Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Video: Hotel is Confirmed for the Daddy/Daughter Dance

We are starting on a new series of videos that will end with the infamous Daddy/Daughter dance.

Double click the image to view it in full screen.

Upcoming Video:  Roderick breaks the news to Danielle that he and Nicole will be attending the dance.


  1. Logged on this morning and there was a new video from Van's Doll Treasures. What a wonderful breakfast treat! When you featured Darius in an earlier post, I couldn't tell how tall he was. Next to Nikki he looks quite commanding.

    As always the set design is very attractive and impressive. Can't wait to see how Danelle takes Roderick's news!

  2. limbe dolls - I am so happy that Nikki and Darius are now in my stories. I have to find Darius some more clothes. I guess I can make him some. Maybe today will be a sewing day. I wanted to make Nikki a really big office desk, but didn't want to prolong the video to do so. So I made due. Especially since I still have so much to do for the dance. I can't wait for Roderick and Danielle to see each other again. They haven't even seen each other in my studio. LOL! It just worked out that way, so it really will be a nice reunion.

  3. The video is another great installment. Can't wait for the DD dance. I think Danielle will like Rod even more when he breaks the news to her. Nikki & Darius are what I consider to be a power couple and it shows.

  4. Dollz4Moi - I am so excited for Rod and Danielle to see each other again. I am ready to shoot that one today, but I don't want to overwhelm you guys with too much at one time. I think you are right. Nikki and Darius are the power couple. The Jay-Z and Beyonce of the doll world. Okay, not quite. LOL! But they have the potential. I was thinking that Rod and Danielle might be an upcoming wedding couple, but who knows. It may be Nikki and Darius. Hmmmm.

  5. Vanessa, you have yourself a hit show on your hands...seriously! Your set design is ALWAYS fantastic with SO much detail! Mini fax machines & copiers, computer disks, Nikki's degrees in the bookcase, which reminds me...I really love the bookcase set behind decorative plates, clocks, etc. I love the chairs in Nikki's office too...and the dresser/chests in both the assistant and Nikki's office.

    I learn so much about different dolls from your collection because I'm so late in the collecting game, it's another reason I look forward to seeing your videos.

    Now, Darius Reid...FIONE! I knew he was gorgeous but on your set and great lighting, I see it even more. I also really like the height on the FR men, makes it easier to pair them with any one of your girls...but I like him with Nikki. Those two are quickly becoming my favorite couple but I'm sure after watching Danielle & Rod's date, there will be a tie. ;)

    Oh, great music by the way! Thanks for always giving us something creative to watch. Great job!

  6. Tracy - I don't know where to begin. Thanks. Darius and Nikki make a really nice couple. They are so sophisticated. They will be our link to the luxurious world. Nikki may also be our connection to the "Single Ladies". I have personally given up on having a favorite couple. Everyone seems to be my favorite. I saw Roderick and Danielle last night in passing. They seemed to be having some tense moments. I'm sure it will all come to light in the next few days.

    As for the sets, I can't wait to have money to go thrifting. I always find the best props at the Goodwills, the $1 stores, and the bargain sections in places like Target.

    There is so much in my brain, trying to get out. I was ready to shoot a new video last night, but decided it might be too much. I need to let people get caught up. But there should be a new video in the next 3 days.


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