently, I started deboxing more dolls and I had Anne Klein pegged for her suit.  I knew the day would arrive when I would need a really nice suit and handbag.

Now that Model Nikki is permanently on the scene, she is in need of some upscale fashions.  In her job as hotel manager, this suit fits the part.

See what I mean.  She's stunning as usual.  But don't feel bad for Ms. Anne Klein.  She got to hang around, too.  She was cute enough that I didn't just toss her into the "I have no idea what I am going to do with all these Barbies"  box.

She gets to stay on as Nikki's executive assistant.  I think she still got to wear a really cute dress.  It is another one that I picked up at the last doll show for $2 (complete with a doll).  It is probably not appropriate business attire, because her back is completely out, but we won't tell anyone.

I even gave her a child.  I'm pretty sure she has a husband because she is sporting a wedding ring.  I'm not sure how much we will see of Anne and her daughter, but please give them a big "Welcome to the Family."

By the way, they both will be seen in the next video, which hopefully will be posted by Monday.


  1. Nikki looks much better in that suit than the original owner. I'm looking forward to the next video.

  2. Nnnnoooooo ffffffaaaaaiiiiirrrr!

    I had my Anne Klein Barbie all set in the To Sell pile when I saw your post. Years of lusting after that outfit - darn, if I were a business woman, I'd want something like that myself! - and I see it on another doll .... oooohhhhhh!

    Now I want to keep that outfit for some of my other women. Maybe the AA Go For Red Barbie - she's a stunner and red really is her color .... No matter, that outfit, I keep.

    And maybe the one worn by the Fashion Fever Benetton Teresa in the chocolate leather bomber jacket, white shirt, and RED (again) vest. Sigh. I'll add the doll to the pile of To Sells.

    I don't say I blame you, Vanessa. No, I'm gonna be real magnamious and suck it up. I wanted that outfit for years. Now I get to let someone else wear it. In fact, I "owe" you for saving that outfit for me. Yeah, great catch! Thanks much!

    Whew. To think I almost sold it away.

  3. I love the Anne Klein outfit and also the Bloomies Donna Karan with the great coat. I now must dig out all the great outfits and redress some ladies :O)

  4. D7ana - I've never seen you so passionate! LOL! I'm glad that I helped you save that outfit. It really is a gem. I just finished the video, so you will thank me again, after you see it. I've been looking for the Benetton outfit on the internet so I can see what it looks like. Can't find it yet, but I will. Definitely sounds like a keeper!

  5. limbe dolls - I agree. Nikki is rocking that suit! Video is done. Will be posted no later than Sunday morning.

  6. Dollz4Moi - Yes, the Bloomingdale outfit is nice, too. It's amazing how different outfits look on different dolls. I always try an outfit on several dolls to see who looks best in it. I've gotten so used to my boxed dolls just being on the shelf, that I don't really see how beautiful some of the dolls and the outfits are. Once I release them from their boxes, it's a whole different story.

  7. Go Doll4Moi with the Ralph Lauren great coat. Your dolls' wardrobes must rock. Sigh. Sounds great.

    Vanessa, you never want to hear me on Trader Joe's dark chocolate with raisins and pecans. Eating that or the once divine, likely no longer produced, Dove 63% Dark Chocolate transports me away.

    But back to Barbie and Barbie clothes talk ... I bought that doll for the outfit ages ago. Happy, happy was I then. But I thought, oh, save opening it for ... I dunno what. Just saved it. Then I saw your photos and I thought, heck, just DO IT! So I will ... open it up.

    Sigh. That feels GREAT!

    Now I'm going to watch the video ... thanks in advance for creating it and sharing it here ;-)

  8. I have this Anne Kleine doll too and to afraid to debox her and just tot easier to SELL her!

    But last week I started thinking of her and asked for her back! And today I read ur article about deboxing her and YES I m going to do this as I love her outfit!

    Thanks so much!


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