Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Model Nikki's Impromptu Photo Shoot

I set out this morning to do a short photostory because I had been meaning to do a few over the past several weeks.  I am trying to get caught up, because I have so much to share. I couldn't decide who the photostory would feature.  Xavier and his daughter, Hailey, Jack and Michelle and their two daughters, and Danielle and her two boys with their new Tinker Toys and Lincoln logs from Auntie Paulette, were all options I considered.  I settled on doing a photostory with Danielle and Model Nikki, who is a manager at the local hotel.  They were going to be discussing the upcoming Daddy/Daughter dance.

When I set out to find something for the ladies to wear, I got totally distracted and ended up doing a photoshoot, instead of a photostory.  Most feature Model Nikki in one of the outfits I bought at the doll show this past Saturday.  It is a handmade outfit from one of the ladies who has only been sewing about 8 weeks.  She said the first 3 weeks were just learning the sewing machine.  LOL!  I think she has great potential and if I can get her to learn how to use the computer, I told her I would help her get some sales.

This dress came with a Barbie doll (not this one) for $2. 

One day I am going to restyle Nikke's hair.  It looks really nice when it is slightly pulled back.

Poor Darius. He's confused, because I'm confused.  Every time I think I am going to put him with Halle, I take one look at Nikki and get all confused again.  She is soooo stunning in person.  I feel confident that another guy is going to come along and I will be able to figure this all out, once and for all. 

This dress and doll are from the same lady. The fabric is a really soft knit. She tried to sell the doll and the dress to me for $5, but I paid her a little more because I felt she was cheating herself.  I love the doll, too.  She will be rebodied at some point and make her way into my stories. 
Here is the dress on Melanie. I think she wears it well.

This is another one of her handmade creations. Once again, the dress came with a doll for $2.

Danielle fell in love with it, and volunteered to model it. 

I got a lot more outfits and dolls from this lady.  She was selling her factory outfits for 25 cents per piece.  Some of the items she had were Fashion Avenue pieces.  She had quite a few articulated dolls that she sold for $2-$3, but Paulette (limbe dolls) bought all of those. LOL! I was very happy for Paulette.  When Paulette tried to direct me to this ladies table when I first arrived at the show, I went the other way. Didn't want to be tempted to spend money. Seems that plan failed miserably.  Now do you see why I broke down, ran to the ATM machine, and spent money I didn't have?  How do you pass up $2 dolls with OOAK dresses?  How do you pass up really nice clothing pieces for 25 cents?  If you know the answer to this question, don't share it with me.  LOL!


  1. I have been busy re-allocating all those articulated bodies. Now I wish I had paid more attention and bought some of the dolls with clothes too. Then I could have saved you from spending your money! :-)

  2. I LOVE Nikki in that dress! I think she did a fabulous job on your girls dresses.

    The chemistry between Nikki and Darius is soooo noticeable. I adore Nikki's hair...she's one of my favorite dolls. In fact, some of my curly haired dolls brought on my inspiration to transition from relaxers to natural hair and hope to one day have a head full of wild curly hair like your Nikki one day. LOL...

    I think Darius & Nikki make a really nice couple. Can't wait to see which one of your ladies ends up with Darius's heart.

  3. limbe dolls - You snooze, you lose. LOL! I really tried to stay away. I didn't get to her table until closing time. You know the dolls she had sitting on the table dressed? I didn't know that the price included the outfit and the doll? If I had known that I would have bought the AA Barbie Basic man, who was dressed in the suit. I have been looking for her card with no luck.

  4. Tracy - I'm so confused!!! That whole Darius thing is puzzling. You saw him with Halle. They too, have chemistry. I had planned to do a breakup photostory with Darius and Nikki a short while ago. Then this photo op happened and I can't break them up. Not until I secure her a new man, or find Halle a new man. In my own life I have committment issues. I think my indecision is seeping into my doll world.

    I love Nikki's wild hair, too. But when you see it slightly pulled back, it is very stylish. By the way, I love your hair too.

  5. She should charge a little more for her dresses, she is really cheaping herself because I used to sew and that takes a lot of time!

  6. EbonyNicole - I agree. But when you are new to something (2 months), you tend to lack confidence in your work. I think a lot of us go through that. You are so anxious to just get your first sale, and have people like your work, that sometimes you are just willing to give it away. Two of these outfits were in her reject pile because she didn't think she had done a good job on them. I want to help her get established, but without her having computer access, I think it's going to be hard. Supposedly, her husband (GI Joe person) bought a computer months ago and they haven't touched it. I always try to help whenever I can.


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