Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another deboxing means another dolly is dressed for the Dance

This morning I ventured back to the Toy Store.....my basement.  I can't remember why I went down there.  Oh yes, I do.  I was going to check out my wig and hair supply.  I couldn't decide what I was going to do today, so I considered that AA Kelly reroot.  I grabbed some mohair that I totally forgot I had.  When I turned to leave, I spotted my Kitty Collier doll, boxed and behind the glass cabinet.  Wow!  She must have really been special to make it into the coveted 'all glass' cabinet.  I think it was just a case of her being small enough to fill that last spot.

I had considered selling her, but had been told that her clothes fit the Poppy dolls quite well.  I don't have a Poppy doll, but she is currently the only doll on the list.  Back to Kitty.  So I decided not to sell her.  But today, I decided to borrow her dress.

Here she is.  She is a 10" Tonner doll.

For some reason I thought her dress would work for Sylvia's daughter.  She was one of two girls left to be dressed for the Daddy/Daughter dance.

It's not a perfect fit.  I need to do something with the right side of the skirt.  I also need to remove those big flowers.

The other option is me making her a dress.  So we will go with this one.  I am trying to get this dance done before the year is over.  So work with me.  When I went to put her back in the "ballroom", I noticed something that I hadn't planned....

Her mom, who has been dressed in her gown since last week, had a dress that was made of similar material.  This actually made the Kitty dress look better.... at least to me.  They will both get something done to their hair, and hopefully some jewelry.  They are a work in progress.

Do you guys realize how much work this Daddy/Daughter dance is?  I shouldn't be yelling at you guys, I need to be yelling at my YouTube fans.  They are the ones that kept asking, "Where's the Daddy/Daughter dance?"  I really should have said that it already happened but I forgot to turn on the camera.  Lol.  I am starting to get gray hair.  Can someone tell me when that Assistant is arriving!!!


  1. LOL..hey you let them know creating is a process. These things take time :O)

    The dress is cute but I can see your vision it's just a little too much for a DD dance. Let's see what you can come up with. Hey if you can find a great shirt and a skirt that work great together there's a dress for you. Mother & Daughter look good together.

  2. When that assistant is done with you send them my way :O)

  3. Dollz4Moi - Oh I guess I should have said Formal Daddy/Daughter dance. Everyone is really dressed up at this dance. They decided to go the formal route when they booked the ballroom at the hotel. She would be really out of place with a shirt and skirt.


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