Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Box Bites the Dust!

The boxes are really flying off the dolls now!  I actually deboxed two dolls today.  That means it is a minimum two blog posts day.  This is the first.  If you recall my Dynasty Photo, my Lt. Uhura doll was deboxed and she made the Elite group.  She is the one in the hat.  Well, when I shot the picture, I immediately thought she would be the older sister to my Grace (S.I.S.) doll, who was part of the Single Ladies group.  Well last night, Lt. Uhura was named Jacquelyn, and instead of one younger sister, she ended up with  twin younger sisters. (This just means that I couldn't decide which Grace doll to use, so I made them twins).  This morning, before coffee, I decided I had the perfect mom for these sisters.  There was only one problem.  I had listed this potential mom for sale on my DollPage site.  No problem.  I quickly opened up my account and kindly removed her from the For Sale list.  I was on the fence about selling her anyway, because I didn't have a duplicate. But an unpaid bill, and panic, had me posting this doll for sale.  The bill is still unpaid, but my panic is over.  So I'm taking my doll back.

This is the 2006 AA Breast Cancer Doll

Meet the Langfords. They are a family of means. Mom and Dad married right out of college 30 years ago. They have three daughters, Jacquelyn (29) and the twins, Grace and Dominique (26). Grace has a 4 yr old daughter and Dominique has a 2 yr old daughter.
William and Camille are prominent members in the community.  William is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and Camille is a soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha.  Camille is a breast cancer survivor, and just celebrated 5 years of being cancer free! (Note: These two were not named after the Cosbys. I just noticed that they were the same. LOL.  I actually did name research before coming up with these names. So I am sticking with them)

Jacquelyn, is a hard working business woman. She is single, with no kids.

Dominique, on the left, is somewhat of a Tomboy.  You will usually see her a lot more casually dressed than her sisters.  Grace, on the right, is a little more fashion savy like her mom and sister Jacquelyn.  I am not sure of their relationship/marital status.  I have to do a little more research there.  


  1. Great looking family! Camille is gorgeous and I just love that Power Team guy, William. Can't wait to see more of their story. :)

  2. Tracy - I am overwhelmed with all of these families, but I can't seem to stop creating them. I am glad I didn't sell my Breast Cancer doll. I already have storylines in my head for them. I need to play and win the lottery so I can focus on building dios and creating videos.

  3. I like how you have similar looking dolls being family. Great way to retain similiar looking dolls.

    I couldn't sell my Breast Cancer Barbie doll or the Go Red for Women Barbie doll. Great minds hmmm? LOL.

  4. D7ana - I was coveting that Go Red Barbie yesterday when I was looking at her in a magazine.

  5. The Langfords are a very handsome family. Since they are people of means, I can't wait to see what kind of sets you come up with for their home. The new background for your blog is also very handsome.

  6. limbe dolls - Thanks. Right now I am concerned about being able to afford the clothes they will want to wear. I have really been fighting the sewing thing, but I may have to go that route. We will see. I can't even think about living quarters yet. When the time comes, I'm sure it will be crystal clear.

  7. I know what you mean about not being able to stop creating new families. Before I started following your blog, I was really only contemplating a couple of families but now, I want the bulk of my dolls in a family. I still plan on bringing the drama but it's not as much fun to have everyone single and dating.

    Well, good luck on the Lotto. LOL. I think we'll all be winners if all your time created more stories & videos, that would be a treat. Your number of followers would be too much for this website to handle. LOL.

  8. Tracy - Speaking of your blog....when will you be returning to it?

  9. You're gonna love this, I changed some of the characters around again. Sheesh! LOL. I did keep the storyline pretty much the same and I managed to upload a few shots of another basic dioramas but now I've got an issue with the memory card cartridge on my computer, it does nothing when I slip in the card.

    Hmmm...I'm hoping I can just get a USB plug and load photos that way because I've got quite a few photos for another story. :)

  10. Tracy - Don't you hate when the camera or the computer doesn't work. You don't realize how much we rely on those items until they stop working.


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