Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Visit To The Music Store

This is a quick dio I put together to take pictures of the latest piano, before shipping it out.  This dio was assembled outside, so I didn't waste a lot of time with details knowing it had to come down right after picture taking.

Colton owns the local music store.  He works there, when he's not out performing.  Let's take a quick look at his store.

He has the usual assortment of instruments and accessories.  The two guitars on the wall are magnets that I attached to wood.  

Directly across from the guitars and microphones, are the drum sets.  In the middle are a couple of karaoke machines.  Back in the back you can see a couple of keyboards.

In the corner are the pianos. 

Antoinette arrives with the kids.  They are there to look at a violin for Nikaya.

"Oooh Mommy.  Look at the drums."  (Zahara)

"Can we buy a drum set?"  (Zahara)

"Certainly not."  (Antoinette)

"Well, I will give you a call when that comes in."  (Colton)
"And you said that would be about a week?"  (Becky)
"At least."  (Colton)

Colton heads over to help the Taylors.

"How can I help you, today?"  (Colton)
"Would you happen to have any violins on hand?"  (Antoinette)
The girls have scooted off to explore.

Zahara gets a closer look at the drum set.

Nikaya has taken a seat at the piano.

She starts playing the nursery tune, Mary Had A Little Lamb.

"I am so sorry."  (Antoinette)
"No problem.  Sounds like she knows what she is doing."  (Colton)

"Did Mommy say you could play that?  You're going to get in trouble."  (Zahara)

Nikaya ignores her and continues playing.  Antoinette and Colton make their way over.

"Looks like you have a natural on your hands."  (Colton)

"Where did you learn how to play that?"  (Antoinette)
"At school."  (Nikaya)

"Mommy, can I take piano lessons?"  (Nikaya)
"You want to do piano and violin?  Are you sure that's not going to be too much?"  (Antoinette)
"No, I can do it."  (Nikaya)

"I'm going to go get that violin ready for you."  (Colton)
"Okay, thanks."  (Antoinette)

"Zahara, don't hit the keys so hard."  (Antoinette)
"Mommy, can I take lessons, too?"  (Zahara)

"I don't see why not.  We'll have to call Ms. Vanessa to see if we can get on her schedule.  But right now we need to go look at this violin and get out of here."  (Antoinette)

Back at the register...

"This is our top selling violin for beginners."  (Colton)
"Do you have a 'rent to own' option?  I don't want to buy it, until I know for sure she is going to stick with it."  (Antoinette)
"Yes, we have a great program geared specifically to the schools."  (Colton)

"Here you go, Nikaya.  Why don't you give it a try?"  (Colton)

Nikaya shows off her limited skills with the violin.  Antoinette fills out the appropriate paper work, and pays for the deposit and the first month's rental fee. 

A little later, after the store closes, Colton sits down and plays a few tunes before heading home for the night.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Born This Morning!

No, Kendra did not give birth to this cutie pie.  This is my newest stepgrandson, who was born this morning.  You met his older sister, Carmen, a few months ago.

Mom and big sister are both doing well.

Childbirth is such an amazing miracle!  Congrats to my stepdaughter and her growing family.  Congrats to all of you who have experienced, or who will experience the miracle of childbirth.  Cherish those little ones, even when they are plucking your last nerve.  Even though I've never experienced childbirth, I do feel like a mom and that is a glorious feeling.

Speaking of feeling like a mom, I got a chance to make homemade cookies with my sweetheart Tyler, earlier this week.  Well, he made them, I was instructing him.  He was expecting store bought cookie dough.  Surprise, here's your recipe, flour, sugar, butter, etc.  At 14, he's 6 ft and towering over me, but still as lovable as he was at 4 yrs old.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Langfords Return Home (Photostory)

Camille and William have returned home from their visit with Kendra.  They are preparing for bed.  They did a little remodeling to their bedroom.  They added a half bath with a stack washer and dryer.

Camille has just finished brushing her hair.

"Oh honey, I'm getting old."  (Camille)

"Getting older isn't so bad.  The alternative is much worse."  (William)

"If you say so."  (Camille)
"You're still strikingly beautiful."  (William)
"Well that makes me feel a little better."  (Camille)

"I am looking forward to getting in this bed tonight.  I feel like I've been up forever."  (Camille)

"Are you coming to bed?"  (Camille)
"Is that an invitation?"  (William)

"No.  That is a question.  Are you coming to bed?"  (Camille)
"Well, I guess so.  Give me a minute."  (William)

William heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

"Do you think I should give a quick call to the hospital?"  (Camille)

"No.  I think you should wait until morning.  Chances are that baby is not coming for a couple of days."  (William)

"I thought you said you were tired.  Now you want to get on the phone.  Make up your mind, woman."  (William)
"I know.  I know.  I am tired, so I'm shutting it down for the night."  (Camille)

"I don't know what I'm going to do with you.  You are like the energizer bunny."  (William)
"My battery is very low."  (Camille)

"Do you need me to recharge your battery?"  (William)
"No.  I need you to go to sleep."  (Camille, laughing)

The two eventually fall off to sleep.

Here is a picture of their bathroom without them in it.  Knowing Camille she will be adding to it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Guests at the Cookout

Other guests have arrived to the McGraw cookout.  I don't have time for a story right now, but we can at least take a look at who is here.  Last time we met Tim's sister, Tracey.  Well today we find out that Kate also has a sister.  It's Stephanie Hart.  Remember her?

Everyone has gathered outside in the courtyard.  Kate is getting ready to put some of the food on the table.  She is approached by her niece, Kimberly.

"Auntie, can I watch TV?"  (Kimberly)
"Don't you want to stay out here with everyone else?"  (Kate)
"But my show, Shake It Up, is on."  (Kimberly)

Kurt and Samantha are here with their two daughters.

The Hart family is here.  This is Stephanie, Kate's sister.  Kimberly is her other daughter.  She is holding her daughter, Jessica.

Stephanie brought the Pack 'n Play, for their newborn, Aiden.

That is Stephanie's husband, Ethan, talking with Tim.

Tim has been grilling the past hour.  So far he's sticking to the basics.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks.  I don't know if he will get to that barbeque chicken.

The grill is full.  I wouldn't mind having one of those burgers.

I think one more family is due to arrive.  I don't know where they are going to sit.  It's already crowded out there.
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