Monday, January 16, 2017

Dasia'a New Threads

 I started working on a couple new pieces for Dasia.  The first outfit is a safari two-piece with a jacket and skirt.  I think I am going to make the pockets a little smaller and possibly add a few mock buttons.  The jacket will look nice with her jeans and other pants.  I may make her a pair of capri pants out of this same material.

 Dasia also requested a fancy dress for New Year's Eve.  I need to put Harold, her husband, in a tuxedo and send them out on the town.

The dress, and the safari pieces will be available in the store later on this week.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Help With the Laundry

Hey, guys.  I worked on Danielle's laundry room.  It's not finished.  I still have to add some decor touches and straighten up the hanging rod.  I didn't realize how crooked it was until I took the photos.  All the partially finished rooms I recently put together will be completed when I am feeling better.

In all honesty, I'm having a difficult time with these shingles and I'm not functioning at 100%. The pain is intense and frequent even with my pain meds.  If I could, I would just sleep through the whole thing.  It's been three weeks, and it feels like a lot longer.  Anyhoo....

Yesterday I was able to sit at my sewing machine for the first time in a month and make Dasia a dress.  I hope to finish a couple more outfits for her soon so I can reopen my Etsy store.  

Danielle remembered she had a load of clothes in the washer.  Jacob follows her to the laundry room.
"So are you going to help Mommy with the laundry?"  (Danielle) 

"I want to do it."  (Jacob)

"Okay, but let me open the door for you."  (Danielle)

With Danielle's help, Jacob is able to stuff the clean clothes into the dryer.

"Wow, aren't you a good little helper?"  (Danielle)

Danielle turns on the dryer, scoops up Jacob and heads out.  It's been a long day and she would really like to take a nap.  Unfortunately, the holiday company is still there.  She'll figure something out.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Antoinette's New Venture (Photostory)

For those of you who aren't familiar with Antoinette, she has been the resident chef here in Morristown.  The last few years have been spent cooking on television shows.  It was very time-consuming, which is partly why we didn't get to see much of this family. 

"Hello, guys.  Welcome to my new bakery.  It's still a work-in-progress, but coming along pretty nicely.   I don't have an official name, yet. but I will by the time we open the doors.  Recently I made the decision to open this bakery to have more control over my schedule and my life.  With my kids getting older, it's important for me to be in their lives more, not less."  (Antoinette)

"Sad to say, I think I made the bakery a little too small.  It seemed much larger before we put all the fixtures in place.  We will make the most of it."  (Antoinette)

"Do you guys remember my youngest daughter, Zahara?  She's my tag-along today.  She's sitting at the eat-in counter.  I didn't want a ton of eat in space, so I think that's perfect.  Zahara, can you say hello?"  (Antoinette) 

"Hi."  (Zahara)

"That's probably all we are going to get.  Santa brought her a tablet for Christmas.  I'm really starting to question that decision.  Let's get back to the tour."  (Antoinette)

"The touch screen cash register is sitting on top of a shelving unit that will hold some retail items."  (Antoinette)

"On the back wall is another shelf.  The coffee station will sit on top.  I'm not sure what will be on the other shelves, but extra storage is always nice to have."  (Antoinette)

"The daily baked goods will be kept in this bakery case.  I can't wait to fill it up with all kinds of goodies."  (Antoinette)

"The recessed area on the back wall, with the clear shelves is just something I designed to add a little more interest to the decor."  (Antoinette)

"Finally, this shelving unit with the baskets will keep the daily baked bread.  Mmmm, I can almost smell it."  (Antoinette) 

"That concludes the tour for now.  The plan is to hire at least three part-time workers to run the front of the store.  I will do all the baking for now.  As the business expands, I will provide internships to aspiring bakers.  I already hired one of the workers.  I invited her here today so you could meet her."  (Antoinette)

"Come on out."  (Antoinette)

"This is Caia (ka-ya).  I was really impressed with her during the interview and hired her on the spot.  I really think you are going to like her."  (Antoinette)
"Hello everyone.  I'm looking forward to meeting you.  Make sure you stop in to say hello as soon as we open."  (Caia)

"Well, guys.  That's it for now.  I look forward to seeing you back here in a few weeks when we open the doors.  Ciao for now!"  (Antoinette)

This is the $5 Amazon cupcake doll that inspired the bakery  This will be Antoinette's outfit.  The part-time workers will be dressed in all black or pink shirts with black pants.  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nicole's After Dinner Surprise (Photostory)

After Christmas dinner, most of the family retired to the living room to relax before having dessert.  Danielle decided this was the perfect time to show Nicole her new bedroom.  Nicole had no idea she was finally getting her own bedroom.  Danielle led her to the closed door on the third level, then covered her eyes.

"Are you ready?"  (Danielle)
"YES!"  (Nicole)
"Ta da!"  (Danielle, removing her hands from Nicole's eyes)

"So what do you think?"  (Danielle)
"Is this my room?"  (Nicole)
"Yes, it is.  I had them install the wallpaper you and I picked out months ago.  I left plenty for us to decorate together."  (Danielle)
"I love it."  (Nicole)

Nicole walks in to get a better look.
"We will have to buy you some new desk accessories.  And there is plenty of room for your school books."  (Danielle)
"Now I can't wait to go back to school and get some homework so I can work at my new desk."  (Nicole)
"Now that's a wanting homework."  (Danielle)

Nicole moves over to the corner with the beanbag chair. 
"I love the horse pictures."  (Nicole)
"I knew you would.  Behind you on the shelf is a place for your games, DVDs and the tv, which is only allowed to be on during the weekend."  (Danielle)

"We will have to pick up a few more board games.  That's always a good way to spend family time."  (Danielle)

Nicole moves to the last area, the bed.
"Awww.  It's so soft."  (Nicole)"
"Maybe tomorrow we can get online and try to find a comforter, some curtains and a throw rug."  (Danielle)

"Okay.  I really like my room.  Thank you for putting it together."  (Nicole)

"You're welcome.  Your dad and I want you to feel at home here.  So now you have your own personal space.  And when you aren't here, I'll make sure the boys stay out."  (Danielle)
"Did Julian see my room, yet?"  (Nicole)
"No.  You can give him the tour.  He'll probably be upset that you have a tv and he doesn't." (Danielle)

"Speaking of Julian, he's probably wondering where we are.  Are you ready for some dessert?"  (Danielle)
"No, I'm still full from dinner.  Can I stay here?"  (Nicole)
"Sure.  Come downstairs when you're ready."  (Danielle)

Danielle leaves and Nicole takes another look around her new room and smiles.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Kenaz's New Bedroom

Roof shingles are used when building a house, and everything I have built in the last week only got done because of me having shingles.  Building rooms and preparing walls for my KidKraft homes are something I can do from my bed, which is where I feel most comfortable right now.   This is the second room I worked on.  The first room I worked on is a bedroom for Nicole.  We will see that one possibly tomorrow.  The room below still needs curtains, new bedding, wall shelves, a cute little rug, and lots of toddler accessories.  I'm just really happy to have gotten this far.  Kenaz has only been waiting three years for a bedroom.  It's also nice to get the Ikea set out of the box and into play mode.

After Antoinette picked Kenaz up from preschool, she returned home with the hope of getting him to take a quick nap.  Without that nap, the rest of the evening would be a challenge.

"Don't you want to lay down for a few minutes?"  (Antoinette)
"No.  I want to sit in my chair."  (Kenaz)

Kenaz sits in his chair, swinging his little legs.

Kenaz is probably wondering where his crayons are.  Antoinette decides to take a different approach.

She climbs into his bed and pretends she is talking to his dinosaur.
"What's that Dino?  You want to take a nap with Kenaz?  I don't know.  I will have to ask him.  Hold on a minute.  (pause)  Kenaz, Dino was wondering if you would take a little nap with him.  He told me he's very tired but he needs his buddy."  (Antoinette)
"Mommy, you should read him a book."  (Kenaz)
"Would you and Dino like to hear one of my famous stories?"  (Antoinette)
Kenaz hesitates, but with a little coaxing, Antoinette gets him to take off his shoes and lay down with Dino.

Halfway through the story and Kenaz is fast asleep.

Antoinette keeps telling the story until she is sure he is not going to wake up.  She quietly leaves his room 

Pleasant dreams, Kenaz.  

I'm looking forward to putting the finishing touches on his little room.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year!!!  I had planned a doll story with a fancy party, but as luck would have it, I had a minor setback on Christmas Day.  More on that later.  So I'm sharing a painting my niece did for me as my Christmas present.  It is a very special gift because a few months ago was the first time she had spoken to me in about four years.  She had distanced herself from the whole family, but she made amends this year.  It was a prayer answered.  

I have to admit 2016 was an awesome year for me.  Maybe it was the vision board I did at the beginning of the year.  I just felt more focused and got a lot done.  Of course, Dasia kept me busy with the sewing.  I started sewing for Lammily, but really haven't found my stride on her clothes yet.  She isn't as fun to sew for, but hopefully that will change.  I learned to crochet and knit, after a life long desire to do so.   I also did a lot of baking, reading, and line dancing.  The biggest project accomplished was the new deck.  And the big surprise at the end of the year was the cardmaking.  I absolutely love it.  It's so nice to be able to customize a card and send it to someone.   

The saddest thing that happened this year was losing Buttercup.  The dogs and I have since adjusted, but I still miss her.  Healthwise, I started back on chemo at the beginning of the year.  Unless a miracle happens, I will not be taking any more breaks from chemo.  I've learned to accept that.  So back to the setback I had on Christmas day....... I got shingles!  Oh my goodness!  It is as bad as they say.  Luckily my doctors think they caught it in time where the medicine will take care of it within 7 - 10 days.  If you don't start medicine quickly enough, shingles can last for months.  Before I knew what it was, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.  Then I felt like lumps were growing in my chest.  It was horrible.  I couldn't even breath right.  When people think of shingles, I think they think of the sores and blisters that develop, but it was what it was doing internally which made it almost unbearable.   Without the strong pain meds they prescribed, I don't know that I would have made it.  Yesterday I was feeling really good.  It was the first day I didn't need pain meds, so I thought for sure I was on the mend.  However, today, I have taken a step backward.  Hopefully, I will be completely healed in the next few days.  I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

Looking ahead to 2017.......  I'm deeming this year, the year of the house.  My house and the doll houses.  I plan to finally get the KidKraft houses decorated.  I've decided to redo all the walls with removable wallpaper so I can change it for different families.  There will also be standalone rooms.  I got one of those done this past week.  More are planned.  This also means more stories and getting back to some of the families I've missed seeing.  We didn't get to see a lot of the husbands this year.  I will bring them back into the fold.  Of course, I will continue sewing for the diva, Ms. Dasia.  She is still my muse.  My Etsy store will reopen within the next couple of weeks.  Not sure what else the year will bring, but I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks again to all who read my blog and follow my shenanigans.  I really appreciate the love.  Hope your 2017 is a blessed one.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Time at the Taylors (Photostory)

It's Christmas Day at Danielle and Rod's house.  They decided to host the Christmas dinner.  

Danielle has brought up the food and set the table.  Not sure where all her help is.

Well here are three of them, all doting over Zoé.  So happy to see Ian and Sharmaine.  Ian has been out of the country doing an internship, which just finished.  Sharmaine has also been traveling for her job.  This is the first time they are both meeting the baby.

"Come on, Ian.  You have been holding her long enough.  Let me hold her."  (Sharmaine)

"Zoé said she needs a little more time with her favorite uncle."  (Ian)
"You are her only uncle, dufus."  (Sharmaine)

Jacob is playing with his new dinosaur.  Santa also brought him a new train set.

Rod and JT (Roberta's man) are hanging out on the back porch.

Look who else is here!  Nicole.  She got to spend Christmas at her dad's house.  I would love to say Melanie just offered this wonderful gesture, but it actually took an injunction from the court.  More on that later.  Anyway, Nicole is playing Julian some tunes on her new guitar Santa brought her.

"Okay guys, dinner is ready.  You can make your way to the table."  (Danielle)

"Can you please tell Ian to stop hogging the baby."  (Sharmaine)
"Sharmaine, why don't you take her to the nursery and change her diaper.  I'm sure she can use one now.  Ian, there is a bassinet in my bedroom.  Can you bring that down for me?  Thanks."  (Danielle)

"Ha, ha, haha, ha.  Now hand her over."  (Sharmaine)
"Gladly.  I'll pass on diaper changing any day."  (Ian)

"What do you need me to do?"  (Roberta)
"Nothing, mom.  It's all done.  I'm going to go get the rest of the gang.  Just make your way to the table."  (Danielle)

Danielle gathers everyone else.  Sharmaine returns with a clean baby and Ian returns with the bassinet. 

The family is finally seated.

"So is everyone comfortable."  (Danielle)
Various forms of 'yes' can be heard.  Danielle places the baby in the bassinet and takes her seat.

"Honey, can you please say the blessing?"  (Danielle)

"Yes, but before I do, I just wanted to say a few words."  (Rod)
"Okay, but make it quick, we don't want the food to get cold."  (Danielle)

"I just want to thank everyone for spending this time with us.  

"It's been a blessed year as we welcomed our new little angel."

"It's also been a very sad year as I was away from my first angel, due to circumstances beyond my control.  Please know that daddy loves you more than he can possibly express.  Always remember that."

"And to my beautiful wife, who helps keep me grounded.  Thanks for all you do for me, this family, and the community."  (Rod)

Danielle blinks back the tears that are quickly forming.

"Thanks so much, honey.  You make it so easy for me to love you.  I couldn't have asked for a better partner in life."  (Danielle)

"Alright everyone, join hands so we can bless the meal."  (Danielle)

"Dear heavenly Father......"  Rod blesses the meal and the family enjoys the dinner.  Ian and Sharmaine catch everyone up on their busy lives.  Plans for 2017 are discussed by all.  It was a wonderful Christmas day.

Hope you all had a joyous holiday!  Happy early New Year!

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