Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doll Show Finds

Last weekend, Nov 7th, we had the Gary Green Doll Show at the Cobb County Civic Center, in Marietta, GA. I was supposed to have a table, but I had friends and family come to town at the last minute, so I decided to spend time with them. I did, however, get up early to go to the show. I was there from 9am - close. There is something about being around doll people and doll stuff that makes me feel really good. You doll people know what I mean. I had no intentions on buying anything major. As a matter of fact, I took out $40 cash. That was supposed to be my limit. Well we know how well that went over. The deals at this show were incredible. It seemed like everything that I had on my doll wish list was there are some incredible price. So I walked out of there about $180 in the hole, but very, very happy!

This Dream store was $20. Everything was new.

This outfit I bought for $5. I plan to use it on Todd (Barbie's brother)

This is Tonner's KickIt doll. She has a lion-like headpiece. She was brand new in box for $20.

These are lingerie sets from Silkstones. They were $5 per set. All the pieces were included.

I bought these Halloween Kelly's for $4 each.

Easter Kellys were $4 ea.

Brand new Pizza Hut was $10.

Finally got my JAC Tonner doll. On sale for $40.

I actually got Brandy from Goodwill last week for $2. Outfit was from the show for $0.50.

Raven doll was brand new in box for $12.

Harley Davidson was on sale for $30!

This Elle doll was only $15. I bought it to use the outfit on a Tonner doll.

The Olsen twins $10.

I got a few more items. A kitchen set and some clothes, but I haven't taken pictures yet. I must go play now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dying Doll Hair by Valkyrie

Legends by Valkyrie has an entire tutorial on Doll Hair. Click on the Title and be transported to the site for more doll hair information. The information below speaks specifically to dying your doll's hair.

Human hair dye will not work with doll hair. Try one of the methods suggested below.

Using Acrylic Paint: My favorite method, easy, safe, non-staining, yadda. Water the acrylic paint to an ink like consistency. Make sure the hair is clean with no conditioners or hair products in it. Wrap the doll in a saran wrap cover to protect her body and neck. Pile the hair up on her head, comb the watered paint through her hair starting at the base of the neck and working toward the hairline in thin sections - comb frequently while drying. If paint gets on her face during this process it can be easily removed with non-acetone nail polish remover. - If the color ends up too pale you can repeat the process as many times as necessary. AFTER the hair is completely dry 'heat set' the dye. Hold the doll upside down and heat the hair with a blow dryer ON LOW - style as usual. The drawbacks The hair will be somewhat stiffer after it's been 'painted' and also won't have much 'shine' to it. Hair styling products can interact with and/or remove the dye. Dye may flake or fade over time. Here's a better 'step by step' for Acrylic 'dye': Doll Raves Using acrylics as hair dye.

Using Kool Aid: I've never actually tried this - but here goes. Wrap your doll in saran wrap and rub vaseline on her face to try to protect it. Make the Kool Aid (unsweetened!) per instructions with boiling water. Hold the doll upside down making sure the hair is brushed out and very carefully dip her into the Koolaid until you have the desired shade. Keep in mind that sythetic hair plays 'wick' really well and will draw the dye up. Allow to dry upside down and then wash and style as usual.The drawbacks The odds are very very good that you'll dye the face as well as the hair. Koolaid doesn't come in 'normal' colors and mixing it is um..... If it's not washed out *very* well the hair will proceed to dye the dolls body, your hands, her clothes.... etc. etc.

Using Leather Dye: Don't...... just....... don't.

Top 7 Ways to Ruin Your Dolls

By Denise Van Patten,

I recently found this article and realized I was committing a few doll preservation sins. I thought I would share this article with others.

1. Display Your Dolls in A Bright Sunny Window

Leave your dolls in a nice, sunny window! Its a great place for display--after all, the sunlight shows the pretty costume colors, and passerbys can enjoy your collection! This is a big no no! Nothing is more damaging to dolls than bright light--sunlight, especially, but also bright (and hot) incandescent and florescent light. Bright light will definitely fade the colors of most costumes, and it will also fade and damage various doll materials, including the vinyl in Barbie dolls.

2. Store Your Dolls In A Roomy Attic or Basement

Once you have lots of dolls for your collection, storage space can become a problem. Or, perhaps you have inherited vintage and antique dolls from your family. You eye that nice, roomy attic or basement and you....stuff your doll right in! This is not a good idea, unless you have a temperature controlled attic or basement. Attics and basements tend to great extremes of hot and cold, and this can quickly ruin composition, plastic and other doll materials.

3. Leave Your Dolls On Display And Never, Ever Dust Them!

Its so tempting to decorate with dolls--that big one looks great in Grandma's rocking chair, and those small ones are adorable on the table in the foyer. Ok, that is well and good, but if you leave your dolls out and let them gather dust, you will be sorry. Dust can dull costuming colors, it can set into wigs, and it can make cleaning doll clothes necessary--which can ruin the value of the doll. If you do display your dolls outside of closed cabinets, dust them often.

4. Throw Out Their Old, Ancient Clothes and Buy Them Shiny New Ones

I can't tell you the number of times a customer has walked into my doll store with a beautiful antique doll in original clothing, and walks up to my modern doll clothing rack and tries to replace the outfit (they only get to purchase the new outfit after a lecture from me about the importance of keeping the old outfit!) Perhaps the old outfit is a bit dirty or torn, but with just a bit of cleaning or mending, that old doll outfit is beautiful and appropriate--and valuable, too!

5. Let Your Cat Eat The Doll's Wig, and Your Dog The Doll's Shoes

OK...this one is a bit tongue in cheek, but I'm often surprised when visiting homes with dolls how Rover and Fluffy get free access to the rooms dolls displayed. Cats love mohair doll wigs (they think they make a great toy mouse) and dogs have been known to enjoy a doll shoe chew toy, or gnawing on that nicer leather antique doll body. Display your dolls and have your pets in separate rooms, or, have your dolls in enclosed cabinets (since you can't enclose your dog and cat in cabinets...).

6. Lay Your Antique Bisque Dolls On Their Backs For Storage

If you lay antique bisque dolls on their backs for storage, their glass eyes can fall out of their setting, and crack the eyes and possibly even the bisque of the head. This is because the eyes are help in with hardened plaster, and the weight of the eyes and the plaster can make them drop out when stored with the back down. Instead, store your antique bisque dolls face down.

7. Keep Your Dolls In Plastic Containers

Keeping your dolls in plastic containers can definitely keep them away from dust, pets and other problems. However, keeping dolls in plastic containers can cause another problem--air tight plastic can hold in even small bits of moisture, which over time creates mold or mildew on the dolls. This is a bad thing--mold and mildew can be impossible to remove from certain plastics that dolls are made from. If you must use plastic containers for doll storage, be sure to poke holes in the containers.

Thanks Denise for the great information!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Barbie Building

Saw this incredible Barbie Building on line. This is one of the pictures on the site. To see more please go to I was pretty impressed. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Toys R Us Visit

Today I visited Toy's R Us. I always like to visit and look for Barbie Toys R Us exclusives. They had a really good sale going. I also ran across a couple of new Barbies that I really liked.

There is a new line out called So In Style, S.I.S for short. There are 3 diferent sets that feature African American Barbies with their younger sisters. S.I.S dolls have more African American features; fuller lips, wider noses, curly hair (some of them) and distinctive cheek bones. They were designed by Stacey McBride-Irby, an African American designer for Mattel. The sets were running $22.99. I hear they will be at Target soon, and probably cheaper.

They also have a new Skipper out. She is very pretty. In the same line they have a combo set with Stacey and Kelly. The price was $12.99 for Skipper and $12.99 for the combo set.

So what do you think?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Amaya and Ming: Breakfast slideshow

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The third installment of Amaya and Ming. It's breakfast time! Hope you enjoy.
A different family will be featured starting next week. Come back and join us for more episodes of "All in the Barbie Families"

Monday, May 25, 2009

Slideshow Amaya and Ming: Bedtime

Continuing on with the Amaya and Ming episodes. It is now bedtime after those wonderful baths. Mommy can't wait. Bedtime is one of the highlights of the day. Dad is there to give his support. Luckily the bath always relaxes the girls and makes bedtime more enjoyable.

Things to note while viewing the show:
1) The house is going through some remodeling, so you may notice missing doors and crown
2) Ming's (the three year old) bedroom is just about complete. Mommy and Daddy can't wait
for her to move into her big girl room! So for now she is bunking with mommy, daddy, and

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Amaya and Ming at Bathtime

Here is a slideshow I created of one of my Barbie families. I've been trying to post this for about a week now with another slideshow program I purchased. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to post to the web. Talk about frustrating. So I am temporarily using this program. Wish me luck with the other program. I have plans to post many other slideshows in the future.
Check out Amaya and Ming at bedtime and breakfast.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hats and Handbags and other Accessories

As a business entrepreneur sometimes you have to work to make sure ends meet. Well I have a day job, that I absolutely love. I hand make hats, handbags, shrugs, cuffs, feather flowers, and many other accessories for a company called Because We Can and Necessities. Our products are very unique. Sometimes I pinch myself as I am sitting there being able to do what I love, CREATE!

The picture has some of the 2009 handbag line.
Check out the website, see all the other products we have available. Right now we only offer products wholesale. If you are interested in buying retail, send me an email. I have almost finishing designing the retail site.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Website is up and running!

Well I wasn't expecting to create a website today, but that is just what I did. It is not finished yet, but I got a good start. Check it out at I used the free Weebly at the moment. I just wanted to get something up and running without spending a pretty penny. I purchased my domain name from, of course. I've been buying domains from them for the past few years. I must say I was pretty impressed with Weebly.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Had a few setbacks. My computer decided to experience problems. just as I was getting the business up and running. That is the most frustrating thing. To think that all your information is lost for good. To try to figure out how to afford a new computer. Talk about stress!

Well it all turned out okay. My computer apparently needed a break. After a weekend off, it decided to work again.

I added more items to my Etsy account. I am now up to 8 items. Yeah! I only have 92 more to go. I understand that once you get to 100 items your business does a lot better. I am getting more people looking at my items, but not enough. I have to do a little marketing. I have some ideas. My goal is to put some of them in play this weekend. By the way, I did get my banner up. I am really happy with it. It features furniture and dolls.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Starting my Doll business on Etsy

Well today I have made incredible progress on my doll business. I finally listed an item on This is the site for artisans to sell their items. My first item is a pink stripted Barbie sized sofa. I only have one item up so far, but I can't wait to put more items up for sell. My Etsy account is about 90% done. I still have to add my picture to my personal profile. I got the Google Analytics up and running.... and I have now started my new blog.

Unfortunately, it is now 11:30 pm and I have a long drive to get home. Only to return here at my day job by 8:30am. My day job is really cool though. I make hats and handbags for a company called Because We Can. Check out our website sometime. Tell them Vanessa sent you.

But I digress. I am really proud that I have stuck to my goals tonight. I actually exceeded them. I knew when I was listening to those audio tapes, "Think and Grow Rich", by Napoleon Hill, that he was lighting my fire. I definitely needed it. I have been stop and go on my doll business since 2003. Persistence is the name of the game. I was so unfocused before. Moving from dolls to cake making to Real Estate to Accessory making. Blah, Blah, Blah. As Napoleon Hill said, do what you are passionate about, and be persistent about it. Don't Give UP!!!! I hear a few no's and allow that to deter me. Not anymore.

SO GREAT JOB Vanessa. You have made the first step. Tomorrow we will make the next step. But for now it is time to crawl into the car, drive yourself home, kiss the dogs, and go to bed.

See you tomorrow.
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